What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the skill and area of expertise in which professional writers create engaging text for advertising or other marketing purposes. At Daily Posts, our copywriters can write for your websites, sales letters, advertisements, email newsletters, taglines, ad concepts and fundraising campaigns.

It is the craft of writing compelling messages (known as copy) that motivates readers to take action, such as make a purchase, sign up for membership, register for a subscription, make a business call or donate to a charity. At Daily Posts, our writers can help convert your readers and optimise your website for search engine rankings.

A copywriter might also be responsible for writing the script for a TV commercial. The brochures available at an auto shop or trade show are all written by copywriters. Other examples of a copywriters’ work include: billboard copy, jingle lyrics, radio commercials, direct mail and other marketing communication material.

Web Content Writers and Digital Copywriters

If a copywriter writes copy for the internet, they are referred to as a Web Content Writer. The Content Writer produces online advertisements, content for web pages, newsletters, social media content and blog posts. These are the sort of publications for which our content writers usually create content.

Cross-discipline copywriters – who combine both offline and online copy – work on a wider scale and are known as Digital Copywriters. The difference is that they consider the mechanism of the online customer’s journey, external links for Search Engine Optimisation, and are strongly involved in generating online conversions, as well as resolving issues such as bounce rate.

Employment for Copywriters

As we at Daily Posts know all too well, there is no shortage in demand for professionally written copy, and copywriters can be in the employ of organisations that require or produce creative communication. They include: advertising agencies, PR firms, copywriting agencies, TV networks, corporate organisations, charity organisations, SEO companies and Digital Marketing agencies. Some copywriters who prefer to work on their own terms may practice as freelancers, taking specific jobs at their own convenience. Our agency has writers working round-the-clock to produce amazing content for you, so you’ll never be left out of the good writing loop if you choose us.

  • Advertising agencies

Ad agencies usually hire copywriters as part of their creative team, where they are guided by art directors. The copywriter creates a script or text for an advertisement, based mainly on the information provided by the client. This information is known as a ‘brief’. The art director supervises the visual aspects of the advert, especially the print work. In some cases, they may supervise the production. In an ad agency, any member of the creative team can come up with the big idea (or concept) and team collaboration then completes the work.

  • Copywriting agencies

Unlike full-service advertising agencies, copywriting agencies such as ours focus mainly on producing copy for clients. Copywriting agencies may also provide a range of editorial and associated services that may cover brand positioning and messaging consulting, Search Engine Optimisation, social media, copy editing, developmental editing, proofreading, fact-finding, layout and design. Clients are usually made up of small and large corporations. Contact us to get a quote on extra services such as editing, technical writing, proofreading and fact finding.

  • TV networks

Every TV network has a team of copywriters that script the programmes and shows. The news is also prepared by a professional with copywriting experience; they sift through the daily news and edit the material for easier communication with their audience. Much like this, we at Daily Posts have writers with ample experience and a good eye for research, ensuring your copy is well-detailed and compelling.

TV networks may have an in-house team that produces its own advertising script and jingles. The copywriters are tasked with developing the scripts for each ad. The Copy Editor reads through to clean and polish each written work before it is officially released.

  • SEO companies

Search Engine Optimisation companies specialise in producing content that places client material in a vantage position on search engines. As internet users search online for products and services they need, it is the job of an SEO copywriter to make their client’s website easily visible to potential customers.

Our SEO copywriters promote web visibility by using the right keywords, attractive headlines, original content and powerful Call-To-Action (CTA) techniques. They write for humans with the consideration of search engine crawlers. Linking content is another essential skill of the SEO copywriter and this seeks to boost the authority of our clients’ web pages.

Daily Posts can help you achieve the SEO you have always dreamt of for your website.

  • Digital Marketing firm

A digital marketing firm helps businesses produce and distribute marketing communications across online platforms. Their services may include Content Marketing, Social Media management, SEO Copywriting, PPC Marketing (AdWords & display advertising), re-marketing and Web Content writing.

Depending on their area of expertise, a copywriter will fit well into any of these positions. The main objective of a Digital Marketing firm is to augment the overall marketing efforts of a company via digital communications.

Copywriters can also be employed in-house by various organisations such as retail companies, book publishers and other companies that churn out advertising on a regular basis. As for independent copywriters, they hone their craft anywhere they can place their laptop; from their home study, to a coffee shop or park bench. Some notable copywriters down the years include: John Emory Powers, William Bernbach, Leo Burnett, Robert Collier and David Ogilvy.

We stand out in the world of copywriting, because not only are our writers some of the most talented around, we also understand content requirements for diverse projects and will communicate with you to reach the highest possible standards. Wherever you are in the world and whatever type of copy you need, we at Daily Posts are happy to help! Contact us today, or click here to find out more about who we are and what we offer.