Stratton Craig

Over the years, businesses – large brand’s and start ups alike – have come to understand the importance of the internet and the need for quality content. This need has led them to turn to copywriting agencies who possess the expertise of copy production.

With this development, more copywriting companies continue to spring up in order to provide options for brands and individuals that require these services. Copywriting firms like Daily Post carry out numerous services targeted at helping businesses improve their online presence, focus on their work without worrying about copy production, communicate effectively with existing customers, and build a larger customer base through various online content strategies.

Stratton Craig is another renown Copywriting company. They offer most of the services mentioned above like Daily Posts and have been doing it for decades. Their services are however, executed in a different manner to what we do here at Daily Posts. Howbeit, they are good at what they do and their portfolio testifies to this.

Let’s briefly tell you about Stratton Craig, how their services are important to brands, and how those services align with the services of Daily Posts.

About Stratton Craig

Stratton Craig is a copywriting company with offices in London and Bristol (UK), as well as Sydney

(Australia). They help local, national and global businesses find a distinctive voice through language consultancy, content marketing and exceptional copywriting. They have been around for more than 30 years and were acquired by CEO, Darren, in 2008.

Darren has brought his experience in sales and marketing – as well as business development – to direct the strategy and vision of the company. With his particular expertise in financial services and the healthcare and consumer sectors, it’s easy to see why the company places real emphasis on these areas. He has also worked with international brands like Virgin, British Airways, Sky, and Arsenal F.C to help build their brands.

Copywriting Services

Stratton Craig provide a wide variety of services just like Daily Posts, including copywriting training, translation services, global content, tone of voice, digital copywriting and more.


Stratton Craig’s copywriting service encompasses a wide range of work, including party political speeches, annual reports, brochures and more. They are involved with everything from content strategy to writing and creating a new tone of voice for a business. The company’s copywriters focus on getting to know a brand, understanding their target audience and producing clear, compelling and sharp copy.

Corporate report writing

The corporate report writing service Stratton Craig offers includes integrated reports, sustainability report writing and annual report writing. They provide a service for businesses who are looking to improve their communications with stakeholders. In the last decade, Stratton Craig have written annual and sustainability reports for various clients, including London Development Agency, Health & Safety Laboratory, Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland and United Utilities, amongst others.

Digital copywriting

The company’s digital copywriting service encompasses news feeds, social media strategy and updates, SEO, as well as content for websites. Their copywriters produce content that is search engine-friendly, share-able, compelling and relevant.

They offer digital copywriting for every aspect of a business’s online strategy, including microsites, pay-per-click advertising, online reports, email campaigns and websites. Their copywriters also prepare content for social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Beyond that, they provide social media advisory services to help businesses learn how to take advantage of social media tools.

Daily Posts digital Copywriting services

At Daily Posts, we also provide numerous Copywriting services to different brands and bodies across different sectors and industries. Our writers are skilled in creating copy for any content type from web copy, press releases, speeches, journals, to blog posts, email advertising content, social media and so much more.

We are also involved in setting up content and internet marketing strategies geared towards increasing a brand’s clientele, and spreading the message of any public body or parastatal.

Content Marketing

The company’s content marketing service includes content writing and content strategy. It is designed to help businesses demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in key areas, encourage conversation about their products, services or brand, as well as improve their rankings for key search phrases.

Daily Posts, as well, provides content marketing strategies aimed at boosting a brand’s business revenue by increasing their customers through various online platforms. A prominent form of our content marketing service is SEO.

We enhance websites through dense, informative, and search-optimised content to make them rank high on search engine result pages. We also achieve this through other means like the use of backlinks and external links, as well as structuring a website to adhere to algorithms of search engines.

Tone of voice

Stratton Craig offers a language consultancy service aimed at helping businesses find their tone of voice, with help from their brand language specialists. Through stakeholder engagement, research and workshops, they help businesses discover who they are and how they are different from their competitors. They analyse how a business uses language and suggests new ways of expressing its key message.

