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Picking the right copywriting service for your copywriting needs is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of the many companies offering similar services. This side by side comparison is intended to make your decision a bit simpler.

Who are Turner Ink?

Turner Ink are a content writing agency based in London. They work with businesses all across the world and have acquired a reputation for delivering punchy content that effectively sells a brand.

Turner Ink performs its digital copywriting operations in an effective and professional manner. They have a proven track record of delivering on time the type of content clients want, in the right tone and at the right price.

About DailyPosts

DailyPosts is an expert copy and content writing agency in the United Kingdom. DailyPosts has an arsenal of top of the line writers that produce quality contents for business in the UK and the rest of the world.

Since its inception till date, DailyPosts have acquired a reputation for producing only high quality content that meets with best practices, on schedule delivery and complete accuracy.

Businesses that want to engage their customers, gain loyalty and improve page ranking make use of DailyPosts UK for the copywriting services and content writing.

What is the quality of copy from Turner Ink?

Turner Ink is an expert at creating copy that speaks to a business’s customers. The agency is known for creating copy that is interesting and easy to understand. They also specialises in crafting copy that matches the tone of a business and meets needs and desires of the target market. Before taking a brief, the copywriters will endeavour to first fully understand what the client is trying to accomplish through the brief and what sort of audience the copy will be aimed at. With this information, Turner Ink will be able to properly research and craft copy that will fully satisfy the requirements of a client.

How does DailyPosts UK compare for copy quality?

DailyPosts is renowned for creating only copy that meets with the highest quality and standards. DailyPosts UK focuses on creating copy that can engage and attract visitors, increase conversion rate and boost the client’s brand identity.

DailyPosts UK understands that business need to be visible, which is why their writers pay attention to SEO best practices to ensure better rankings in search engine results page thereby assuring better visibility. DailyPosts UK writers also spend some time to research the client’s business, industry and potential customers before commencing a project. This way, they can gain better understanding and produce a more effective copy.

How qualified are Turner Ink’s copywriters?

Turner Ink’s primary copywriter is Sarah Turner. She is an expert copywriter who possesses a wide variety of skills and qualifications and is a adept at using words to effectively and colourfully communicate ideas.

Turner Ink have worked with several big brands to help extend their reach. The agency has also worked with several small businesses and helped them increase their customer base. Turner Ink will not take on a brief unless it is capable of delivering on quality and within the time frame you require. This way, the agency can guarantee its clients zero disappointment and 100% satisfaction.

Do DailyPosts UK use qualified Writers?

DailyPosts UK maintain a large writing team with successful experience from different professional backgrounds. And despite their qualifications and experience, writers have to pass a strict recruitment process and undergo stringent trainings before they are allowed to handle projects.

DailyPosts UK writers don’t just jump into a project, they first take some time to study the brief, the client’s business, industry and target audience in order to gain insights needed to produced quality copy.

DailyPosts UK clients are always amazed to receive content that surpasses their expectations within the scheduled time.

How fast does Turner Ink work?

The speed with which Turner Ink can complete a brief is dependent on the deadline specified by a client. By knowing the time frame within which a project is required, the agency can go about creating copy in a timely manner that will guarantee it is ready before the expiration of the deadline. Typically, Turner Ink works fast and can deliver on either small or complex content writing projects, within a short time. Once the copywriter has all the information needed, writing will immediately begin and the finished product made available in a timely fashion.

How does DailyPosts UK Compare in speed?

DailyPosts UK writers pay attention to timeframes. The agency understands that for business success, time is of the essence and so they have over the years maintained the tradition of meeting their client’s deadline.

Although DailyPosts UK understand that speed is necessary, the agency will never compromise accuracy at the expense of speed but rather would endeavor to meet up with both.

Can a client revise copy after it is finished?

Turner Ink is interested in ensuring clients get exactly what they want, when they want it. To accomplish this, the agency offers clients the opportunity to review and revise a project before it is published. If a client would like something taken out or added, Turner Ink will oblige and duly edit until the client is satisfied with the final result.

