The Quick Word Company

Operating out of Hong Kong, the Quick Word company provides outstanding Copywriting services touched with wit and humour. Their services, like ours at Daily Posts, work towards enhancing the online image of any brand, their presence, and increasing customers through superb web content strategies.

Though most of our services are aligned, we tackle things differently, being that we operate from different corners of the world.

So, who are the Quick Word, and what do they offer? Are their services superb? How do they compare with Daily Posts UK? Let’s find out.

The Quick Word Company: Who are they?

The Quick Word Company is an award-winning organisation, based in Hong Kong. They are copyrighters who work with businesses, agencies and start-ups in Hong Kong and beyond. The company was started in 2013 when sisters Cruzanne Macalligan and Ellie-Kate Macalister discovered there was a need for home-bred, quality English copywriting services. They aim to provide businesses in Hong Kong with a local copyrighting service, as good as what they would find in places like London.

The Quick Word Company are creative wordsmiths, recognised for their brilliant style of writing and impressive storytelling skills. They are a team of international creative thinkers, service and industry experts, storytellers and editors. They like to take on copy challenges, helping brands connect with their audiences using purposeful, conversational copy.


They are not afraid to take whatever new challenge comes their way and promise to shake up your ideas and turn them into invaluable, compelling, creative, chatty, snappy, smart, original, and eloquent copy.

The Quick Word Company promise to provide businesses with the words they need, as they need them. They are ready to work with brands every step of the way, from content strategy and research through to finished material for both offline and digital platforms.

Copywriting Services offered by Daily Posts and The Quick Word

The Quick Word Company and Daily Posts excel in providing a wide range of copywriting services for businesses and start-ups. This includes digital and offline expert copywriting for businesses, agencies and start-ups in just about any industry. Some of their copywriting services include:

Creative Copywriting

The Quick Word Company do way more than produce copy simply for SEO. They are able to weave powerful content that can help brands connect with their audiences better than ever before. They work with companies to create a tone and voice that is consistent with their brand identity. If you need content that truly and deeply connects with your audience better than ordinary copy can, The Quick Word Company are a good choice.

As strategic thinkers, they have worked with businesses on advertising and creative campaigns, creative direction and production and designing creative concepts.

What’s Daily Posts creative copywriting service like?

Our writers are talented and experienced and can produce amazing content that resonates with any site visitor. We can structure any web page to boost its conversion power. Over the years, we have birthed strategies for our clients that has helped increase revenues through conceptual advertising and creative copy.

Speeches and Presentations

The writers at The Quick Word Company can be relied on to turn any presentation or speech into one that deserves a standing ovation. Give them a rough sketch of what you would like to say or let them handle it all from start to finish. Either way, they will deliver.

Corporate Communications

From customer newsletters to employee engagement and everything in between, The Quick Word Company offer copywriting services for corporate communications. They will convey your message in an inarticulate manner that best suits your brand and the narrative you have in mind.

How does Daily Posts UK compare?

We have an email marketing service that spreads corporate messages to customers as well as business partners professionally, a press release service that speaks directly to the public while enhancing brand image, and a copy production service for brand profiling.

Brand Communications

The Quick Word Company can help any brand build reputation with their customers, using their excellent copywriting skills to create effective brand communications. If you need help crafting your brand story, brand values, brand manifesto or brand proposition statement, their expert copywriters can assist.

With Daily Posts, you will also get a top-notch brand communication service. Our writers are trained and talented brand communicators. They understand the art and science involved in conveying values and eliciting trust for the brands we work with. Readers need to understand a business, what they stand for, as well as why they should be trusted. Our writers know this, and with words, they can cement a site visitor’s trust in a brand.


Script writing is hard and can seem like an impossible task if you don’t quite have the talent and experience. Finding a good scriptwriter can even be more difficult, but with creative writers like The Quick Word Company, you can be assured your creative projects will have the direction they need from good script. Daily Posts too can create superb copy for your scripts. Our creativity and mastery of words know no bounds.

Tone of Voice

Branding goes beyond logos and colours. A brand needs a peculiar voice to stand out. To be easily identifiable. With a tone of voice, your customers can see you as a trusted name at what you do. This boosts trust, and most importantly, conversion.

For businesses who are having trouble defining their unique tone of voice, what they need is a superb copywriting agency. Because they are thoughtful storytellers, they can get right at the heart of your business and dig out the perfect tone of voice for you.

The Quick Word company can provide this service like a dream. And Daily Posts? We have also been shaping words to create a brand voice for our clients over the years. So yes, we are good at it, too.


If you want your blog posts to be written expertly, The Quick Word Company will deliver. With them, your blog can become a more powerful marketing tool and a chance to connect deeper with your audiences, rather than just another page on your website.

At Daily Posts, our blog strategy includes creating fresh, regular blog content that asserts a brand as an authority. Web users are constantly on the hunt for new information, which calls the need for dense content filled with the latest, trending information about your industry. This way, anyone (particularly prospective clients) searching for products or services, as well as new trends associated with your industry, can be easily directed to your website. From here, our copywriting magic comes into play and evoke their interests so they can take action on your site.

Is The Quick Word Company good with SEO?

Yes. The Quick Word Company understand what goes into good SEO, including targeting the right keyword phrases and much more. They understand that excellent SEO goes beyond keywords alone and they draw from their copywriting experience and successes with other businesses, to create content that appeals to your target audience, as much as it does to search engines.

What about Daily Posts?

SEO copywriting is our playing field. We are masters of the art. We enjoy structuring websites to make people and search engines fall in love with them. We understand the do’s and don’ts. We can exhume your site from the internet shadows and place them in the limelight of search engines first pages.

This has been our niche for years now, and we have excelled at it. SEO involves skill and expertise and we are rich with it at Daily Posts. Our methods comprise creating great content that attracts search engine crawlers, boosting ranking by enhancing backlinks through our guest post service, and improving page authority by producing amazing blog articles.

How many brands have they worked with in the past?

The Quick Word Company has written both digital and offline content for more than 190 brands, including the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Delta, Atura Hotels and Hong Kong Country Club.


The Quick Word Company team comprises creative thinkers, experts in various fields, brilliant storytellers and editors from across the world. One of the founders, Cruzanne Macalligan, is a scriptwriter, poet and columnist who has experience writing and creating in the world of branding, public relations and publishing.

Ellie-Kate Macalister (who is also a founder) used to be a TV host for a Chinese travel show before she entered the world of writing. She is adept at building content strategies and very particular about the finer details, as much as she is the bigger ones, making sure every task is delivered on time.

What about Daily Posts’ writers?

We have talented wordwmiths around the world who studied in the UK and US, and possess great skill in different fields of writing. Our writers are brought together through our modern virtual office which facilitates a smooth work process.


Brands that understand the importance of the internet are striving to gain a foothold on the web. This is because through online content strategies, businesses have the opportunity to boost revenue through an increased customer base.

If you want your business to achieve an online presence and boost sales, you need a copywriting agency that understands internet concepts behind you. Sign up with us now and your business will begin to reap from the boundless opportunities on the world wide web.