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Companies that adopt inhouse copywriting roles often struggle with completing their core business objectives. Those in the know turn to specialist copywriting services. But selecting one is not as easy as going online and contacting the first agency you come across.

A service like Write House Copywriting dubs itself the ‘Harry Potter of Copywriting’. But unless you are looking for business nomenclatures, it takes more than clever taglines to win over customers who will pay for your actual product.

At DailyPosts, we don’t conjure spells or guarantee high conversion rates at the whoosh of a wand, but our copywriters use comprehensive research methods to craft copy that inspires.

This review is a comparative piece to help you understand why wishful thinking only takes your business so far.

Copywriting services: Why DailyPosts is more

Write House has been around for some time and its services range from web content writing to guest posts, blog articles, product descriptions and so on. Basically, everything any other copywriting service can offer their clients.

But what’s the catch? Can they produce finished projects within seconds with a simple spell?

At DailyPost, we have been around for only less than a decade, but have crafted a systematic process that guarantees speedy content results. Your projects will not only be delivered within hours (few days at most), but also cleverly-written to engage your audience. It’s always so good, it feels like magic.

In a dynamic internet age where consumers’ interest is fickle as the wind, quick content that hits the mark is DailyPost’s winning strategy. We will provide all your content marketing needs in record time.

The price of copywriting services: The DailyPosts advantage

Pricing is always a topic of concern between agencies and clients alike.

How should agencies charge clients? Should they charge flexible, yet exorbitant rates as full-service ad firms do? Or should they set somewhat-affordable but fixed prices as Write House does?

How about flipping the script and letting clients decide for themselves? At DailyPosts, we give our clients total control of their content marketing budget. We offer a range of affordable packages to pick from. Whether you want a £5 per 100 words piece, £8 per 100 words or £10 per 100 words, it’s up to you. The content quality is excellent all the same.

Discount offerings; Write House vs DailyPosts

Write House offers discounts to its customers but based on their quantity of projects or type of customers. New customers get a 10% welcome discount, as do charities, students and annual offering for loyal customers who have been with them for a while.

All offerings seem to have a condition tied to them. At DailyPost, you get a discount by simply placing a content order on the website. Our offers are open to all clients and we even allow an initial free content piece for clients who wish to register with DailyPosts.

The global advantage

Write House is based in Wolverhampton, UK, which means its copywriting is generally UK-oriented. This is great from businesses with consumers in the UK and around parts of Europe. But language style and semantics vary, not to mention subtle cultural contexts.

Businesses looking to communicate on a more global scale will need a wider operational field. DailyPosts prides itself in its global presence. In addition to the UK, we have subject experts in the US, Australia and parts of Africa. There is the advantage of providing more tailored content for various audience groups.

For example, if an Ecommerce company in Australia wants to target a Canadian customer group, our US based copywriters are better positioned to craft content for that audience.

Why choose DailyPosts?

Since we opened for business some years ago, DailyPosts has carved a niche in the content marketing industry for its dedication to client satisfaction and quality content results.

When you sign up to our service, you get automatic access to unlimited quality content. It’s a no brainer. DailyPosts will help you achieve your marketing objective with more returns for less.


Write House may be the “Harry Potter of Copywriting”, but your business needs more than magic to convince customers. DailyPosts uses hard facts, soft skills and state-of-the-act technology to help you achieve those coveted conversion figures.

Create your own success today.

Sign up to our service and become an authority in your niche.