Rule of Three Copywriting Studio

Rule of Three is a copywriting company based in Oxford, with branches in Paris and London. This copywriting studio have stood out from the crowd over the years and can be identified as one of the pioneers of modern day copywriting. With their unique approach to creating compelling content and a powerful style of communicating through persuasive language, they have made their mark as a top content making entity.

Integrating a chic style into the copywriting process is not an easy feat, but Rule of Three have shown it is possible. They blazed a trail by founding their identity on the principle of the holy trinity of writing – The Rule of Three. This style of writing is known for its resounding, resonating and reverberating effect on its readers. Their three-step angle involves: Awareness. Affect. Action. This approach, coupled with clever writing execution, has proved to be very effective, judging from their success over the years.

Their self-proclaimed title as ‘Artists of persuasion’ and ability to make ‘Customers out of readers’ can hardly be debated. They have attracted some of the biggest brands out there and turned them into dedicated clients, creating enticing copy for a number of popular online giants and automobile manufacturers.

The studio is led by four highly experienced directors that oversee different layers of the company: Content strategy, Design and Development, Trans-creation and Copywriting.

Copywriting Services

Rule of Three copywriting studio offers a wide range of services and provides bespoke content making strategies, geared towards converting site visitors into dedicated customers. They have erected a range of structured disciplines that fuel their service model to produce desired results.

Their copywriting services include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Digital development
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Global copywriting
  • Marketing communications
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Project Management

Rule of Three also run copywriting training lessons for new up-and-coming writers who wish to build a reputation for themselves as copywriters.

They also go beyond the natural copywriting spectrum to provide a broader scope of services within the digital sphere. These services include: User Experience (UX) development, scripting and screenwriting, television and film treatment, print and media, as well as brand language.

Another impressive part of their business range is the translation service. Their network of translators are constantly on standby to help brands expand their reach by providing real-time language translation for platforms located outside their operating region.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a crucial aspect of online marketing. It is the skill and style of tactically delivering words that can attract, glue and persuade a reader to take a desired action. The words engineered in copywriting are designed for the primary reason of promotion. The words are targeted to a specific base in order to catch their attention, speak about an issue that resonates and relates to them, and finally offer a product as the solution.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. The art and science of copywriting involve a deep need for versatility. Players in the field are often required to make content for different businesses across different industries. That is why copywriters are often called polymaths.

The entire world of business (being dependent on the internet for survival) has come to understand the importance of copywriting. A business yet to involve copywriting professionals and online marketers could be easily said to have no plan for growth.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is any individual or organisation skilled in the art and business of copywriting.

What do copywriters do?

They provide online content geared at turning site visitors into customers. Their job is to promote a brand through the various platforms of the internet, which include blogs, e-mails, social media and a client’s site. Copywriters can also channel these potential customers to the website of their clients.

Who hires a Copywriter?

An individual copywriter could be hired by a corporate copywriting firm like ‘Rule of Three’ or can be a freelancer that directly works with clients on an ad-hoc basis.

What’s more, a freelancer can choose to take jobs from corporate firms who have a heavy schedule to deal with. When the copywriter is inundated with a huge amount of work, they commonly offer jobs to another copywriter or an agency.

However, the true employers of copywriters are their clients. Clients (or employers) of copywriters and copywritting companies are mainly businesses who wish to adapt a style of content that can help attract visitors and customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Visitors and readers don’t magically appear on a website. Chances are they might have never heard of the site. They are funnelled to the particular site through different platforms on the internet – the most prominent being search engines.

That’s what Search Engine Optimisation is all about: doing what’s necessary to draw potential clients to websites through search engines. It basically involves fashioning the content and structure of a website to the specification of a particular range of keywords in order to rank higher in search results.

How do companies like The Rule of Three use SEO and Copywriting to promote brands?

When the SEO tactic has been employed, the reader is handed over to the copywriting process to be convinced and converted. From there, it’s up to the company’s sales team to complete the cycle.

How much do the Rule of Three charge for their services?

Copywriting companies differ and so do their charges. Contents also differ, as so do their prices. A largely technical project or content could be charged higher than simple contents like landing pages or profiles, so prices vary. To find out the price range offered By Rule of Three, contact them directly with details of your work.