To further ensure your satisfaction, the agency is willing to work with your own designers or developers if it will help get your project completed better and faster.

How does DailyPosts UK compare in revisions?

DailyPosts UK believes that the client should go home happy, and if it requires that the client take his/ her time to double check and carry out revisions on the project, then DailyPosts UK will only be too happy to oblige. The agency is open to suggestions and ideas as long as the project meets the clients specification.

How long does it take Turner Ink to respond after being contacted?

When you place a call to Turner Ink, you can immediately inform the agency of what you require and how soon you want it. They will then send a written proposal which will detail an estimate of what your project will cost. If you agree with the quote, they will promptly arrange for a meeting to discuss the details of your brief and receive necessary information that’s required to effectively get the job done.

How does DailyPosts UK compare in response time?

When you contact DailyPosts UK, there is always someone available to attend to you. Whether you try to reach the agency on phone, Skype or email, you will always get someone to promptly answer your inquiries. But in the unlikely event that you don’t get a response immediately, DailyPosts UK will definitely get someone to reply you as soon as possible.

What kind of content can Turner Ink create?

Turner Ink can create content for a variety of purposes. Their copy is usually written in a witty and informal style that readers can easily understand and appreciate. This way, clients are guaranteed of having copy that readers will find engaging and compelling, as well as informative. The agency’s writing style keeps sentences concise, sharp and avoids waffle. Types of content typically asked for from Turner Ink include:

Blogs: You can order fresh and unique blog posts to be delivered as frequently as you need them.

Articles: If you are in need of original articles that have been optimised for SEO, Turner Ink can provide premium writing services.

Website Content: If you feel your website’s current content is inadequate, Turner Ink can help you improve the quality with fresh content that will boost your website’s value, traffic and conversions.

Other types of writing products available from Turner Ink include: Press releases, Creative Writing Services, Newsletter and Email Writing, Technical Writing Service and Product Description Writer.

What is DailyPost UK’s specialization?

DailyPosts UK has the experience and expertise to handle writing for a large variety of purposes and for any industry. However, a large percentage of their projects fall under SEO Copywriting Guide, Technical Writing, Niche Writing, Guides, Infographics, Product Description, Website writing, landing pages, Press releases, Blog post and Article writing, reviews, essays and newsletters.

The agency is open however to accommodate any custom writing project.

How much does copywriting from Turner Ink cost?

How much Turner Ink charges for a project is dependent on its size and complexity. After you contact the agency and communicate your brief, you will be sent a proposal which will state the estimated cost of your project. Turner Ink’s pricing is flexible and the agency is open to negotiating prices to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. You can contact Turner Ink here for more information.

How does DailyPosts UK compare for pricing?

DailyPosts UK is renowned for having one of the most competitive prices in the industry. The agency believes that quality copy should not be expensive and so created different price plans that can suit any budget. DailyPosts UK can also work with you to create a custom plan to suit your budget if you have one already.

When you work with DailyPosts UK, you are sure of high quality SEO optimized content for your money.

What sort of businesses do Turner Ink create copy for?

Turner Ink has worked with a variety of UK and international businesses and is capable of working with yours as well. The agency doesn’t discriminate and is willing to take briefs from small or large businesses operating in any industry. Whether a complex or simple project, Turner Ink have got you covered.

Website: www.turnerink.co.uk/

Do DailyPosts UK write for different Industry?

DailyPosts UK has a team of qualified writers from different professional backgrounds. This makes the agency the right choice for writing copy for any business in any industry. DailyPosts UK have over the years, written for a number of businesses from diverse industries such as finance, education, hospitality, health, Insurance, real estate and law.

No matter what business you do, or what industry your business belongs to, DailyPosts can create the perfect copy to meet your needs.


DailyPosts understand perfectly the uniqueness of each business and tailors the copy to fit and meet the unique demands of the business.

Visit www.dailyposts.co.uk for high quality copy that converts.