There are a good number of copywriting services available for your copywriting projects, and because each of them is unique in their own way, making a choice can be difficult task. Here we compare two copywriting companies, Tomango and DailyPosts UK to help make your decision a bit easy.

Who are Tomango?

Tomango comprises a unique team of copywriting specialists with over 50 years’ experience between them. The agency prides itself in its creativity and ability to come up with new and interesting ideas to help you achieve your organisation’s goals through effective copy.

The agency is made up of designers, online marketing gurus and developers who possess the creativity, passion and technical expertise to produce digital content capable of delivering impressive results. Tomango is based in the UK and its services are available to a variety of businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Meet DailyPosts

DailyPosts UK expert copywriting service is renowned among top businesses in UK and the rest of the world for providing high quality, engaging and relevant content to help them build their brand awareness and improve their bottom line.

DailyPosts has in-depth knowledge of all content types and a large number of top of the line, quality writers, DailyPosts UK has the talent and experience to help your business produce a copy that will engage and convert.

You can count on DailyPosts UK to help your business create copy that would engage customers and build your brand loyalty. Take advantage of the agency’s unbeatable copywriting, SEO services and creative but relevant content.

How qualified are Tomango copywriters?

The team at Tomango is made up of professionals from a variety of fields. Their goal is to provide exemplary copywriting services that will deliver compelling copy to your business, which will lead to maximum return on your investment.

To ensure clients get the best possible results, copywriters at the agency follow a laid down process. The first step is the research process, which involves understanding what your brand is about, who your customers are, and what you intend on accomplishing through the copy. The next step is the creative process, which will use all the information gleaned to create unique and interesting copy that is in line with your brief. The final step is the delivery of the finished product and the your subsequent feedback about the completed project.

Do DailyPosts UK Hire Qualified Writers?

The writers are DailyPosts are made up of talented and creative individuals with experience in different industries. The writers are all experts in their field and can only work for DailyPosts UK after passing through a very stringent process.

DailyPosts UK customers are always amazed at how its writers are able to produce quality copy that meet their very requirements. This is because, before DailyPosts writers begin a project, they would first take time to study the client’s brief and research the client’s business, industry and target audience. This gives the writers an edge when they write for the clients and help them produce such outstanding content.

How dependable is the quality of copy from Tomango?

Tomango promises the height of creativity, passion and technical expertise to clients who approach them for effective copy for their business. Tomango’s copy development process is performed completely in-house in order to guarantee total control of the quality of the content. By using the services of the agency, you will have full access to a well thought-out approach to creating high-quality copy.

The high standard of copy delivered by Tomango is evident in the following features that are present in a typical copy provided by the agency; optimised for SEO, concise and compelling sentences, free of spelling or grammatical errors, easily understandable, informative, and (where necessary) entertaining.

By working with Tomango, you are guaranteed of receiving content that is tailored to help you accomplish your business goals, boost your website’s traffic and conversions, and increase the reputation of your brand.

How does DailyPosts UK Compare for dependability in copy?

Since day one, DailyPosts has always been producing only dependable copy. The agency produces content that guarantees good search engine page ranking as they follow SEO best practices, coupled with its focus on content that engage which will result in repeat visitors and improved conversion.

Apart from producing quality copy, DailyPosts UK also pays attention to spellings and grammar, making sure that no part of the content will reflect negatively on the client. DailyPosts is very particular about accuracy that the agency would never submit a project that is not up to par no matter the pressure.

Over the years, DailyPosts UK has grown to be renowned for reliability and dependability in the quality if copy produced. The agency has the experience, expertise, resources and commitment needed to deliver the best results to meet even your highest expectations.

How fast does Tomango work?

Not only is the agency effective at creating high standard copy, it also excels at delivering perfectly finished products on time. They accomplish this by first verifying the time frame within which a client would like to have a project completed. With this agreed, Tomango’s copywriters will go about researching and crafting, editing and proofreading the content and will have it ready for delivering before the expiration of the deadline.

