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Turn your ecommerce website into a winner with content from Daily Posts E-commerce websites have grown to be a huge business opportunity for many budding entrepreneurs. Sadly, not every entrepreneur who delves into ecommerce is able to succeed and this is often due to one fatal mistake – Lack of quality e-commerce copywriting. Fortunately, you don’t have to become one of the failed ecommerce website owners because you can easily get expertly crafted ecommerce content from our Daily Posts’ experts.

At Daily Posts’, we understand the value of quality copy for all online activities but for most especially ecommerce websites. This is why we have on staff ecommerce subject matter specialists that are available to populate your website with high quality copy to boost your website’s traffic as well as heighten its conversion rate. Be rest assured that when you hire Daily Posts for ecommerce copywriting, you’ll be provided nothing short of flawless and accurate copy that will effectively sell your brand as well as the products/services you have on offer. So up on board with us today and let us help position your ecommerce website for success.

How will Daily Posts Boost your ecommerce website?

For years, Daily Posts has maintained its status has a reputable writing agency that always delivers nothing short of quality until a client is fully satisfied. This mode of operation of ours also extends into our ecommerce copywriting services. To ensure our professional writers deliver content that you’ll love and will work best for your website, we will first perform the following;

• Study your product/service and understand its features and benefits. By doing this, we’ll be able to more effectively craft content that your customers will find more compelling. By focusing on what makes your product/service special, we will be able to better convince customers as to why what you are offering is the best option for them. This will also enable us to create copy that is most in line with your online marketing campaign.

• We will also research consumers and your target audience to discover and better understand those that have an actual interest in the benefits your product or service offers. Understanding your potential and actual customers, will make it possible for us to effectively craft content that that your target audience actually cares about. This way, we effectively assure an increase in both your site’s traffic as well as its conversion rate.

• Apply your instructions to ensure you get exactly the sort of content you want to best suit the purpose you need it for.

By carrying out all the aforementioned while providing our copywriting services, we effectively guarantee that copy we deliver to you will be engaging, compelling, and all round effective. Not only that, copy from us is also optimised for search engines to ensure your pages get the right amount of exposure on search engine results. Best part is our agency delivers all this and more at friendly prices once you sign up with us.

Don’t you want your ecommerce website to be at the top?

If you want your ecommerce website to surpass the competition’s, stop gambling with the quality of your website’s content from today henceforth by signing up with Daily Posts to get consistently impressive quality content. If you would like to ask any further questions about our services or simply speak to one of our experts, call us now on 023 80 970 979.

Why Daily Posts is your best choice Copywriting Agency

Our agency is considered the best choice by many businesses in need of copywriting experts and said businesses include some of the world’s biggest brands. These businesses appreciate what we do because of the following features;

Wonderfully Priced Copywriting

Even though the content we deliver is of superb quality, we make it available to our clients at a great price by providing them affordable price options to choose from. Depending on you, your project can cost as little as $2 or as high as $8 per 100 words.

Easy Signup Process

Accessing our services is easy for all regardless your location in the world. Simply signup via our website and use our checkbox briefing forms to provide information concerning the sort of content you need.

Highly Creative Copywriters

All our writers are specially recruited for their creativity, dedication, attention to detail, and other talents. Their skills are then further honed to ensure they constantly deliver content that resonates with your customers.

We Handle All

No writing project is too small or too complex for us. No matter the sort of content you need or the specifications you have in mind, our experts can deliver it in record time.


When do I need ecommerce copywriting?

If your ecommerce website is experiencing a high bounce rate or visitors are failing to convert or purchase, it is probably due to the shortcomings of your content such as your product descriptions. In such an instance, you need the services of Daily Posts to create fresh copy that will boost your website and improve its performance.

Is ecommerce copywriting important?

It is if you hope for your website to be able to effectively compete in the highly competitive world of online stores. With quality ecommerce copy, visitors can be more effectively swayed into performing the sort of actions you would like them to perform on your website such as purchasing or subscribing.

What if I want to make a bulky content order?

Bulky orders are not a problem as you can easily order for a large quantity of content by using our CSV upload functionality. We will deliver content in either word, excel or .txt format, or send the copy directly to a database of your choice. We have enough staff members to ensure you get the quantity and quality of content you need on time.

What sort of ecommerce copy do you create?

Our copywriting experts can craft copy to suit a wide variety of audiences and niches. The most common form of ecommerce copy we create are adverts, product descriptions containing payment and shipping options, product benefits and much more. Once you provide us specific instructions, we can deliver ecommerce content to best satisfy your needs.

Do you write content for different industries?

Yes. At Daily Posts, we have writers who specialise in various ecommerce niches. Some of the industries we most commonly provide copywriting services include; food, flooring, finance, law, medical, automotive, engineering, consumer tech, information technology, and many others.

How much do Ecommerce Copywriting Services cost?

Daily Posts provides its ecommerce services at highly competitive prices through flexible packages that let you pick a price that best suits you. You can choose between $2, $3, $5 or $8 per 100 words.


Andy, Toy retailer, “…I found it hard getting customers to use my business’ online store until Daily Posts showed me what I was doing wrong. Thanks to high quality content from DP, my store is now among the more successful toy retailers in my area. I even make international sales thanks to the online exposure DP’s content created for my business…”

Daily Posts Page Affiliations

Believe it or not, a single client referral can earn you up to £3000 or more in a year. Through our profitable affiliate programme, you can earn up to 10% on content completed by companies referred by you. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to finally cash in on your huge traffic or newsletter list. Clients who have signed up for the program greatly value it because of what they’ve earned through it, and you too can profit from taking advantage of our Page Affiliation immediately you register a client account with us.

Some of our more popular affiliate websites include;

• Online Content UK – A community for editorial professionals.

• The Professional Copywriters Association (PCA) - is a professional trade organisation for professional copywriters from all over the world

• British Association of Communicators in Business (CiB) – It’s UK's leading body for freelance, in-house, and agency staff participating in employee, corporate, or other business communications.

• The National Association of Writers in Education – This organisation supports the development of creative writing in various UK educational settings. By affiliating with the aforementioned high profile bodies and many others, we give you the opportunity to take advantage of our Page Affiliate Programme to earn huge profits.

The Best Value Copywriting Company is available to deliver content for your ecommerce website today!

Great management of our clients and industry leading training for our copywriters is how we’ve managed to stay the preferred copywriting agency for some of the biggest brands in the world. If you would like to receive Ecommerce Copywriting services from the Daily Posts team – the expert copywriters you can trust, call us now on 023 80 970 979.

You can also access our services by signing up via our website and registering a client account. Be rest assured that when you order for our ecommerce writing services, your projects will be crafted with perfect grammar, delivered on time at unbeatable prices, and be a high converting copy.

Product Copywriter

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Daily Posts is a professional writing company that delivers excellent, error free Ecommerce Copywriting services to clients all across the globe. We are simply the convenient and cost-effective way to access a steady flow of high quality content for your ecommerce website. Our services are available at some of the best deals on the market and our copywriters consistently deliver on impressively engaging content that’s crafted from a fresh creative angle. No writing project is too big for us and no task too complicated for us. Our services will infuse your business with a professional style and voice while helping you save money and other resources.