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Are you a new business looking to promote your brand through engaging content for your marketing campaign? Do you require professional help to write your thesis or scholarly article? Do you want to get word out about your service company through compelling landing pages that leads the visitor to use your call to action button? Are you in dire need of supreme content that empowers you as the authority figure in your niche?

There is one thing that all business have in common, regardless of stature, size and composition. Its’ the power websites use to attract traffic, convert visitors to buying customers and the secret to maximize profits and earn money while you’re sleeping…words. Well written copywriting content from an experienced team of gifted copywriters, cut from across all the niches under the management of a leading copywriting company in the UK.

Content is essential to any advertising campaign. For your readers to trust your product or service, you need to have an engaging trustworthy website packed with content that speaks directly to the readers in simple words they can understand. Your content must be relevant, backed by verified data and thoroughly researched for credibility. Many entrepreneurs, worth their salt, hire the services of an experienced team of skilled copywriters to create premium content that is refreshing and provides answers to questions readers are asking.

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency built and run by certified copywriters who know how to use copywriting content to grow your business. We follow the Daily Posts way to ensure that every content is tailored for your niche and works hard to convince buyers that your product will do exactly what you say it should. We offer a wide range of services from guest post blogging, direct copywriting, medical copywriting, E-commerce copywriting, SEO copywriters, website copy, technical copy among others.

With Daily Posts, you get the best team of overachievers eager to construct bespoke content backed by researched data and beautified with related images to drive the message home to your readers. We guarantee the highest standard of quality using tested and proven techniques to eliminate guesswork from your project. We are SEO specialist and we know how to research and create SEO rich keywords that will lead to more backlinks to your website and set you apart from the competition. Every word is an ammunition when you chose Daily post and the traffic we generate for you doesn’t just help you rank better on Google search engines but it remains relevant years after numerous changes to search algorithms so the post is evergreen no matter the time of the year.

We take pride in our pricing that has remained consistent and affordable through economic downturns and shifting tides. We value the relationships we have carefully nurtured with our loyal customers so we stay informed of what the competition is offering to make sure we are never beaten on price. It’s very rare to hear about customers who complain about our work or want their money back, but when that happens, we don’t hesitate to refund you because we’re our goal is the customer’s satisfaction above all else.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Give us a call on 02380970979 and enjoy persuasive, memorable content from the foremost writing agency in the UK. We keep our palms on the pulse of the industry, observing all of Google’s algorithm changes so we know where to place your content for the perfect target audience to find you. Lets’ build a relationship that will stand tough times and increase online sales by 30%. Sign up today to receive your own traffic converting copy in as little as two hours from the SEO kings and lords.

Still not sure about the quality of our content? Peruse some of the superior quality content from our blog and see for yourself how we turn one-time customers to loyal clients who have worked with us for more than 4 years with nothing but praise for our content and stability.

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6 Reasons to find a copywriter with Daily Posts

Focus on business

Your schedule is overloaded with handling the daily events in your business; an effective use of your time would be to outsource your copywriting needs to experienced professionals well versed in your niche. Our web copywriters will produce riveting content more quickly than you can.

Web copies is different from other writing

You may have seen articles, blog posts, news reports and fiction writing. However, you don’t know how to hook readers with enticing subheads, clever headlines or crafty tricks a professional copywriter from Daily Posts will offer.

Rank well in search engine

You want your website to rank well on the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Boost your ranking to page 1 with SEO rich keywords that increases the flow of convertible customers to your online store.

Excellent grammar use

Not everyone is proficient in the correct use of punctuation, spelling and grammar. Your web content must be readable to Google bots and it won’t perform well if there are errors on your article.

Variation in content

Our copywriters have the required knowledge about variation in content especially with content length. You should have a diversity on your site so people on the go can read a short post and settle down to read longer articles during their lunch break or at home in bed.

Bespoke content for your target audience

It’s not easy hitting the mark with your target audience and despite your best efforts you might miss the target. Daily Posts professional writers are specialist at writing content that generates organic traffic for your website.

FAQs about Daily Post Copywriting

What makes a good content?

Daily Posts always ensure that our content writers understand the brief to ensure it aligns with your business strategy. Our content is informative, relative and engaging. The excellent work we produce drive page views, cliques and convertible visitors.

How would you create content that reflect my company image?

Our writers always familiarize themselves with a client’s website to have a feel of what your brand is about and research content that enhances existing copy on your site.

How do you write on a technical, dry subject without relying heavily on buzzwords?

We always pride ourselves in hewing web content that is easily digestible by simplifying the language into common words readers know.

How do you create SEO friendly articles?

Our SEO expert copywriters know the best practices for SEO, using rich keywords and natural anchors, where to place hyperlinks to other pieces on your sites and regular updates on Google search algorithms.

What will it cost?

We charge a pre-agreed flat rate per task, which reflects the effort, time, and value we add to your business

Why should I pay so much for web copy?

Our client come for web copies but remain for our value. Consider your web copies as an investment that generates a return, paying for itself many times over.

Do I get a free sample?

We won’t produce a content for free but you’re welcome to read some of the articles we shared above or visit our blog here

Customer testimonials

William Clark

I was getting moderate traffic to my website but no one was reading my articles or buying my products. I had previously heard about Daily Post from a friend and decided to engage their services to help revive my SEO campaign. As well as increasing the organic traffic for my site through higher search engine ranking, they helped to improve our conversion rates and number of buying customers. I recommend them to similar websites facing similar challenges.

Gavin Andrews

I reached out to James because of his expertise in turning lengthy technical copies into exciting stories my readers found interesting. The comment section was always buzzing with heated discussions based on the points he raised in the articles. He also keeps to deadlines, which helps me plan my editorial calendar.

Judie Fowler

I’ve been working with James and his team for a couple of months. He edits my post for online tutorial videos and writes incredible scripts for my explainer video. The ability of his team of super copywriters to grasp the brief and create excellent copy is one reason why I keep going back to him.

Philip Howler

I was searching the net for a professional copywriter well versed in the fine arts of writing product description for luxury brands. I wanted articles that were captivating and of spectacular quality. Daily Post delivered days before the deadline for the bulk order I had placed. The work was perfect and I recommend them for companies looking for compelling product descriptions.

Richard Baker

James was my first call after I set up my website; I needed copywriting for my initial whitepaper and the result was excellent, at a moderate price and delivered before the deadline. All round great experience and hopefully the start of a wonderful working relationship.

Our Professional Affiliations

The Professional Copywriters Association, the leading membership group for commercial writers in the UK, certifies us. Our writers are well educated and have received extensive training on creating content that matches your brand while remaining relevant to your target audience and optimising your content marketing campaign for best search ranking. Our editors are members of the Society for Editors & Proof-readers where they receive regular training, new tips and tricks to hone their skills in a bid to serve you better.

Get superior content from an established UK copy writing company today!

We are not London based, so we promise to keep our cost consistent at the current prices for as long as possible. Every word power packed for SEO and we take painstaking measures to provide best value articles that will enhance the authority of your site and boost traffic for more sales.

Sign up today for a daily post account and enjoy strategic expertise from our talented team of content marketing specialists. We don’t spam or regurgitate what’s out there, our writers use CopyScape to ensure their work is fresh and piracy free, making your site a Google approved page.

Call us now on 02380 970979 for exciting content from the wizards of words or Sign up for an account and receive enticing web copies that will hook your readers from the first word.

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