The agency promises that once a deadline is set, everything possible will be done to ensure all copy will be delivered in perfect form before the expiration of the agreed deadline.

How does DailyPosts UK Compare in speed?

The writers at DailyPosts UK understand that time is of the essence with businesses which is why one of the agency’s core values involve meeting the client’s deadline. Once you have agreed on a timeframe, DailyPosts UK will ensure its writers produce quality content before the time specified is up.

Even though DailyPosts UK placed emphasis on speed, the agency will never compromise accuracy at the expense of speed. Every project is properly double checked and edited before your deadline and the agency will ensure that your project is accurate in all areas.

How many times can a project be revised by a client?

In Tomango’s opinion, the client is always right. Therefore, if a client would like certain elements taken out or added to a copy, the copywriters and editors at Tomango will be more than happy to oblige. By allowing a client to edit copy as much as they want, the agency makes it possible for them to get the perfect copy to serve the specific purpose they have in mind. Revisions can be made at any point during the copy production process.

How does DailyPosts compare with Client’s revision?

DailyPosts UK understand that the client needs time to make sure that their project meets their expectations. Therefore, if the client needs time to go through the project to ensure accuracy and make corrections, DailyPosts UK will be only too happy to oblige.

How long does it take Tomango to respond after being contacted?

Tomango can be reached through a variety of channels, including email and telephone. If they are unable to respond initially, the agency will strive to get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity.

How quickly do DailyPosts UK respond to contact?

DailyPosts UK can be reached via a multiple of channels and there is always someone available to attend to you. You can reach the agency by phone or email and also by Skype with ‘yesDaily Posts’. And if for any reason, the agency is unable to respond immediately, then be assured that someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What kind of content does Tomango specialise in?

Tomango is capable of delivering a variety of copy for various purposes. The types of copy the agency most commonly create for clients include;

Blogs: They create engaging blog posts that will optimise your website’s SEO, as well as its engagement.

Website Content: If your site’s current content doesn’t evoke the desired reaction from visitors, Tomango can help upgrade your website with fresh digital content that will optimise its performance.

Other types of writing services available from Tomango include: SEO copywriting, Email copywriting, social media content and others.

What is DailyPosts UK Service Specialties?

DailyPosts UK specialties cut across a wide range of purposes and industries. But a good number of the agency’s projects typically fall under the categories of Blogs, Guest Posts and Article writing, Technical or Niche Writing, SEO Copywriting, website writing and landing pages, infographics, Product Description & Marketing Copy, Press releases, essays, guides, tutorials, reviews, emails and newsletters. DailyPosts UK is always ready to accommodate any other writing demands.

How much does copywriting from Tomango cost?

Tomango’s copywriting services are available at affordable and bespoke prices. By providing the agency with your brief and letting them know the nature of your project and how soon you need it finished, the agency can provide an initial quote.

If you already have a budget, Tomango can tailor their services to suit your it to ensure you don’t need to pay more than you can afford to get quality copy for your site.

How does DailyPosts compare for pricing?

DailyPosts UK is known for having one of the most competitive prices in the industry. The agency believes in producing quality, highly effective copy at reasonable rates and the agency can even create a bespoke plan to suit your budget.

What sort of businesses do Tomango create copy for?

Tomango’s clients range from large international manufacturers to smaller, local organisations. Regardless the size of your company, if you have a desire to develop your brand and achieve your business goals, Tomango can provide the copywriting services to make that possible.


Is DailyPosts an industry only specialization service?

DailyPosts creates copy for businesses whether large or small regardless of industry. The agency has qualified writers with professional background in different industries and this makes it easy to create industry specific content for any business.


it is important that you choose a copywriting service that has what it take to produce copies that reflect your brand. DailyPosts UK has the experience and resources to meet this requirement.

Visit their website at for quality copy.