The Creative Collective

Writing articles for websites has gone from just providing information to an entire form of art. Your content needs to engaging, informative and a source of solution to the queries of your target audience. In as much as you need to have the perfect number of keywords stuffed into your content for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes, you also need to be able to offer relevant benefits through out your page. That is why The Creative Collective is here to help you with all your website copywriting and SEO marketing needs.

With their wealth of experience in providing the right digital content for websites, they have gained a reputation for being one of Australia’s leading digital copywriting agencies. They have helped clients with “analysis paralysis” or high bounce rates to get back on their “web feet” by providing them with content and SEO marketing strategies to boost their online presence and also increase traffic. Since most website owners are not writers, they bank on the quality of Creative Collective’s subject matter specialists to create a great copy for their web page.

The Services Provided by Creative Collective

If you have a hard time writing the perfect copy for your website, developing creative content for your blog posts, articles and marketing campaigns, Creative Collective has got you covered.

With as little as $99 a week, you can get a complete digital marketing package that will give your website or business brand, the perfect hype it needs to attract prospects and convert them to loyal subscribers. Do you run a business and can’t find enough time to market your product or service? Are you a digital marketing personnel who needs the latest SEO strategies to boost online sales and presence of the brand you represent? You can outsource your website copywriting project to Creative Collective and be rest assured that they will deliver in time.

Their affordable digital marketing package takes care of your advertising needs across multiple channels. From social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Email marketing, Search Engine advertising, blogging and many more, this writing agency ensures that your message is heard and reaches beyond just your target audience.

They have subject matter specialists who are trained on the latest industry leading techniques to optimize your website, generate leads through Facebook and Instagram advertising, create engaging website content and make you stand out from the crowd of competitors in your niche.

The $99 digital marketing package includes: 1 Blog post per month – accompanied with website copywriting, SEO and upload to your website; 4 Social media posts per week across 3 standard channels; 1 Newsletter Campaign per month – along with preparation of supplied content, approval and broadcast. Reports on how you grow on social media and a Google Analytics report will also be provided. If you need the service to be tailored to just SEO marketing or Social media marketing, it can be done for you at specific rates.

The digital marketing package that focuses on social media alone includes: 7 social media posts per week across 3 standard channels; $50 adspend budget for boosting posts on Facebook per month; and 1 Newsletter Campaign per month. Digital reports will also be delivered to you. They also have an instagram package where videos and content are created to reach out to your target audience in that particular media file sharing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to sign a contract before work on my project commences?

No. All the packages on Creative Collective do not have any contracts. As long as you are committed for that month, they plan your website copywriting and marketing needs 4 weeks before hand to suit your style and business.

2. How will they know my exact needs and produce digital content that suits it?

Before Creative Collective embarks on any project, they carry out a briefing session where they get to know more about you and your business, what you’re offering, your niche, target consumers and the concept for the content. After then,they set the ‘tone and voice’ for the copy – corporate, professional or fun. They also carry out keyword research then look at your page’s sitemap to know what phrases and language will fit your content. Once done, they will send you an email on how they intend to go about the content writing. Immediately you approve, work commences.

3. Will I get a review of the content before it’s uploaded on my website?

Yes. Once the writers from Creative Collective begin work on your project, they start from scratch to ensure that your article is void of plagiarism and it’s written in a way to boost your SEO and engage your customers. Once the copy is ready, it will be sent to you for review. If it suits what you’re offering, a final copy will then be drafted – and if it doesn’t, amends will be made till its perfect.

4. Why should I use Creative Collective?

Because they have a robust team of writers whose wealth of experience heralds across most industries and business types. This means they can match a digital copywriter to your project based on knowledge of the subject matter, or the experience they have in writing for your target audience and your niche. Thy are also consistent, professional, fun to work with and can provide your copy in as little as a few days.

5. How much does their website copywriting service cost?

It costs $120 per hour and they spend between 1-2 hours per page – depending on the amount of research required, and the resources provided (like an old copy).

Creative Collective Reviews

Here are some reviews by some of their satisfied clients:

“The Creative Collective had a complex challenge to pull together a brand for us given the number of stakeholders and different target markets the brand had to appeal to. The workshopping process was thorough and The Creative Collective were very responsive in our requirements to finalise the end result. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback as we’ve used this brand out in the marketplace. It really seems to be resonating with the target markets”, Naomi Andrews, the National Business Development Manager of Digital Careers said.

John Vandeleur of Turner Freeman Lawyers simply added “A jargon free, relevant and helpful introduction to social media”; while Steve Artis of Ultraspeed Australia said “(the Creative Collective) delivers what they say and are always very easy to interact with. We run a small consultancy and have a very subdued growth/social media strategy which (they) seem to have adapted to very easily.”