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Copywriting Firms range according to style and service, and just like businesses in general, Copywriting companies vary in size. There are big copywriting firms, small ones, and freelancers that directly work with their own clients.

This notwithstanding, they offer identical services. Copywriters generally make copies for other businesses in order to get the burden of making regular copy off their shoulders. Some firms and freelancers also take Copywriting services to another level. Here at Daily posts for instance, we are mainly a digital based Copywriting agency but our services include press release writing, brochure, video scripting, as well as technical copy.

One Copywriting agency pulling weight in similar areas as Daily Posts is Words that Work. Located in Australia, the agency is mainly handled by owner, Kate Collinson. Though not as big a firm as Daily Posts, Kate handles her services to the satisfaction of her clients. We are quite similar when it comes to the services we provide, but as for size, style and a few different matters, we are have a few distinctions.

So let’s give you a lowdown on the services offered by Words That Work, how the company carries out its services, how it is similar to, and different from us at Daily Posts.


Words That Work is a content writing company run by Kate Collinson. The company provides digital content aimed at helping business websites convey their message through expertly crafted written communications. Run by a passionate owner, Words That Work is backed by 15 years of experience in providing creative copywriting for small and large scale businesses, including ASX top-20 companies.

Words That Work and Daily Posts Copywriting Services

Website copywriting

Good website copywriting will enable websites to deliver real value to a business, help websites to rank on Google’s first page (for search terms used by potential customers online) and motivate visitors to stay on a website’s homepage long enough to become customers. Your business website is one of your most important marketing tools, so whether you’re building a new site or in need of fresh digital content, companies like Daily Posts and Words that Work can provide you the services required to meet your needs.

Words That Work offer professional website copywriting aimed at helping businesses grow. Words That Work can provide web copywriting to improve your ranking on Google by ensuring your content is SEO-friendly.

And so does Daily Posts. Our SEO copywriting services and everything that go in between ensures a website gains ground on the web by ranking high on search engines result pages. Our website copywriting service is also geared at populating a website with visitors and leads, then turning them into customers by compelling them through our persuasive style of writing.

Brochure copywriting

If you are on the lookout for content to make an interesting brochure that will engage your audience and drive sales, you need an expert copywriter. Effectively-written brochures are informative and persuasive sales tools for a business, which focus on the benefits of your product or services for your customers.

Kate Collinson will work with you to create premium copywriting for flyers and brochures that sends the right message to your target audience and boosts sales for your business.

At Daily Posts too, our brochure copywriting service focuses on conveying your business’s value proposition and including strong ‘Calls to Action’, in addition to providing answers to the ‘How does this benefit me?’ question that readers ask every day.

We make sure to infuse copy that carries the tone of your brand and spreads your values across.

Video Script Copywriting

With Video Script Copywriting, you can drive sales with video by engaging viewers and turning them into customers. Using this service will do wonders for any business and it all begins with a professionally written video script. By using compelling and concise key messages -including a powerfully clear ‘Call to Action’ in a video – your homepage can come to life.

Words That Work and Daily Posts can  help with copywriting for videos that can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, to drive potential customers to your site. Therefore, if you are in need of a video script to convert viewers into customers and increase your website’s search engine ranking, Words That Work can certainly help.

Fact sheet copywriting

Daily Posts and Words That Work offer fact sheet copywriting that involves sharing product information with potential customers i.e. highlighting its features and benefits through the use of a fact sheet.

Fact sheets offer a fast and simple way to share important information about your company’s products and services with target customers. With either electronic or hard copy fact sheets, you can highlight both features and benefits of your services and products, and provide helpful answers to customers’ frequently asked questions.

Our Expert writershere at Daily Posts can work with you to create persuasive, easy-to-understand fact sheets, aimed at helping to grow your business.

Words that Work, as well, can produce fact-based copy for fact sheets that highlights key aspects aimed at informing and persuading readers to engage a brand’s service.

