Cost of Copywriting

Are you tired of spending so much to get the services of a copywriting agency - for your web content, e-books and guest posts? Do you seek professional copy writers to deliver great content at a price you can afford? Daily Posts is that writing company that offers you great services at some of the most competitive rates you can ever find online. Our quality and timely delivery has made customers and critics tag us as UK's leading copywriting agency. Therefore, we always ensure that our clients get the best value for their money.

With our team of experienced subject matter specialists, we go the extra mile to produce high converting copy for your blog, press release and product advertisements. Therefore, if you need a direct marketing copywriter that can produce persuasive content for your products or an SEO copywriting agency to boost the Search Engine Optimisation of your website - at an affordable price - you are at the right place! Set up your account today, and start enjoying all the benefits that come with being affiliated to us.

Getting Copywriting Prices

When you browse all through the internet searching for a writing a company to produce high quality research-backed content, one of the most important things you consider is the cost of service delivery. With a price range in mind, it's difficult determining if what you would be charged will fit your budget or even surpass it. But with the knowledge of standard costs of copywriting, you can easily tell if a copywriter is trying to rip you off.

Reliable and professional writing agencies always make sure that thier price listing can be easily accessed by existing and potential customers through their website. It's a sign of credibility because you can easily tell if there are hidden charges or not. The more technical or academic your copy you need written is, the higher the cost of copywriting.

You also have to keep in mind that content marketing experts who have been in the copywriting industry for years and provided services to big organizations, will charge you higher rates as compared to what a writer who just started off and probably has no experience or influence in the field yet will charge. Prices also vary from niche to niche, depending on how sensitive or technical it is.

Prices are usually set depending on the method you wish to pay. If you are paying hourly for example, professional and experienced writers could charge you between $100 to $180 per hour - depending on brand and size of project; while new copywriters charge between $50 to $80 per hour. But then you know the quality will be different. You can also pay per word. Prices range from $0.01 to $1 per word - or even more. The more influential and experienced a writing agency is, the more likely it is that they will charge you higher.

Most importantly, quality content and timely delivery should be your watch word. Therefore, it's adviced that you go for a writing company that not only meet these requirements - but also offer you cheap copywriting services.

At Daily Posts, we have a robust team of degree educated writers who undergo industry leading trainings to produce content that not only meet your targets but are delivered in as little as 2 hours! Our expertise and affordable price range has made clients and critics alike to tag us as the most transparent and credible copywriting and content marketing agency in the world!

What we Offer

Are you a business owner, brand manager, media manager, marketing director, an advertising agency needing great content to boost your brand? Do you just need posts for your blog or articles for a presentation? Daily Posts offers you quality content that makes you stand out from the crowd of similar competitors, without undermining the reputation of your business.

Some of the special features you enjoy from using our services include:

Affordable content writing at $2, $3, $5 or $8 per 100 words.

Quality content produced by our writers in line with the digital checkbox briefing forms you fill.

Creative copywriting from our talented and experienced writers.

A secure bespoke virtual office that ensures privacy and timely delivery of your copy.

A robust team of writers with perfect grammar to produce any any number of plagiarism free content you need - daily.

SEO copywriting services, digital content marketing tips and lots more.

Some of our Page Affiliations

Copywriting is not just about taking on large projects, making money, delivering sub-standard content and vanishing into thin air (with your 'loot'). It's important to build a reputation as a brand that not only delivers once in a while, but one that puts client's satisfaction first - when producing results. There's no better way to get happy customers than through consistent quality service delivery.

Due to the number of years we have spent in the industry producing high converting copy and quality writing services, Daily Posts has established and maintained a long term relationship with some of the biggest brands from around the world. Some of our affiliates include:

Overstock - a top US online retailer that contracted us to provide more than 1,000 guides to them, over a 10-day period. Not only did we deliver on time, we also made sure that all the content were of standard quality.

Yellow Pages - Clients on this UK's online business directory also hired our team to provide as much as 15 pages per day, and we even surpassed the target.

Free Parking - From as far as New Zealand, we were asked to produce great quality content for the Free Parking website. We consistently delivered research backed posts containing perfect grammar to suit readers from that part of the globe.

Many of the marketing agencies in and around London, sought for our copywriting services. From copywriting advertising tips, to direct marketing copywriting services and lots more. You can join our list of affiliates today, or even refer a potential client to us - and get a reward!

Why Choose Us

We at Daily Posts understand the need to stand out from amongst a crowd competitors in your niche. That's why we get the best writers to produce content that will bring you or your brand to the spotlight.

You can also attract traffic to your blog, or convert visitors to happy customers by taking advantage of some of our features like: SEO writing to boost your business, product description to help get your sales up, quality guest posts that contain relevant information about your brand, and refreshing web content that promotes your brand.

We also offer money back guarantee. This means, in a rare occasion where we do not meet up to the task given - you get a refund. But that never happens, because the Daily Posts brand is synonymous with quality service, timely delivery and affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing and potential customers have sent us feedbacks and questions about our services. Here are some of them with answers from our marketing experts.

1. How do you charge?

When you need a job done, you can check out our price rates and select one that suits your needs and budget. Rates vary depending on the niche, technicality and size of the project.

2. Are there any hidden charges?

No! We are very transparent and credible. That is why we also publish our price range per 100 words for you to which you want to subscribe to.

3. Do I expect a long term relationship when we work together?

Absolutely! You can even go through our home page to see a list of clients we have worked with in the past and have maintained a cordial working relationship with.

4. How soon can a project be completed?

You can get your delivery within 2 hours! If you also want us to provide as much as 200,000 words within a week, we have experienced and creative writers who are always on ground to deliver quality content.

5. Can I be assured of privacy?

Yes. We respect the privacy of all clients and never discuss any detail with other customers. You can even book a meeting if you feel the need to sign a non-disclosure agreement or to discuss a special project.

6. How do I relay what I need to you?

Before we commence any job, we provide a Checkbox brief form for you to fill. After which our writers start working to make sure it meets your time and target.

Final word

The copywriting industry is filled with different writing agencies and even individual writers offering you services at discounted rates. No matter how tempting their offers are, what you should always keep in mind is that, you will need professional copywriters with cutting edge content marketing strategies to produce quality materials for your brand as it grows - in order to stand out.

Daily Posts is that influential and professional writing agency that provides you with the best content at the most affordable prices ever! With our team of marketing experts, degree educated and well trained writers, and subject matter specialists, we assure you that all your projects, posts, digital marketing and SEO needs are properly taken care of! When working with us, you can go to bed with peace of mind - knowing that our professional services have got you covered!

What more are you waiting for? - Set up your account today, and start enjoying all the benefits and standard services we have to offer!

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