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Do you have urgent copywriting needs? Do you need to populate your website with premium quality contents that instantly engage and covert readers? Are you concerned that your current web content is not driving organic traffic or showing up on top search engine results? Do you need to publish excellently crafted blog posts on different websites and social networks as a part of your digital marketing/branding campaign? Has your company released a new and innovative product, but it requires the quality crafted technical description that passes across vital information to the target readers and yet is concise, simple and easy-to-understand?

Various new studies have shown that the attention span of today’s reader gets shorter and shorter by the day. It takes your content reader just 15 seconds to decide if your information is “interesting” or “beneficial.” Just 15 seconds – and that’s the maximum. For others, it’s even shorter – 5 seconds or else they’re clicking away to the next website; and most likely your competitor. Your content has to immediately stir the interest of readers and hook them into reading the more until they sign up, make a purchase or any of the action you want them to take.

How do you make your business copies excellent, appealing, engaging and compelling? It takes a lot of qualities that are seamlessly packed into the content without obstructing its flow and readability. Quality contents that “sells” and achieves business objectives must be able to grab the attention of the target reader in seconds and sustain it until the reader gets the juice of the message and transitions from a visitor to a convert. For that, you need the expertise of the world’s best value writing company: Daily Posts. At our writing agency, we will help you create business copies that your readers will find informative and enjoyable to read. We will produce copies of the best global standards that will positively transform the brand impression of your business and products in the minds of your target audience and shoot you to new heights of success.

And here’s another piece of web user research result that will interest you: about 80 million readers depend on the Internet to get their daily dose of information, and 100 million people use the major search engines to find the information they want.

At Daily Posts, we have helped many high-profile companies – including some of the biggest brands in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand - explore the huge potentials of the web space and help them boost their brand values. Our copywriters are some of the finest skilled and experienced in the industry and they approach every client task with pure dedication and clinical accuracy. Using a proven and highly reliable hiring system, we source the most talented writers from all around the globe and provide them further with regular trainings to fit more perfectly into the Daily Post way of excellent and high value writing. We can help your business too. Sign up an account today and watch the amazing transformation in your business profile when you hire Daily Posts as your creative copywriting partners. It’s easy, simple and wallet-friendly.

Click the links below to see some of the instantly converting copywriting projects we have handled for some of the biggest brands and private professionals across a multiple of disciplines and content types, including: SEO companies, Travel companies, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, Sports and body building companies, Drugs addiction and recovery companies, Clients in the medical, engineering and other technical fields, et cetera.

The Daily Posts Guarantee of Excellence

What distinguishes excellent copywriting and makes for compelling and persuasive reading with the target readers? It takes a mastery of superb writings skill and modern content marketing techniques to weave a copywriting masterpiece that does the magic!

1. 100% originality and target-reader tailored contents

Direct copywriting pieces from Daily Posts are 100% unique, original and plagiarism-free. Every content is crafted from scratch to finish to fit the client’s exact brief and connect directly with the target readers with free-flowing and highly informative contents that they find useful.

2. Concise, simple and short writing style

We make sure to incorporate all the vital information, facts, figures and other interesting facts that communicate the client’s brand; still we make sure to keep the copy short, simple and concise in way that reads easily and pleasurably to the target market.

3. High engaging and persuasive value

The goal of every serious content is to engage and persuade the reader about the message. Our direct copywriting pieces are highly creative without losing its “selling” elements. We know and have mastered all the important techniques that infuse engaging and persuasive values in a creative piece.

4. Search engine optimized- writing

Part of the Daily Posts way involves a combination of the old tricks in the book, plus subtle modern techniques and SEO writing that factors in the latest Google search engines algorithms, such as RankBrain, HummingBird, and PageRank. This ensures that your copy also gets high ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo SERPs (search engines result page) and drives traffic to your web contents.

5. On-time delivery of contents

Timely delivery is an important part of our overall philosophy at Daily Posts. We know that in business, as well in professional pursuits, time is of the essence. That is why with every project we work on, we make sure the client clearly communicates their deadline, so we can stick to it, while still maintaining our optimum quality copywriting standards -- even for urgent tasks.

6. Non-jargonized and conversational style

How do you hold the attention of and persuade an intelligent friend? Certainly, you want to cut down on all the technical acronyms, vague abbreviations and jargon that could obstruct the flow of communication, right? You’ll also certainly prefer to try to connect with them and talk from their perspective, while still keeping the conversation professional. That’s pretty much like what we do also with your copywriting assignments. Only that copywriting requires higher dexterity and experience than verbal conversations; and we have mastered the art at Daily Posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is direct copywriting?

Direct copywriting refers to powerful contents that instantly grabs attention and trigger the right emotions in the target readership and persuades them to take a definite action proposed in the content.

There are other copywriting agencies. Why should I choose Daily Posts?

It requires exquisite creative writing skills and a good grasp of consumer psychology to be able to put together an excellent copywriting piece. Over the years, we have built a proud reputation with clients at Daily Posts for crafting unique copywriting pieces that simply “sell” with the target market.

What makes a direct copywriting piece stand out with the target reader?

It must connect with the target readers, interest them and communicate a solution or answer to their problem or need. These are subtle techniques that are fused with the brand goals in the final copy, and still read objectively and compellingly to the average reader.

Can you write copies that will rank high on Google?

High ranking on Google and other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo are some of the core objectives our highly qualified and trained writers keep at the forefront of their minds when creating excellent pieces for clients. So, with us, you get double benefits of creatively and grammatically flowing pieces that are equally keyword-rich and SEO-optimized.

Do you include images in your copywriting?

Yes; and they are always relevant images. At Daily Posts, we know attaching suitable images in the content are essential to more powerfully communicate the client’s brand message and guarantee better Google search rankings.

What is the process for ordering direct copywriting jobs with Daily Posts?

It’s easy, simple and direct; plus it’s pocket-friendly. You just pick from a variety of templates that matches your specific content type needs, add your instructions and set a deadline. Then relax, sit back and wait for the delivery of your excellent direct copywriting order right on-time. No delays. No hassles. And no extra costs.

Our Daily Posts Affiliations

Daily Posts has affiliation programmes that can be of huge benefits to you if you quickly take advantage of them. We have solid partnerships with some of the biggest niche websites across various industries such as SEO, web hosting and designs, sports, entertainment, fashion and style, medicine, engineering, drugs rehabilitation and recovery, and general news. We can help you publish your excellent copywriting pieces on these high ranking websites and hboost your digital brand presence and industry authority with quality SEO links. You can also earn 10%, and as high as £3000+ per year, on completed projects of other clients and companies when you refer them to us.

Sign up an account with us today to learn more and take advantage of our top drawer expertise experience, in addition to the benefits you derive as result of our beneficial affiliation programmes. Let us help you take your business and professional career off the ground and to higher heights. Engage the specialist services of Daily Posts today and watch the transformation in your business online reputation, brand awareness and market share. With us, you have nothing to worry about with the quality and timely delivery of all your contents, no matter the size, specific preferences or industry. We have handled every type and categories in the past and our records speak for us. Our copywriters come with valuable experience in marketing content writing on various subjects, including product descriptions and technical writing and can provide the Midas touch to your writing project as well.

We are your trusted name for excellent direct copywriting contents guaranteed to drive web traffic, instantly grab the reader’s attention and convert them to brand customers. Sign up here.

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