Real Estate Copywriting

The words used in describing a property on the market can determine how quickly it is purchased by a buyer. To make potential buyers interested in a listing and progress to an inspection, a powerful marketing tool such as a skillfully written property description is essential, and can be even more persuasive than photographs (of the property).

Words That Work offers real estate copywriting services, aimed at helping property listings to stand out.

Words That Work delivers quick and effective real estate writing. To be effective, the property description provides information about the features and key selling points, making use of language the target market finds engaging and imaginative.

At Daily Posts, we produce copy for numerous real estate clients. Our services make use of clear, concise, and compelling language aimed at describing and selling properties. We understand the art behind property descriptions, how to highlight enticing features, and convincing buyers that the property is worth the buy.

Case Study Copywriting

Small businesses and big companies alike need compelling case studies to build customer trust. Generally, case studies follow a stable format, introducing the reader to the client and the challenge they face, followed by the solution provided by a business and the positive end result.

Daily Posts carry out case study Copywriting services that show readers the kind of services your brand has rendered in the past, how effective those services were, and how they (readers) can reap in a similar manner from those products and services. If it’s about research, we can also break the language to simple bits in a way that your readers can digest the whole information and clearly understand what the study is all about. Also, we approach this service in a manner that is clear and sends the message across perfectly.

With case study copywriting from Words That Work, you can have a powerful tool to demonstrate the value of your products and services for your customers.

If you need compelling and versatile case studies to summarise the experiences of customers in successfully dealing with your business, Words That Work and Daily Posts UK have the necessary skills you need.

Media Release Copywriting

Words That Work’s media release copywriting is all you need to generate media coverage to build your brand. With well written media releases, you can disseminate your news to the media and within easy reach of potential customers. Words That Work will help your business reach its goals by working with you to create press releases that will build a buzz around your brand, generate interview opportunities and help you stand out in the crowd.

How about Daily Posts media/press release service?

We craft media releases that have the power to permeate desired quarters and attract great media attention. Press releases don’t just convey announcements and information, they have the ability to enhance or mar a brand’s image. We understand this at Daily Posts, that is why we craft meaningful and professional cooy designed to not only share information, but to also preserve and boost brand image.

Why You Need a Copywriter

Copywriters provide professionally written content for both printed materials and online channels. Your business uses such content in newsletters, press releases, annual reports, websites, blogs and different means of online advertising to boost sales and generate leads. That is why well-written content crafted by expert copywriters is important. Words That Work and Daily Posts provides copywriting services that include learning about your business and translating your passion into effectively persuasive copy.

Furthermore, with a copywriting agency taking care of your copy production, you can focus on improving those aspects of your business that make your products and services great. So while you leave the job of telling your customers and prospects of how amazing your products are, you’re working on keeping things that way.

Copywriting Prices and Writers

The prices charged by Words That Work for copywriting depends on the size of the project needed. By contacting the company, you can get a quote for your project. To make payment, a deposit of 50% of the total amount charged is required before work can begin on any copywriting project. Balance of payment is made after the project is completed.

Kate Collinson is a seasoned writer with an amazing way with words. She has been in the business for more than a decade, as a result, she understands just how to make your brand stand out through great copy.

Daily Posts prices and writers

We are armed with a team of senior writers here at Daily Posts. They are experienced and have been in the field of copywriting for many years. They have successfully executed writing projects that cut across different industries and various niches.

As for our prices, we charge per hundred words in different plans. Our plans range from $2 per hundred words to $8 per hundred words. There are plans of $3 and $5 per hundred words in between that give our clients a flexible variety of options to choose from.


Getting great copy worthy of your brand is not a matter to be taken lightly as customers and prospects identify you by your words. Poorly written website content can place a bad mark on your brand as much as a bad product can. So it is essential you have the experts making those words for you. If you want to bring your brand alive and gain an online presence, sign up with us now.