Written Perfection

Company Introduction

Written Perfection is a copywriting agency in Manchester that specialises in helping brands produce SEO-friendly content for their clients. The agency seeks to help them communicate and connect seamlessly with their audiences across relevant channels, both off and online.

Since its inception, Written Perfection has built a reputation in the copywriting industry for fast, quality content creation. As a result, the company has grown its business from a handful of customers to a stream of loyal clients. It regards itself as the agency to help brands speak directly to their customers.

Copywriting services

Written Perfection creates, checks and polishes content for businesses that are too busy to produce their own content. The company uses its own proprietary tool to ensure each completed project satisfies SEO requirements. Its services span both local and international scopes. The three main services are:

  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing

The copywriting services includes producing copy for websites, blogs and magazines. Written Perfection’s copy is unique because of their attention to detail and focus on carefully worded writing that aims to engage readers, while also convincing them to act. This service is best for E-commerce websites, bloggers, subscription based magazines and businesses with newsletters.

Written Perfection’s proofreading services are for brands that need to ensure the content they’ve produced is clearly written and error-free. They have specialist proofreaders who sift through the content, line by line, to take out irrelevant material or correct poorly-constructed grammar. The proofreading service is for non-native English brands producing content aimed at English speaking audiences, or for businesses that are behind schedule to deliver copy.

The editing service is similar to the proofreading service, but is for more grounded content. It is specifically for people looking to brush-up copy or correct any typos or inappropriate content that may have been overlooked. According to Written Perfection, this service is for brands with professional audiences.

What kind of documents do Written Perfection specialise in?

Written Perfection’s services cover most writing materials from informative to promotional and content marketing. They include: blog posts, guest posts, brochures and prospectuses, press releases, financial reports, legal contracts, instruction manuals and more.

 Does Written Perfection translate copy?

The agency is not a language translation agency. However, they help non-native English brands proofread their previously translated content so that it is devoid of errors and highly-presentable for an English-speaking audience.

Do Written Perfection offer a free sample?

This isn’t guaranteed, but may be considered on a case-by-case basis. The company has plenty of samples in their portfolio and are willing to provide additional reference materials for people who need them.

Are they vetted by any regulatory organisations?

Written Perfection is currently a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders (SFEP). This is a professional UK organisation that ensures its members abide by strict practices to provide well proof-read and edited content for their customers. They conduct regular checks on members to make sure they maintain industry best practices and treat their clients properly.

How much does a standard piece of content cost?

Written Perfection charges a simple pre-agreed fixed rate dependant on the nature and scope of the project. Copywriting, proofreading and editing projects are each priced differently. The rate for each job is charged to reflect the time and effort put in, including experience, advice and value it adds to the business.

How does Written Perfection operate?

The agency accepts an email as an authorisation to begin work. Depending on the task at hand, writers may conduct phone interviews to generate primary research material or they may refer to research companies for secondary material. However, Written Perfection always uses the client’s brief as a key reference point.

Firstly, they prepare a draft containing comments and queries. Using the feedback, they continue to enhance the content until the final work satisfies the client. Upon acceptance, an invoice is issued.

How good are the writers at Written Perfection?

According to the reviews on Google Review, Written Perfection is currently rated at 4.5 stars out of 5. The previous customers lauded the agency’s quick turnaround time and affordable pricing. Written Perfection has subject specialist writers that add high value and make the content sound professional to audiences across various sectors. There are also writers who are experts at writing digital content, sales copy, web content writing, product descriptions and so on.

How effective is their SEO content?

Written Perfection has SEO-trained writers who help brands ensure that their content is optimised for search. On many occasions, they may refer to techniques from specialist companies like Moz for high-value results. Each project has a good chance of registering high ranking among other competitor’s content on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

How fast is Written Perfection?

Written Perfection promises to provide finished content well before client deadline, so long as the orders are placed in a timely manner. Turnaround time will also depend on the nature of the work and how much research is required. Judging from the reviews of previous clients, the agency appears to deliver satisfactorily.

How do they come up with titles for blog posts?

This is usually done by a systematic approach. The writers first study the client’s website to get an overview of the type of content they usually produce. Previous posts play a big role here too. The comments section also provides insight on what the audience expect and any objections they have. With these, as well as trending issues, they are able to generate ideas for a blog post. Sometimes, they work with the client’s suggestions, while on some occasions, they use Hubspot’s topic name generator.

Is the price expensive?

Once again, customer reviews rate Written Perfection favourably for price fairness and affordability. It is therefore suitable for even small businesses and start-ups.

Is there a separate editing process from writing?

Every project written from scratch at Written Perfection is subject to in-house editing. This guarantees error-free work and articles or copy that are capable of inspiring action.

Website: https://www.writtenperfection.co.uk/