E-commerce Copywriting Services

If you’re looking for E-commerce copywriting services, then you’ve come to the right place. Sign up for an account with Daily Posts now to get product and landing page copy that converts.

Catalogue Copywriter Jobs

There are many reasons to hire a professional copywriting agency. Your business can benefit from our team of versatile copywriters. From sales copywriting, web content writing, to blog posts and brand storytelling, we have a variety of niche writers at Daily Posts. Take advantage of our diverse catalogue of copywriter jobs.

Catalogue Copywriter Services

Creating catalogue content is delicate work, as it must convince the reader – in just a brief line or two – that the item is worth purchasing. Your catalogue shouldn’t be filled with boring, unconvincing descriptions, so let Daily Posts help you make the best of your content to attract more customers and drive sales.

Product Copywriter

A high-quality product may perform less than its full potential in the market, due to communication barriers from complex language, data, technical jargon and verbiage. At Daily Posts, our writers creatively reconstruct such messages in simpler, easy-to-understand and easy-to-relate-to language, whilst still retaining the original meaning and intent of the client’s message.

Product description copywriter

If your sales pages aren’t converting as they should, your content is probably poor. With a professional copywriting agency like Daily Posts, you have access to product description writers who weave words and turn phrases to inspire audiences to take action. We specialise in SEO techniques and writing strong ‘Call-to-Action’ statements.

Product Descriptions

Compelling, engaging. action-inducing eCommerce descriptions. Charged per 100 words.