Copywriter Today

Based in Cleveland, Ohio (United States), Copywriter Today aims to provide businesses, marketers and blogs with the top-quality content they require to thrive online. They are renowned for their “unlimited” writing service, which the company’s founder and CEO, Gabe Arnold, says gives unbeatable value to their clients.

Gabe created Copywriter Today to be an affordable marketing and technology solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Drawing from his experience in writing professionally and knowledge of web, computer technology, campaign creation and management, he has worked with over a thousand startup companies, in addition to hundreds more established businesses, helping them become more profitable and relevant on the web.

What services do Copywriter Today Offer?

Their services include editing, research work, proofreading, articles, press, blog posts, lead magnets, emails and brochures, usually on the basis of a monthly subscription. According to, the typical length of a project is between 400 and 1500 words.

Copywriter Today keeps their clients’ websites overflowing with recently published content, so the site stays fresh, relevant and is never stale.

Samples of their work can be found on the ‘About Us’ section of their website, allowing potential clients to get a feel for what the company offers. These samples aren’t based purely on the type of content (i.e. technical articles, blogs and press releases), but on the topics they cover, such as personal finance, technology, career, parenting, business, social  media, marketing, news and many more.

What Questions Are Usually asked About the Company?

Site visitors and potential clients usually want ample background information about the company before working with them and thus, ask a lot of questions. These range from their services and pricing  to subscription cancellation. Some questions from the FAQ section of their site include:

Why Was the Company founded and What do They do?

Copywriter Today was reportedly founded after CEO, Gabe Arnold, discovered that businesses either didn’t like writing their own content or didn’t have the time to do. He came across this while creating websites for clients who seemed unable to provide any copy for their ‘About us’ pages or relevant blog content. Copywriter Today provide blog posts, email marketing content, press releases, eBook outlines, articles and other related services.

Who are the Company’s services a good fit for?

According to their FAQ page, their services are a good fit for businesses like bloggers who need help with content creation, business owners that don’t want their web content to go stale, digital marketing agencies that have to deliver for their clients and even SEO firms that are obligated to deliver well-written, SEO-friendly posts.

What Are Their Prices like?

It is important to note that their framework is a ‘Pay for Access’ content creation subscription, as opposed to paying individually for articles, as the need arises. Therefore, during the subscription period, customers have unlimited access to the company’s writing team. The site recommends that for customers to get the best out of their service, they need to subscribe for at least 3-4 months.

Their prices are simple; you can either opt for the ‘Writing Team’, ‘Editorial Team’ or ‘Autopilot Team’ package. They are priced $247 per month, $347 per month and $447 per month respectively. If you opt to pay for a whole year up front, the prices drop dramatically to $179, $279 and $379 per month respectively. They each have separate features, but it is important to note that the ‘Writing team’ package has a limit of 3000 words, as well as a content limit of 11 articles per month on each account. It is therefore advisable to opt for the higher priced packages, as they offer more value.

The Writers

Writers are employed based on their professionalism and their experience in the field of technical and non-technical copywriting. The staff comprises over a dozen members, one of whom is head of the team, Rachel Strong. Having previously worked as a Corrections Officer and Hotel Manager, she is also skilled in marketing and brings a wealth of experience to the projects she works on.


Copywriter Today have carefully structured their subscriptions so that consumers pay once and continue to get full value until their subscription expires. Also, their money-back guarantee protects the client, should there be any issues along the way.