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Are you looking for compelling content from a foremost copywriting agency that is well researched, refreshing and informative? Is your current writing agency not creating blog posts that leads to more backlinks for your website? Do you need a team of experienced guest post copywriters well versed in producing articles for content marketing to make you an authority in your niche, stays in line with the host theme and mirrors your brand’s image in a befitting manner?

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, build a relationship with other bloggers, create exciting content that users will rely on and expose your product/service to a new audience who would not have the opportunity otherwise. Did you know that 47% of buyers view 3-5 articles on content they wanted before reaching out to a sales rep? In addition, blog articles with images are likely to receive 94% more views. Quality guest blogs increases your site rank in Google searches; if people are linking back to your site, it must be interesting. However, it’s not just about the post because while cramming your content with keywords and links will push you up in the rankings, it won’t turn to leads that will establish you as an authority.

Content is still king in 2017 and at Daily Posts, we excel at creating high-quality guest blog that informs the user, not advertise. We are advocates of business blogging that proffers solution to the problems your readers face through researched content backed by accurate data from credible sources.

Our team of professional writers are passionate about carving premium copy tailored just for you. We take painstaking measures to find the best copywriters around the world, so whether you want, from a viral punch chat, serious academic script or a high-end business post, we got you covered. The articles we create are guaranteed to get the most Google juice and our impressive range of blogs have more linking root domains, 30+ domain authority, page rank 2+ and packed full with other tremendous content. When you sign up with Daily Posts, you get a team of workaholics who spend hours upon end researching niches and topic ideas so the product we give you is cutting-edge and optimized for backlinks and higher conversion rate. If there is a niche online, we assure you that we have a team of copywriters who specialize in almost every niche you can think of. Some of our popular niches include health, web hosting, fashion, gaming, computing devices, home and décor, finance, education, travel and much more. Our packages are offered at the most competitive prices in the market and on the rare case where you’re not satisfied with our work, we offer a money back guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 02380 970979 and enjoy fresh content from SEO marketing experts tailored to boost your site views and convince customers to shop from you only. We are always online, so drop a message if you want more clarification.

Sign up today to receive high converting copy you will be satisfied with. Our prices are dependent on your niche, the site you choose and the length of words you require. Outsource your blog posts to us and optimize your content marketing campaign with the best value for money available online.

Still doubt our pedigree? Browse through some of the top quality articles from our blog to get a taste of what our happy clients enjoy. We have hundreds of partner sites so we can get your posts on authority websites to boost backlinks to your site. Visitors become customers with inspiring content from Daily Posts

5 great benefits of using Daily Posts guest posts

Increase your exposure

Every article DailyPosts copywriters create for you is designed to tap into the reader base of other sites, increase your followership and establish you as an authority.

Expand your readership

We go beyond your niche while adhering to the general theme of the site the blog is aimed for to attract a more diverse reader base.

Create influential relationships

Every blogger needs to have a relationship with other similar networks online. Daily Posts help you establish bonds with authority sites and garner the respect of your peers who link to you.

Enhance your reputation

The articles you receive from Daily Posts feature persuasive argument that gets you one step closer to posting on big websites where your online exposure is maximized to boost the confidence of your customers.

Dramatic rise in SEO ranking

Guest posting goes beyond keywords and links, we don’t blatantly advertise in a way that spooks Google bots but we use rich keywords proven to enhance your SEO ranking.

Premium Copywriting

There is a strict standard of quality at Daily Posts and our we consistently train our writers to update them on the best techniques to design the highest quality of work most competitors can’t contend with.

FAQs about Daily Posts Guest Posts

- How will my guest post look like?

We only create superior SEO content at Daily Posts to reflect your company and expertise. Guest posts aren’t just for building links, we stock your post full of relevant information people want to see using images, video and other visual media to enhance the overall outlook of the post and optimize the user experience when reading your content.

- How do you create anchor text?

A fantastic benefit to blogging is that almost any anchor text will suffice. You can choose a precise keyword or diversify for best result. We could help you post on websites that offer the most link juice for your content so even with websites that have strict policies on anchor text you still get massive traffic back to your site.

- Do I have a say in the content?

Of course! We love it when clients share titles or ideas for a blog posts and we always follow your brief to a T to ensure the result is satisfactory.

- On a scale of 1-10, how well will you match my niche?

That’s’ a 10 on any day. We always have you covered, no matter how obscure you think your niche. We maintain a relationship with websites in Finance, food, web design, technology, parenting, automobile among others.

- How much does it cost?

Our packages are affordable and won’t break your budget. There are four levels of copywriting ranging from SEO copywriting at $2, excellent web content $3, premium content at $5 and special project content at $8 per100 word.

- Do you offer discounts?

We have clients who place orders for 50+ posts monthly and we’re always happy to offer discount prices for their large orders. If you slam us with a bulk order, we’ll give you a mouth-watering bargain deal that will save you money in the long run.

- Can I see samples?

We’ve been waiting for this question! You can read samples from our portfolio here.

Customer testimonials

Richard Schmidt

We came to Daily Posts as a new web host company looking to expand our clientele and create content for our website. It was hard at first because there was so much to be done but Daily Posts made it look easy with educational content our customers find helpful when thinking about trying out one of our services. The backlinks from the guest post have also brought in some clients so it's been a win-win all around. I recommend them for any content marketing on web design and hosting services.

Penny Redwell

I had just created a website for my new interior design company and I needed web content that accurately described my services and what my brand was about. A friend suggested I tried Daily Posts because she had used their services for a similar project. It was wonderful! Every word was magic and the “about me” section felt like they had gotten into my head to retrieve the content.

Patrick Hart

My signage company is still pretty new so I’ve been trying to get word out about my brand through content marketing. The articles I received from Daily Posts were top notch, informative and went beyond my niche to cover close interest that has brought new customers to my store. Thank you, DailyPosts!

Sheryl Woodman

Daily Posts were incredibly generous during our recent local fundraising campaign. They came up with some promotional writing that touched the heartstrings of even every donor in the house. Suffice to say we surpassed our target that night.

Nicholas Brown

Big thank you to Daily Posts team of experienced copywriters who revamped my website content and promotional material, making it easier for my visitors to read and understand

Victor Whitting

We developed a website from scratch and Daily Posts worked tirelessly with our web development and business team to produce all the content on our site. They simplified complex content and came up with solutions that resonates with our target audience. I recommend them for startups and established brands looking for bulk order copywriting.

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We are digital savvy and proficient with working knowledge of social media and SEO and are backed by the Direct Marketing Association, Online Content UK, Society for Editors & Proof-readers and the Writers’ Copyright Association. We’re not London based, and our goal is to keep cost at the minimum for you without compromise to output. We make sure we understand your brand before embarking on a project so every word builds value for your brand.

Sign up with the best value for money writing agency in the UK today. Our content is relevant, well-written and useful. We create the right keywords, design ads with a compelling promise, post to sites where your potential customers are and we assure you that our content will boost leads and sales for your business.

Sign up with Daily Posts and watch as we turn your boring articles to engaging content with call to action customers want to click. Call us on 02380 970979 and enjoy customer-focused copies that sells well.

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