Things to Avoid in Marketing

Top 5 No-No’s When Promoting Your Website

Website Promotion

You spent the last six months painstakingly creating the perfect website. You’re finally ready for the big unveiling; you want to create a buzz to reach as wide an audience as possible.

To do this, you must promote your website successfully, this means increasing your website’s visibility, and increasing daily traffic from people who are interested in your products. The good news is that you have dozens of tools at your disposal, the bad news is that in a world of tweets, pings, tags and shares, it’s very easy to lose focus and go overboard, which may prove to be detrimental.

Below is a list of five common mistakes to avoid when promoting a website.

  1. Social Media – Overload

While it’s great to tweet and update Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + etc. regularly, there is such a thing as an overload of information. Don’t lose followers because you’ve flooded their newsfeed with too many irrelevant updates and tweets.

Your focus should be quality versus quantity. You want people to care about what you’re saying, not tune you out.


  1. Disregarding SEO Rules

I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow SEO rules, by disregarding rules such as not using proper meta-tags, buying bad links or using too many keywords, you run the risk of having your website delisted or banned.

This can also mislead your visitors, which may gain you a dishonest reputation and result in the loss of a client or subscriber.


  1. Unsolicited Emails

In the virtual world, nothing is quite as irritating as an inbox flooded with unwanted emails. It is important to distinguish the fine line between good customer service and being overzealous.

Emailing at regular intervals with promotional news, monthly newsletters or following up with a client on the service they received is good customer service.

On the counter side: sending endless emails and junk to people is just begging to be filtered out and ignored. The fastest way to gain a bad reputation and ensure that a customer never wants to lay eyes on your website logo again?

A barrage of unsolicited emails.

  1. Unprofessional Presentation

Your posters, business cards, ads or social media paraphernalia are all introductions to your website and your business. They are reflections of who you are and your company’s culture.

Therefore, all promotional items should be professional, tasteful, attractive and appealing at first glance. Avoid using unnecessary pop-up ads on your website itself.


  1. Lack of Effort

Promoting any product or service is a never-ending job, which requires continuous, never-ending work. Don’t make the mistake of stopping after one big push, otherwise, you may be pushed to the side-lines and soon forgotten.

You have to remember that the online and social landscape is forever changing and trends are constantly shifting. If you want your business to keep growing, make sure that you are always in the loop and adapt accordingly.

Avoid these mistakes and you may soon have everyone talking about your website!