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The beauty of a well-written sales page is its ability to engage and inspire potential customers to buy. How effective is your current sales page? Surely, it can be better?

In a recent survey, it was revealed the number of organic visitors to a website will increase by at least 30% if the content is SEO optimised. This has the potential to drive up your conversion rate.

At DailyPosts, we write excellent sales copy that increases the on-site engagement and revenue for our clients. Our work speaks for us through the readers’ ability to navigate the sales funnel and complete checkout at the end of the journey.

We use a highly-developed and systematic approach that ensures every sales copy project we deliver is fully-optimised for search and devoid of errors. DailyPosts prides itself in producing high-quality content within agreed deadlines.

Our copywriters are sales-oriented and we have subject experts in marketing fields. Take advantage of our services today.

How DailyPosts can grow your business

DailyPosts is a copywriting agency with a diverse team of specialist writers. Our experience spans various industries ranging for retail to fashion, technology, travel, sports, marketing, and more. This puts us in the best position to deliver your sales pitch regardless of your industry.

Sales copy is about writing persuasive copy that seeks to engage, compel and encourage the reader to act. Our writers are extremely trained to write long copy that is informative and convincing. Rest assured, all your customers’ objections will be answered.

In addition, Google looks for longform copy with target keywords and index them so that they appear as priority when people search for services in your niche. DailyPosts makes your sales copy persuasive enough to convince potential customers to buy.

When you sign up to our website, an account is immediately set up for you. This gives you a platform to insert the preferences for your project. You can indicate the word length, tone of voice, the sales focus and so on.

DailyPosts applies a systematic process that ensures you get your project in a timely manner. We begin by performing a quick examination of your website to understand your target audience as well as gauge the business’ personality. The writer then uses the details of your product and information on your brief to craft a compelling sales copy. Because, it is written by a sales-expert, you are assured of a piece that is persuasive, 100% original and tailored to your business objective.

Upon completion, the work is reviewed for quality, and final corrections. In some cases, our clients get their work orders under 2 hours depending on the length. All sales copy projects from DailyPosts are finessed to guarantee search engine optimisation. This makes your sales page turn up in the top ranks of Google search queries.

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Benefits of DailyPosts Sales Copy

Affordable sales copy

Take control of your digital spend by choosing from our diverse packages. There are price ranges from £2, £3, £4, £5 and £8 per 100 words.

Stream-lined order process

Not every writing agency promises you a dashboard with an easy order and collection process. Our system is designed for complete convenience.

Persuasive sales copy

The aim of any sales page is to convince and convert. That is what our content does. Our professional copywriters go straight to the point and deliver.

Secure virtual office

At DailyPosts, you need not bother about security because our systems are highly encrypted. Rest assured, any correspondence with us is highly confidential.

No project too complicated

One benefit of having a diverse crop of talented writers is work efficiency. No copy project is too complex for our team.

Ideal copywriting agency

Every client we work with enjoys a mutually benefitting relationship, even after the initial project. You can count on us to always deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions about sales copy

1. How do sales copy help overcome customers’ objections?

In comparison to direct selling, the online space provides a limited platform for customers to truly examine your products. It is up to you to provide a highly convincing sales page that provides answers to those questions in their mind. A well-written sales copy accomplishes this and inspires action.

2. How does a sales page attract traffic?

This is generally achieved in two ways; SEO and compelling copy. With the right keywords and links, your sales page will rank high on search and increase organic traffic. Then with copy that persuades, the visitors are satisfied with your content, and willing to repeat visit again and again.

3. Is there a formula for writing sales copy that drives revenue?

Not necessarily, but it stems from professionalism, SEO and good knowledge of customers’ online behaviour. At DailyPosts, we have been writing sale copy for many years. We can confidently admit we know a thing or two about writing high-converting sales pages. With this formula, you can grow business revenue.

4. Can I perform link-building on my sales page?

Yes, you can, however, there must be a strategy behind the process. We wouldn’t recommend you put links that point customers to a different site when the objective is to make them to buy your product. Rather, insert links that point them to other valuable products within your site.

5. Why is longform copy ideal for a sales page?

There are two major reasons; to help Google index your page, and to answer all customer’s concerns. Google naturally favours content that is long, original and high quality. It indexes it, and improves the search ranking position. Also, short-form sales copy is hardly sufficient to answer customer’s objections- and they have plenty!


1. I run an Ecommerce site that sells shoes. 3 months ago, our online sales were at online sales were at an all-time low. We had no idea what the problem was until a colleague suggested DailyPosts for our sales page. In the first month of revamping our entire sales copy, we noticed a spike in organic traffic. Our revenue is still growing for now, but we have no doubt the coming months will be great. – Peter Upsworth, MD

2. My wife used to write our sales page before, but when our business grew, we couldn’t keep up with the day-to-day and content creation at the same time. We hired DailyPosts for the job and we are amazed at how quickly we receive content. What’s more, they are high-quality and the product description is impressive. – Barry, Book store entrepreneur

3. We are a young bed and breakfast company in Sussex. But when we first opened, our patronage was dismal. We decided to hire a professional copywriting agency for awareness. DailyPosts was our first choice, and they wrote a series of promotional pages in corresponding sites. Now, we get at least 5 enquiries every day. I wish we had found out sooner. - Tina Teppes, B&B Sussex

4. Our organisation is tech-oriented, so when it comes to writing copy, nobody on the team is up for it. We figured it would be more expensive to hire an in-house team, so we contacted DailyPost. The first impression I got from their sample copy was that they were a tech copy agency, but I was wrong. They have subject specialists for different industries! We have since put them on a retainer. Bayo, Software developer

5. My company’s previous sales copywriter was always running behind schedule. When I complained to my partner, he recommended DailyPosts because they write copy for his retail company. Today, we get same-day content whenever we request for it. Plus, their order system is so convenient, everybody wins. - Madeline Jenner, Travel gear, entrepreneur

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