Effective Press Releases That Engage and Convince Your Target Readership

Are you worried because you think your business does not get good media coverage for its activities and to drive its brand goals? Have you launched a new product and wondering how you could get your target market become aware of and try the new product out?

There are various ways businesses use to attempt to establish profitable relationships with their target market, gain more industry presence and market share: Bonuses, promos, discounts and, most importantly, company and product adverts. These are valuable tools to market a business and its brand goals and get them on the minds and consciousness of the target market. But they’re hardly effective without good quality press releases published at strategic times. For example, there’s only so much you can say in your company or product advert.

That is why the most successful businesses understand and know how to harness the power of a quality and properly formatted press releases. Here’s a peak to how powerful well written press releases can be: According to statistics, 80 million rely on the web to get their daily diet news, and 100 million people use Google and other major search engines every day.

At Daily Posts, we can help you maximise the wide reach and potentials of today’s media dynamics to enhance your business goals and objectives, by exploring the endless possibilities of well-crafted and effective press release copies. With our team of highly skilled and experienced copywriters and expert touch, we can ensure your business and important business activities generate the right interest in your target readership. We guarantee you quick and instant results that will soon have you rubbing your palms together in delight.

Whatever your media coverage needs – whether you have launched a new and groundbreaking product range and need to get the word out there, or a new company VP to turn the business fortune around has just be appointed, or your company is organising a charity event as a part of its public relations initiative or in deed any company story – you can rely on Daily Posts to deliver the perfect job with speed and efficiency. Our copywriters are fully equipped with the best writing skills and modern content marketing techniques to tell your story in an engaging and compelling manner that achieves wide readership and high ranking on top search engines. And coupled with our highly trained team’s over 10 years experience in B2B and B2C online marketing, when you hire our specialist writing services, you can be certain to join our ever expanding list of happy and satisfied clients across various industries and various project sizes and budgets.

At Daily Posts, we will put the creative and “newsy” spin to your company or company product news that will capture the mind and attention of journalists and get the press release buzzing online with your target readership. At the same time, your story will read impeccably, concisely and jargon-free and yet highly informative with the right facts and figures.

Why not set up an account with Daily Posts today to start the simple and easy process to get your engaging and compelling press release project written and delivered on time and to your 100% satisfaction. You state the brief and set a deadline and pronto, our large pool of top-skilled and experienced copywriting team will get the job done without any hassles or delays!

See below links to some of some samples of press releases of various sizes and budget in our portfolio that we did for companies and professionals of different backgrounds, including:

• Companies looking to enhance brand awareness and gain more brand presence in the minds of their target audiences

• Businesses launching a new product or service

• Businesses announcing significant changes in their company structure, such as the hire of a new director or top level company executive

• Companies organising or taking part in a special charity event as part of their corporate social responsibility.

How Daily Posts Help Business Press Releases with a Difference

We don’t just tell your story; we make it newsworthy

When you hire Daily Posts for your Press Releases projects, whatever the volume of copies or the industry you belong, you can be rest assured that you’ll get professionally crafted contents that are packed with all the key qualities that makes a difference. We will present your brand story as an engaging and persuasive press release to your target readership and make sure it gains a brand-promoting buzz in the media.

1. We make sure it is absolutely newsworthy.

Journalists and news sites are always looking for stories to publish, but you think: “There’s a lot of information flying around?” But, no, reporters and websites don’t just publish information; they publish news stories. Although, a press release content is essentially company news, at Daily Posts, with our deep experience and expertise, we know how to turn your brand story into “newsy” items and stir the curiosity of the journalists and the target readership; while still retaining your brand goals in the piece.

2. We take time to craft instantly attention-grabbing headlines and introductory paragraphs

To grab the attention of the reporter that first gets the email and then on to the editor, a press release must have powerful headlines and interesting first few paragraphs that instantly hooks the journalist. These are skills we have honed and perfected at Daily Posts.

3. We tell your story in concise, short and simple writing.

No matter the industry your business belongs or the company story it wants to push out, we make sure your press release does not read like an insurance contract paper or a lawyer’s deed of article file. We always keep it short, simple and punchy; so that everyone grabs the juice of the story at once and respond positively.

4. We keep your brand objectives in mind and make sure it has currency and relevance with the target audience.

You can be rest assured your press release copies by Daily Posts will be creative masterpieces that are compelling to read. Still, we keep your brand story objectives in mind and make sure they are well reflected. We also craft the story in a way that makes it gain currency and relevance to the target market.

5. We make it grammatically flawless and attractive to read.

We make sure your story reads with effortless fluidity, free from grammatical and typographical errors. Even after writing the final draft and your reviews, every press release copy is thoroughly proofread to make it grammatically flawless and attractive to read.

6. We make sure to include facts and figures.

The reputation and brand values of businesses are built on healthy facts and figures and we know you’re always eager to push your brand’s proud statistics out there. We never lose sight of the importance either, and so we make sure to incorporate them in your press release without interrupting the flow of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I write a powerful press release for my business?

A good quality press release must be newsworthy with attention-grabbing headlines and free-flowing, informative contents. It must be engaging and compelling to the target readership. That is why it needs the touch of copywriting experts such as Daily Posts.

What information should I include in a press release?

“Newsy” information about your company or product the public will be interested in.

What information should I leave out?

Don’t include any bit of information your target readership will absolutely not be interested in, regardless of how much it excites you.

What should I check for when proofreading press release?

Make sure to correct every grammatically, factual, and typographical errors – any information that could hurt your brand in the public eye.

Does timing matter when I want to send a press release?

Yes. Timing is important and must be strategic; as it can also influence the readership rate.

Should I add pictures to my press release?

Yes; and relevant images only. Pictures also help tell the brand story and add greater authenticity.

How important are quotes in a press release?

Quotes are another effective tool to add punch and credibility to the copy. It also helps add personality the story and give it a sense of place. An expertly written press release quotes only actors relevant to the story; and not always the usual suspects – the business CEO or VP.

How do I ensure my headlines grab attention?

By applying the same techniques that grabbed your attention in a newspaper or online story. Make it punchy, newsy and relevant to the public. But don’t overdo or get so clever about it; which can be off-putting to the journalist.

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