UK Copywriting

UK Copywriting provide copywriting services for B2B technology companies. They offer aligned, automated and integrated technology writing for their clients and are able to provide content and direction for brands that want to improve on their marketing, build a new site, launch a new tech product, or happen to be going through a re-branding process.

Based in Manchester, UKC provide marketing automation services, content marketing services and B2B writing that is aimed at turning prospects into customers, building relationships and attracting more visitors to their clients’ websites.

The company is run by Martin J. Williams, who is a conversion consultant. He has worked with many different agencies whose clients include direct marketing gurus, online marketing agencies, financial companies, SEO players and major copywriting agencies from across the UK. Armed with a degree in ICT and Business Computing – coupled with a lifetime of writing experience – William started the company to help businesses establish themselves as ‘super communicators’.

UK Copywriting are adept at conducting research and in-depth reading to achieve the best results for their clients. From focus groups to surveys and interviews, they go the full mile to achieve results.

Copywriting Services

UK Copywriting offer a range of copywriting services such as content marketing, content strategy, sales copywriting, web copywriting and SEO copywriting. They work with clients to develop strategies, create successful campaigns and even start from scratch to build a brand. They prepare sales letters, email marketing campaigns, strap-lines, brochures and also engage in creative conversion writing.

Become a Super Communicator

UK Copywriting help their clients become what they call ‘super communicators’ by handling all their communication while they are busy dealing with their core business. They provide help with tasks like campaigns, building automated workflows, as well as lead generation duties that help companies build better and more profitable relationships.

Blog Writing and more

UKC provide blog writing services for clients, as well as copywriting for landing pages, white papers, forms and e-Books. Every piece they work on is properly researched and they also help companies write their R&D claims and compile award submissions.


They have designed their writing and marketing packages to achieve the following results:

  • Build clients’ businesses faster
  • Win more sales
  • Get higher response rates
  • Generate more leads

You can sign up at their Writing Packages page.

Who have UKC worked with?

UK Copywriting have worked with many companies including 64TEQ, Seabrook Associates, Kaleida, PR Agency One, ServiceMaster, SaaSAge, Deutsche Telecom, Unipart Rail, BMG, Waitrose, Didia and a number of other technology companies in Manchester. Each time, they helped their clients reach out to their target audience persuasively, vividly and profitably.

What kind of marketing automation do UKC provide?

UK Copywriting go further than simply creating copy. Their Marketing Automation package is called Kampaign and they use it to make their writing more effective.

With their Marketing Automation service, UKC help companies design the right strategy and decide on how, who and when for top quality business writing. They undertake tasks like blog creation, page creation, creation of dynamic website content, drip email campaigns, lead scoring and CRM.

What do UKC mean by Award Submissions?

Part of the company’s Unity Business Writing is Award Submissions, a package that helps businesses have a better shot at winning the awards for which they enter. They have made it happen for companies like DoodleDo Motion, Toast PR and PR Agency One.

While UKC admit they can’t guarantee a win, they promise clients the very best chance. A few of the companies they have helped win awards in the past left excellent reviews on their website.

Do UKC do SEO copywriting?

Yes, the company focuses on providing profitable and effective SEO copywriting services for their clients.

Do UKC work only with businesses in Manchester?

No, the company is Manchester based, but they help businesses located anywhere in the world.


UKC is particular about providing clients with a copyrighting service that comes at a fraction of what it will cost to have a full in-house team of writers. They have four major packages they call ‘Unity Packages’ –  Hot, Hotter, Phew and Scorchio!

The most basic package is the ‘Hot’ package and it starts from £199. While all the packages include online project management and regular check-ins, the ‘Hot’ package comes with six marketing credits. The ‘Hotter’ package starts from £399 and comes with eight marketing credits, while the ‘Phew’ package comes with 14 marketing credits at the cost of £499.  Meanwhile, ‘Scorchio!’ comes with all the other packages plus social media, website management, and a customised number of marketing credits.

The credits are categorised into Standard Items (which represent one credit). Primary Items (which represent two credits), Premium Items (which represent four credits) and Supreme Items (which represent eight credits).

The Standard Items category includes: simple form creation, event summary for website or registration page, preparation of brief for content or design item, content for webinar registration page, content for summary of live event, content chat for blog post and content for one email. Other categories include items like research and content for blog posts, R&D claims, case studies and so on. Check their website for further details.


Martin J. Williams is a conversion consultant and copywriter who has been writing all his life. While he hasn’t always written commercially, he started UK Copywriting not long after he realised that writing was his true calling after all. His strong point is technology, hence the main focus on writing for technology companies.