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Imagine the convenience of having meaningful blogposts and articles whenever you want it. If you have been struggling with delivering quality SEO content, then you have come to the right place.

According to research, 81% of consumers turn to business blogs for information and advice. This enhances your company’s credibility.

At DailyPosts, we provide our clients with professionally written content for blogs, and articles to boost their content marketing strategy. We pride ourselves in having experienced, and well-trained copywriters who understand the importance of timely-produced content.

Our process is systematic and highly technological. It improves accuracy by ensuring your brief is presented in a clear, concise manner. With DailyPost, you can count on us to produce high-quality posts within specified deadlines.

Let us take the stress of content creation off your shoulders so that you can focus on the core responsibilities of your business. You will find it more cost-effective in the long run.

How DailyPosts can help your business

DailyPosts has years of experience in the marketing industry, providing copywriting services for businesses in various industries. Due to our diverse team of talented copywriters, we can serve you regardless of your business type. Whether you are in finance or travel, or even if you sell garden equipment, we can create persuasive blog content that will appeal to your customers.

This presents a platform with a questionnaire to fill in your brief. Here, you can indicate the type of blog, tone of voice, objective of the post, word count, the deadline and so on.

Our process is purposeful. We begin by conducting a quick overview of your website to determine your business’ personality and the target audience. Then using our wealth of resources, we conduct a thorough research on the topic to guarantee 100% authority and credibility.

The task is handed to a subject specialist so that you can expect a blog post or article that is written by a true professional. We have a large team of diverse subject experts. Rest assured, this writer will be well-versed in your industry. They will use their writing flair and knowledge to craft a completely original, high-quality content for your blog.

As soon as the content is completed, it will undergo a series of vetting and editing procedures to ensure a 100% error-free, high-quality blogpost. In some cases, our clients receive their projects as quickly as two hours. All DailyPosts content are developed for SEO (using keywords and links) so that it ranks high on Google search engines. Don’t be surprised if the article leapfrogs your site above your competitors’ content on search engines.

The DailyPost dashboard is easy to operate. You can quickly upload tasks and retrieve them from the dashboard. It also gives an overall view of work in progress and when the due date. The system is optimised for user experience so even the least tech-savvy person can use it.

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Benefits of blog posts and articles from DailyPosts

Competitively-priced blog posts

You can control your digital budget by choosing the price you want for your content. There are £2, £3, £4, £5 and £8 per 100 words, depending on the scope of the blog post.

Simplified order process

Our system is carefully organised to ensure you specify the requirements for your article or blog. This reduces errors and fast-tracks the delivery process.

Creative blog post

Every DailyPost writer is properly screened for talent, passion and dedication. Our finished projects are creatively crafted and 100% persuasive. It engages the reader and inspires action.

Safe virtual office

Our website is highly encrypted and safe for communication. Rest assured, every information you post or receive is protected from being accessed by unauthorised persons.

Welcome any project-size

Unlike some writing agencies, DailyPosts is fully-equipped and capable of handling any project size. No project is too big; from 100-word meta-descriptions to 3,500-word articles.

Your ideal copy-partner

At DailyPost, our correspondence is not one-off. We maintain an ongoing relationship with clients that ensures their blogging needs and business objectives are met.

Frequently Asked Questions about blog and article writing

1. How do blogs help businesses build trust?

By overcoming customers’ objections in the form of a savvy article, it educates, engages and convinces customers towards an objective. If this is consistent, people will begin to associate the company as a brand that provides solutions to their problems. Over time, a relationship is built, and Google recognises this trust.

2. How do you drive traffic to your blog?

Start by carving out a niche of focus in your industry. It is more effective if this is in a key area of concern. Optimise your blog posts to address issues in this niche. Also, ensure you figure out the keywords that rank high in this area so that people searching for the topic can find your posts.

3. Which has a bigger impact on SEO; blog links or link-building strategies?

At DailyPost, we always emphasise the value of inserting quality links to blog posts. Your blog posts provide an ideal opportunity for building inbound links. Sharing authority content prompts other sites to link to your website, increasing your citation and trust flow. This allows for high ranking on search engines.

4. How many blogs should be posted per week?

This depends on the nature of your business or the resources you have. Blogging consistently is necessary for indexing by Google algorithms, provided the content is original and high-quality. For optimal SEO results, 2-3 blogs per week is ideal. Working with a reliable copywriting agency makes it easy.

5. What is best for blogging; short-form or longform content?

While long-form has been touted by many SEO experts for its Google-friendly quality, it is no reason to dismiss the relevance of short-form content. The purpose of an article will determine its length. For example, a 500-word piece may be necessary for a quick, informative message. But a 2,500-word blogpost is appropriate for an article that aims to overcome several customer objections.


1. I was struggling with content for my blog, but I also needed to get new plans for my clients’ home ready. When I found out that I couldn’t complete both at the same time, I hired DailyPosts and they came through immediately. Today, my website is updated and my clients are happy with their design. I couldn’t have achieved it without DailyPosts. – Jimmy Bolton, Architect

2. My previous freelance copywriter was always behind on schedule with my content. I couldn’t post regular blog articles and I was losing readership audience as a result. One of my staff suggested a professional copy agency, and we chose DailyPosts. Since then, we have not missed a blog deadline. – Anya Jupool- Caterer

3. When our Ecommerce site had a poor conversion rate for the 3rd consecutive quarter, we realised that the copy was responsible for high bounce rates. We decided to try are more purposeful approach by using a professional agency instead of an in-house staff. When DailyPosts came on board, the difference in conversion rate was almost instantaneous. – Mark Fett, entrepreneur

4. My husband and I run a dry-cleaning agency, and we wanted to engage our customers beyond the store front, so we hired DailyPosts to write our blog posts. They adopted a content marketing strategy that educated customers about maintaining the quality their fabrics. After the first 3 weeks, the number of our enquiries spiked by 5%. We hired them on a retainer. - Anna, of Adam & Anna Cleaners.

5. The difference between DailyPost and my last agency is that DailyPosts’ writers appeared to have an expert knowledge of my industry. They revolutionised my content marketing process in ways that boosted my ROI. I have learned that it is better to have subject specialist write your content instead of general writers. - Victor, Design Expert

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Blog Copywriting

If you are looking for Blog Copywriting then call us on 02380970979 or sign up for an account today.

Blog Copywriting

If you are looking for Blog Copywriting then call us on 02380970979 or sign up for an account today.
Every business needs a professionally written blog article to engage its audience and establish a long-term relationship. DailyPosts creates SEO blog content that will communicate your value, connect customers and drive revenue for your business. In addition, our copy is written by SEO-oriented copywriters to boost search ranking and increase organic traffic. Find out why many businesses are choosing DailyPosts to enhance their content marketing strategy.