SEO Copywriting tips to improve link building and boost traffic

It’s hard to find your way when you’re lost for words, but finding the right words makes all the difference in Copywriting. Do you have an effective web content strategy? Has your content boosted traffic or increased backlinks to your site? What tone of voice are you starting your article with or are you just jamming your post with keywords and links?

There is a constant demand for quality content and an efficient use of copywriting to lure visitors to click on backlinks and convert them to buying customers. Producing relevant content that is engaging and interesting is tough, so you need the services of a copywriting agency renowned for the perfect blend of skill, experience and marketing craftsmanship to help you create bespoke web content for your landing pages, guest posts, home pages, technical copywriting, rewrites and other copywriting needs.

At Daily Posts, you access the best tips and tricks from a group of experienced copywriters who consistently roll out refreshing content that ranks high in SEO rankings while remaining informative and representative of the client’s brand. Over the last five years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses from startups to established brands get better marketing result through attractive landing pages that unconsciously motivate readers to take the call to action while delivering content marketing that enhances conversion rates to boost sales.

We work hard to attract the best writers around the world using an innovative virtual office to manage client and staff relations. As one of the best copywriting agencies in the UK, we’ve designed a writing style that delivers unbelievable value for top quality work regardless of size. We spare no cost when collecting the best research tools to create a custom work tailored to the requirements of your website, landing pages, technical write-ups or guest blogs.

To improve your campaign we report to you on key metrics like conversion, backlinks, click through rates, engagement and traffic so we can assess your ROI effectively. Our writers are carefully selected from across all the niches you can think of and they offer diverse style, expertise, experience, reliability and flair. We can help you get the most backlink juice by posting your finished work on high authority sites essential for the best search results or help you use paid media to create content for rapid, dramatic results.

The writing process goes beyond the writers as our detailed editors who are perfectionists proofread the work of our writers before we send it back to you for final approval. We use relevant images from popular stock pictures sites like Shutter stock to enhance the general appeal of your medical copywriting or direct copywriting posts.

When you register an account with Daily Post, you not only receive the best web copywriting materials, you also learn to become a better guest blogger and the tactical use of rich keywords and links to maximize your marketing campaign. Sign up today and receive advice on how to ensure your website posts, receives and shares content that is relevant to your target audience to reduce bounce rates and boost conversion. You can also reach us 24/7 on mobile at 02380 970979. Give us a call now! We are eager to learn how we can help to boost your social media presence online.

If you want visible proof of our work or can’t figure out why over 70% of our clientele are returnees who have become part of the Daily Posts family, here are some of our works for your perusal.

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6 remarkable benefits of getting copywriting tips from Daily posts

- Learn to strategize

Strategy is key before you start the process of creating a landing page or a blog post. Our tips will teach you have to focus your writing on the metrics you’re trying to drive for optimal conversion rate.

- Sell a dream

Beyond the product, customers want results and we’ll show you how to connect with your customers on an emotional level to create solutions with your content.

- Use active voice

We teach you how to use an active voice so the subject performs the action instead of being acted upon. Sentences in this line are more interesting, easier to understand and convey movement.

- Skimmable content

Bullet points, format text with italics and single-line paragraphs are great ways to get the main point across.

- Use short words

Simple words communicate better than complicated grammar. Be concise and avoid pompous words at all cost.

- Choose the right image

Infographics support your argument; effective use of slides, graphs, images and videos make a huge difference in content marketing.

Frequently asked questions about copywriting tips

- Why do I need help with Copywriting?

Knowing how to write is cool but copywriting for SEO requires some advanced skill set you might be struggling with. Getting professional help from our team of experienced content marketing research experts and Daily Posts established network of online marketing gurus who want to help turn your website into a traffic hotspot is easier than doing it alone.

- How does your prices compare to other writing agencies?

We are always conscious of the economic climate at Daly Post, to that end we stay informed about the pricing offered by our competition because we simply won’t be beaten down on price. View our plans here, and we guarantee we will always provide best value output for you.

- Do I become a better content creator with DailyPosts?

Definitely! We expect that after reading some of the high quality work we create, you start to understand the tone on our blog posts and how to choose sites for each article. You will also learn common errors to avoid, simple mistakes writers make and telling a story in words that captivate your audience.

- If I write a post and want it reworded, can you complete it?

Absolutely! Our writers are word genius with the pen and can reword an article in such fine lines it becomes a fresh article rich with relevant keywords by the time we show you the work

- What happens if I don’t live in the UK or US?

Daily Posts is a virtual community and our office, writers and clients are connected through a simulated online community. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your niche, we assure you that we will create excellent web copies for you and have them delivered in good time.

- How long does a project take?

It all depends on the volume of the job we’re undertaking for you and the tasks we have on ground. We are always honest with our clients on the time it takes to complete each job. Sometimes a task is completed and sent back same day, other times it takes a few days to create perfection.


Jonathan Stone

When I started my website, I was struggling to get people to read my blog posts. The most views an article ever got was 200 and I was unsatisfied with the results. I decided to give Daily Posts a try and my blog posts views spiked radically to over 2,000 page views in a single day! I was elated, to say the least, thank you Daily Posts.

Anthony McDerry

My content marketing campaign always felt like it was missing something; the keywords was there and the links included but I couldn’t figure it out until I reached out to James. He showed me all the little errors I was making, corrected my posts and helped to create better content that has seen my SEO rankings rise by 20+ I highly recommend Daily Posts if you’re serious about content marketing.

Jessica Turner

I was tasked with managing the design and setup for an emerging graphic design company. The layout was perfect but I found it hard getting content that reflected the client’s image until my sister recommended Daily Posts. They got busy and within four days, I had the most amazing easy to read, SEO friendly content that resonated well with the target audience my client wanted to reach. You’re a lifesaver, James!

Noah Winthrop

I was nearing the launch date for my website and I still didn’t have any web content befitting of the image I was trying to create. I was close to postponing the launch date with one week to go when my business partner advised us to try an online agency he had used in another venture. James and his team of words-men created bespoke content that remains relevant even with the numerous changes to Google algorithms!

Hannah Cooper

I have worked with Daily Posts for more than three years and there has been no errors or lacklustre writing from their staff. James is always upfront on the pricing and time of completion so I rest easy knowing Daily Post will make my technical write-ups and essays. I recommend their service for all advanced copywriting needs.

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At Daily Posts, we understand that its’ hard to trust a business with no physical storefront, so to offer assurance about our credentials here are some of the top UK writing networks we are a part of

- The Professional Copywriters Association - The PCA is the only professional trade group in the world for professional copywriters, dedicated to helping writers succeed and establish a rewarding career.

- Society for Editors and Proofreaders- SFEP promotes a high standard of editorial content and provides training for its members. Daily Posts is a proud member of this body and employs editors with established credentials.

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