The Legal Copywriting Company

The Legal Copywriting Company provides copywriting services to companies in a specific niche, which isthe legal sector. Dailyposts on the other hand provides copy for companies in any sector including companies in the legal sectors. Dailyposts UK employs a large number of professional writers with expertise in various niches and thus can provide highly technical services to companies in the legal sector looking for ways to improve website traffic, reach out to potential clients, or give general education to the public. Let’s tell you a bit more about the legal copywritng services provided by the legal copywriting company and see how the services provided by Dailyposts UK compares to it.

Company Introduction

The Legal Copywriting Company is for you if you own a law firm and are looking for ways to drive traffic to your website in order to reach out to clients, educate the public, generate much-needed revenue or grow your online presence. They find ways to come up with new ideas to help entice new clients and keep existing ones coming back for engaging copy.

The Legal Copywriting Company is regarded as one of the leading copywriting agencies in Europe, in the legal sector. This has prompted them to focus their energy and passion into delivering quality copy every time.

The Legal Copywriting Company Services

Every law firm should have an accessible online presence at all times. Therefore, any web content should be engaging and naturally appealing to clients. If you’re a law firm that deals with land matters and real estate, you should offer content that proffers solutions to queries about real estate scams or how to draft land contract agreements for example. There’s no better way of doing this than hiring the services of a professional legal writer.

The Legal Copywriting Company are subject matter specialists, who create and provide content that will showcase your expertise and in-depth knowledge about the legal jurisdiction your firm handles. This helps put your website on the internet search map when existing or prospective clients seek relevant information. When you need existing copy to be re-written with the right keywords to boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), The Legal Copywriting Company can deliver. You won’t have to worry about being penalised by Google for duplicate content, because they ensure you always receive well-researched, unique and authentic copy.

How does Dailyposts UK copywriting services compare?

Dailyposts employs a full team of professional writers that have exoertise in various niches including in the legal sector. Providing engaging web content for legal firms, whether highly technical or regular copy targeted at potential clients that are probably not legal is something that Dailypost does with optimal efficiency. Our copywriters in the legal niche are not only subject matter speicalists, but are also skilled at writing web copy that converts leads and improves a legal firm’s online visibility. Dailyposts has the ability to deliver premium copy in a timely fashion that optimises a legal firm’s online presence and complements their branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a quote before I send my work?

Yes. Before they commence your work, a quote (valid for 30 days) will be sent to you based on the prices they charge. It will include the time for meetings, telephone or email conversations (to discuss the brief), research, planning, writing and submission of the first draft, discussion, evaluation and integration of one set of revisions, as well as submission of the final draft.

Does Dailyposts give a quote?

Dailyposts has a well-structured and pricelist on their website for different kinds of copy. They can also provide a quote for other kinds of custom copy on demand. So whatever you are looking for, simply contact Dailyposts and they will be glad to provide it.

How do I give them the go-ahead to commence work?

Before a project starts, The Legal Copywriting Company will require written confirmation that you have agreed to engage them to write for you, having agreed to the quotation, a deadline and all the other terms and conditions. You can also well send your confirmation via email.

How do I sign up with Dailyposts UK?

To place an order on the Dailyposts website, simply signup for a Dailyposts account on our website within 30 seconds from which you can place your orders for any kinds of copy that you need.

How is payment made?

The Legal Copywriting Company can ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed price before work on the project commences. This and further payments can be made via direct bank transfer, cheque or cash.

How does Dailyposts receive payment?

You can fund your Dailyposts account in order to make payments. Alternative methods of payments are also available. Simply contact Dailyposts to discuss the details of your order.

What happens if I am not satisfied with copy?

You are allowed one set of ‘reasonable amendments’, free of charge if your copy isn’t completed to your satisfaction. However, you have to submit the copy for revision within 30 days of receipt. You must also not seek any fundamental change in the project that is beyond their control.  ‘Reasonable amendments’ is defined as changes affecting no more than 10% of the work delivered. Complete rewrites (due to a change in direction of the article from your end) will be considered additional drafts and will be charged accordingly. A new quote can be submitted before commencing this work, if required.

Does Dailyposts allow reviews?

Dailyposts UK writers are held to the highest standards and undergo premium editorial training to ensure that all our services are guaranteed to meet up with the stringent standards. However, in the rare occurrence that you are dissatisfied with any of the services provided by Dailyposts, you can expect to get a second briefing and a review of content provided free of charge.

Can I opt for Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements?

Yes. The Legal Copywriting Company can sign whatever confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements you deem necessary, but you also need to agree to indemnify The Legal Copywriting Company against any action whatsoever as a result of accidental disclosure or loss of this information.

Does Dailyposts provide confidential services?

Dailypost UK ghost writers work with absolute discretion whether or not your company requests it. Our writers already have a nondisclosure clause in their agreement ensuring a legally binding confidentiality in whatever services we provide. Whether you require discretion or an extremely high level of confidentiality, you can be confident with Dailyposts. All information and facts as provided by you is guaranteed to be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Working with Dailyposts, you can be assured that we will meet your need for confidentiality at whatever level you request.

The Legal Copywriting Company Reviews

Due to their quality service delivery, clients always come back to The Legal Copywriting Company for content. Here are some positive reviews:

“Our firm has now been using the services of Corinne McKenna and The Legal Copywriting Company for a number of months, and this has resulted in outstanding results for our website and social networking pages. As the general manager and head of marketing, as well as a solicitor myself, I have found Corinne’s work brilliant, creative and intelligently written for lawyers and non-lawyers. From the beginning, she was dedicated to understanding our firm and she went out of her way taking the time ensure she knew everything about us – business model, our practice areas, staff, culture, vision and aspirations – before beginning working with us. She is a pleasure to work with and will get the job done on time to the highest quality, at a very reasonable cost. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Corinne McKenna and The Legal Copywriting Company to many other colleagues and businesses we work with.”OshinShahiean, Solicitor at OTS Solicitors.

Mr A D Argyle of Argyle Welsh Finnigan Solicitors in New Zealand, was quoted as saying: “Our firm has recently used Corinne McKenna of The Legal Copywriting Company to assist us with the preparation and lodging of an advertisement, seeking to appoint an experienced solicitor in New Zealand. I cannot speak highly enough of Corinne’s assistance. She has shown a good grasp of the issues we needed to address, was helpful in her suggestions and accurate in her work. Charges have been most reasonable and she’s been a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending her”.

“Corinne’s input into our website was invaluable.  She took time to understand our firm and clients and was able to produce excellent copy.  All her work was prompt and highly professional and she was great to deal with.  I highly recommend Corinne for any legal writing” added Malcolm McKenzie, a Director at Hewat Galt Lawyers.


DailypostsUK company reviews

Dailyposts has provided premium copywriting services to several businesses. These businesses range from high profile companies, to SMEs to start-ups and their feedback is always positive. A look at the Dailyposts website and you will find nothing but positive reviews about Dailyposts. Some reviews praise the quality of the copy received while others are impressed at the time it took to get the job done despite the volume of copy required. Quite a few reviews talked about how working with Dailyposts was the same as having an in-house digital marketing team without having to commit to the same level of financial commitment.

Dailyposts are a rare copywriting company thanks to our unique system of recruitment, training and optimal use of technology. Our full staff of professional writers ensure that we have the ability to connect with whatever your target audience is and our expertise in SEO guarantees that your web site will be preferred by search engines every time. Whatever your company copywriting needs, brochures, sales copy, email copy, and so on, all you need to do is signup for an account on and get what you need at the most competitive prices.