The Creative Collective

Writing articles for websites has become an art form. Your content needs to be engaging, informative and a source of solution to the queries of your target audience. While it’s necessary to include a number of relevant keywords in your content for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes, you also need to be able to offer benefits. Also, your brand requires a distinct tone of voice and words that speak to your readers directly that can turn them into clients. Achieving all these while attending to the daily needs of your business can leave you and your staff burned out. This is why you require a copywriting agency for your copy needs.

Like Daily Posts, there are a number of copywriting firms offering content production services in the UK and the world at large. Their aim is to help businesses offload the burden of producing their own copy and promoting the businesses with smartly crafted words. Also, most copywriting companies help businesses grow. Through content marketing strategies like SEO, they funnel readers to a brand’s website with the ultimate goal of turning them into customers or subscribers.

One of such agencies providing these services and more is the Creative Collective. They’ve been at the centre of the copywriting business alongside Daily Posts for years. They have successfully led campaigns that increased web visitors and customers. Daily Posts and the Creative Collective run a number of similar services with few differences between us.

So, let’s let you know all about the Creative Collective, their services, methods of operation, how they are similar to us, and how they are not.

Company Introduction – The Creative Collective

The Creative Collective is an Australia based digital marketing agency that specialises in social media. They offer SEO copywriting services as well as other online marketing packages. They have teams that service Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Auckland, the gold coast, and the sunshine coast. Their location, however does not limit the scope of their services. Like Daily Posts, they can carry out global Copywriting services as well.

The creative collective promises to make copy that resonates with any brand’s customer by putting themselves in the customers’  shoe and telling them just what they want to hear.

With their wealth of experience in providing digital content for websites, they have gained a reputation for being one of Australia’s leading digital copywriting agencies. They have helped clients with ‘analysis paralysis’ or high bounce rates to get back on their ‘web feet’ by providing them with content and SEO marketing strategies to boost their online presence and also increase traffic.

Services Provided by The Creative Collective and Daily Posts UK

If you struggle to write the perfect copy for your website or creative content for your blog posts, articles and marketing campaigns, companies like Daily Posts and the Creative Collective have services that can put this problem to bed.

You can get a complete digital marketing package that will give your website or business brand the perfect profile it needs to attract prospects and convert them to loyal subscribers.

The creative collective offers services to individuals who run businesses and can’t find the time to market their product or services online, digital marketing agencies that needs the latest SEO strategies to boost online sales and brand presence, as well as brands that need to fill their websites and social media pages with beautiful, compelling copy.

Their affordable digital marketing package takes care of your advertising needs across multiple channels. From social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Email marketing, Search Engine advertising, blogging and many more, this writing agency ensures that your message is heard and reaches beyond just your target audience.

With Daily Posts too, these needs mentioned above can be met with an expert touch. We have provided SEO Copywriting services to various clients from different industries over the years, helping them boost revenues by increasing their customer base through numerous online channels. We also make copy for press releases, email advertising and micro copy. If you need technical writing services, we can also deliver.

At Daily Posts, and at Creative collective, we have subject matter specialists who are trained in the latest industry leading techniques to optimise your website, generate leads through Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as create engaging website content to make you stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract before work on my project commences?

No. Creative Collective packages don’t have contracts. As long as you are committed for that month, they plan your website copywriting and marketing needs four weeks before, to suit your style and business.

What about Daily Posts?

You don’t need a contract signed. Our process is straightforward and simple. All you need do is sign up on our website, then we will have you fill up a brief with details of your job order. Whenever you order a job, we are committed to get it done within the timeframe that you want and as fast as is humanly possible. We will also consult you to ensure your copy speaks in the tone of your brand in the highest standard.

How will they produce digital content that suits my exact needs?

Before Creative Collective embarks on any project, they carry out a briefing session to learn more about you and your business, what you’re offering, your particular niche, target consumers and the concept for the content. They then set the ‘tone and voice’ for the copy – corporate, professional or fun for example. They also carry out keyword research and look at your page’s sitemap to determine what phrases and language will fit your content. Once done, they will contact you about how they intend to tackle the project. Once you give your approval, work commences immediately.

Does Daily Posts to the same?

We aim to ensure you’re perfectly satisfied and our work is result driven. When we have gotten your order, we get to know your brand better and see things from your angle. Next, we go into thorough research about the products and services you offer, the kind of customers you’re looking to land, how your industry works – tone and message, and the state of your competitors. With these info on the ground, we can produce copy that is tailored and streamlined to meet your specific needs, perfectly.

Will I get a review of the content before it’s uploaded on my website?

Yes. Once the writers from Creative Collective begin work on your project, they start from scratch to ensure your article is free from plagiarism and is written in a way to boost your SEO and engage your customers. Once the copy is ready, it will be sent to you for review. If it meets your requirements, a final copy will then be drafted. If it doesn’t, amends will be made until it is perfect.

Does Daily Posts provide reviews as well?

Absolutely. When we are done with your copy, our team of senior editors thoroughly go through the work to ensure it’s error-free. Then we can make it readily available for you to review.

Why should I usse a copywriting company?

Because the burden of producing your own cooy regularly can easily overwhelm you and your team. There’s often to much tasks already for small business owners, marketing managers and coordinators, as well as sales teams, to carry out, let alone the extra workload of producing content on a regular basis.

This is why you need the help of an agency with the expertise in creating content for the web. They don’t just take the burden off your shoulders, they also help you boost revenue by building up a customer base and communicating closely with your existing customers.

How much does their website copywriting service cost?

It costs $120 per hour and they will usually spend between 1-2 hours per page,  depending on the amount of research required and the resources provided.

What about the price of Daily Posts?

Our prices come in different plans and we charge per hundred words. They include $2, $3, $5, and $8 per hundred word plans.

The prices are highly competitive and serve different content types to give our clients options to choose from that suits their budget.

To get the best in website Copywriting, SEO, and content that creates a unique voice for your brand, sign up with us today.