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Comparison with Sussex Copywriting Services

Sussex Copywriting is a professional copywriting agency whose services are deeply rooted in search engine optimisation. The company which operates out of Sussex promises to help brands rank high on search engines.

But search engine ranking is standard for any copywriting agency. In fact, at Daily Posts UK, we provide the whole package; 100% quality, SEO-friendly, and conversion-guaranteed content at a fraction of traditional costs because we use economy of scale to price our offerings.

How? In this comparative review, we explain why our services offer a potent solution to many aspects of content marketing. Sussex copywriting is good, but Daily Posts UK presents a more suitable match. Here’s how:

The diversity of copywriters: Daily Posts UK’s Secret weapon

Sussex copywriting service-like many UK copywriting agencies- works with materials and resources all priced in the UK. This sets their pricing at UK standards with the potential to cost more for clients at standard UK value.

With Daily Posts UK, our writers are spread all over the globe, allowing us flexible rates for pricing strategies because of economy of scale. But this does not affect our quality in any way. As a matter of fact, it increases the potential for excellence because of creative diversity.

Our international offices recruit the best copywriters via a comprehensive screening process. Each team consists of subject experts in marketing, fashion, retail, finance, construction, business and several other industries. All copywriters are trained in creating SEO-friendly copy. Daily Posts UK clients get more bang for their buck.

The advantage of versatility; How Daily Posts UK wins

Daily Posts UK has offices in the UK, US, Australia and Africa. We provide services for brands in these countries and local businesses looking to expand into these markets. There are many benefits.

Sussex copywriting and other home-based agencies are good with UK markets, but will need more resources to research extensively for foreign businesses. This will not only take more time but also cause them to raise their costs. At Daily Posts UK, it’s as easy as contacting our sister agency. And the price remains the same.

Our versatility is our strength. If a UK Ecommerce service plans to target Australian buyers, they will need to understand the language and context of online users in Australia. Daily Posts UK, can simply pass the project to its Australian copywriters and the rest is history.

Google-minded SEO Copywriters: No match for Daily Posts UK

Sussex Copywriting services touts itself as an SEO-copywriter that understands Google. This is true, but once again, its knowledge is best served in the UK. However, Daily Posts UK also has excellent Google-trained SEO copywriters, and we will always beat any price with the advantage of our economy of scale.

But that’s on the UK side. In foreign markets, the search rules change slightly. For one, keywords are unique to specific Google search engine extensions. The .au (Australia) and .za (South Africa) differs from the UK’s in keyword and search marketing technicalities. It therefore takes experts who are familiar with the language and semantics.

You are simply better off with Daily Posts UK; a geographically-diverse and qualified team.

Speed results: Why Daily Posts UK is better

Content marketing is about timing. Sure, the results of the process are usually evident in the long-term, but social media content is time-bound. For instance, a trending topic may break out on Twitter, your brand could use the popularity to generate visibility for new customers.

At Daily Posts UK, our eyes and ears are always peeled for growing trends and pop culture. However, what makes us fast is the strength of our numbers, our systematic process and subject-specialist copywriters. We conduct research but not in a way that compromises speed or efficiency.

Why choose Daily Posts UK?

The reasons are obvious. Sussex Copywriting is good, but DailyPosts UK is faster, more cost-efficient and creatively superior. If you need great content and need it fast, we are your ideal copywriting agency.


Are our reasons cogent? We believe so. Your business stands a chance of higher search ranking and converting more web visitors when you partner with Daily Posts UK.

Our content is rich, 100% quality and crafted to persuade readers to act. You won’t get a more result-oriented team elsewhere.

Sign up today and experience content marketing at its best.