Global copy

Daily posts also produces copy used in content targeted at audiences at the international level. This is purposed for brands looking to build an international portfolio and win clients globally. But that’s not all, Global copy can also be created for international bodys, even not-for-profit organisations looking to reach a global audience with a clear, concise, and consistent language.

Stratton Craig also has a special service for global brands who are looking to achieve international business success. They help businesses with offices in different parts of the world to maintain clarity and consistency in their communications, while retaining a uniform message and quality that does not get lost in translation.


Stratton Craig offer an end-to-end translation service that is available in more than 40 languages, including Chinese, Marathi, Russian, German and French. They work with writers who are native speakers of the required language in order to ensure the highest possible quality of work. These writers are also specialists in key subject areas and are registered with professional bodies like The Institute of Translating and Interpreting and The Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Who have Stratton Craig worked with in the past?

The company has worked with a number of brands, including Vodafone, Sony, Barclays, Orange, Sky, Honda, KPMG, British Airways, Virgin, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Fiat and many more.

Do Stratton Craig have a specific kind of company they work with?

Stratton Craig provide services for companies across different sectors, including automotive, energy, construction, education, retail, legal, financial services and travel and leisure. They have also worked with businesses in the healthcare sector on communications that targeted hospitals, government bodies, patients and health care professionals, using their team of content strategists and healthcare copywriters.

From property profiles to high volumes of destination pages, the Stratton Craig have worked with travel and leisure brands to produce copy that is intended to personalise customer experience. For businesses that are looking to simplify financial language and provide clear and transparent content and copywriting, the writers at Stratton Craig are able to help them communicate effectively to their stakeholders and clients.

What kind of companies do Daily Posts work with?

We provide our services to brands without regard to their industry or field of expertise. We have a pool of senior writers experienced in different kinds of content as well as different niches. We have successfully worked with brands from the banking sector, manufacturing, commerce, agriculture, travel and leisure, real estate, technology, agriculture, hospitality, event management, advertising and so many others.

We are up for whatever challenge. We can turn a dense technical brief filled with jargon and verbiage into copy that is diluted with simplicity and is fun to read without losing meaning.

What does the copywriting process involve?

At Stratton Craig, they get to know your brand by spending time with you, researching your competitors and industry, as well as understanding the objectives of your customers. Then they go on to present their recommendations and create a content strategy that is aligned to your business’s objectives. If you are interested in their copywriter training program, they help make sure your team can take ownership of your business’s tone of voice and content. Finally, they regularly monitor results to make sure your content is performing as it should. To maximise value and effectiveness, they refine and improve your content where needed, as well as watch your KPIs and objectives, to see what works and what doesn’t.

What about that of Daily Posts?

Our process starts from getting a brief from you and what you want. After this, we get to work by digging deeply with research about your brand, your industry, the kind of customers you expect to communicate to and convert, and your competitors. With these data, we identify key prospects and keywords to optimise for.

The copy process involves assigning your job to the perfect group of writers that will execute with a professional finish.

When the copy production is done, we promote your content via different channels including guest posts from other authority blogs to increase your link profile and boost visibility in search engines, and creating a funnel through social media channels. This way, your website can attract prospects and convert them.


Stratton Craig’s prices vary according to volume of content, and content type. They try to find an accommodating price that works for the budget of their clients.

Our prices on Daily Posts on the other hand, are clearly laid out in our home page. We have four plans structured to give our clients options to choose from.


Stratton Craig have a team that is comprised of Verbal Identity and Tone of Voice specialists, Project Managers, Content Strategists, and Copywriters.

Daily Posts UK writers

Our writers are a team of talented individuals with expertise in different niches from different countries in the world. We have a virtual office which facilitates a development structure geared at personal growth and smooth work flow.


Copywriting will remain a vital branch of any brand or body. Creating regular copy worthy of your organisation can burn the time you need to focus on your business. This is why you need an agency experienced in copy production handling that aspect of your business for you. Sign up today to get that copy situation taken care of and increase your revenue while you’re at it.