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A Keyword Density Guide
A Keyword Density GuideMatt Cutts, boss of WebSPAM at Google, tells us what we need to know about keyword density. [SGVYT ids =’Rk4qgQdp2UA’ types = ‘yt’ title = ‘undefined’ desc = ‘undefined’] Keyword density is considered an important part of SEO by most online marketers, Read More
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging[SGVYT ids =’qpbCKWu0I0A’ types = ‘yt’ title = ‘Does%20Google%20take%20action%20on%20spammy%20guest%20blogging%20activities%3F’ desc = ‘Currently%2C%20guest%20blogging%20is%20the%20favorite%20activity%20of%20webmasters%20for%20link%20acquisition.%20Due%20to%Read More

Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 2
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 2[SGVYT ids =’IMxC3wQZOyc’ types = ‘yt’ title = ‘undefined’ desc = ‘undefined’] Guest blogging is a popular technique being used for SEO purposes, but Google’s Web Spam supremo Matt Cutts believes that guest blogging can be a slippery subject, and leaRead More
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 3
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 3[SGVYT ids =’OGieiNe6RL4′ types = ‘yt’ title = ‘undefined’ desc = ‘undefined’] Guest blogging, according to Matt Cutts, is a major current link building trend, and it seems to be going awry of late. Cutts highlights that writers and SEO managers are Read More

Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 4
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 4[SGVYT ids =’qozPhALuQQw’ types = ‘yt’ title = ‘undefined’ desc = ‘undefined’] As time goes by it seems like more SEO writers are becoming more concerned about whether guest blogging is going to be seen as SEO spam. Google responds to abuse of natural Read More
29 Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary
29 Ways to Expand Your VocabularyAlright, we know… it sounds a bit strange talking about “expanding your vocabulary”. Isn’t that just something that people do when they’re trying to create a false perception of intelligence? Well, no, actually… Many of the most successful people in the world, whether conscioRead More

Top 5 No-No’s When Promoting Your Website
Top 5 No-No’s When Promoting Your WebsiteYou spent the last six months painstakingly creating the perfect website. You’re finally ready for the big unveiling; you want to create a buzz to reach as wide an audience as possible. To do this, you must promote your website successfully, this means increasing your website’s visibility, Read More
Becoming an Authority in Your Field through Quality Article Writing
Becoming an Authority in Your Field through Quality Article WritingIf you have a vast knowledge of your specific industry and think that you should be seen as an expert, based on your experience and knowledge; you can become an authority via industry article writing. Even if you have no experience in article writing and have never considered yourself a writer, you Read More

Keyword Stuffing Explained
Keyword Stuffing ExplainedIn the practice of SEO writing, ‘keyword stuffing’ is the (bad) habit of fitting as many of the relevant keywords into one article or page as possible. In the early days of SEO this was something that worked well and could help to get a ranking boost, but this is no longer the case. If [Read More
Keeping Compliant With Google Panda
Keeping Compliant With Google PandaThe introduction of the Panda algorithm has been seen as a positive change for some sites and negative for others. If a site has low-quality articles, published purely for search engine ranking purposes, then Panda is going to present a problem. However, whilst Panda has been highly effective at idRead More

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