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Writing Web Copy

Publish content regularly

When executing a viable content marketing strategy, the main hurdle is consistency. However, assigning this task to a professional will give you peace of mind. Subsequently, you’ll get reliable, engaging and compelling web copywriting.

Access to high-quality content

Fresh content is essential for website performance. If it lacks quality, it can be rendered useless. Through research, experience and talent, our professional web copywriters provide high-quality content for your business. In addition to smart copy, we assure content that’s free of any grammatical errors.

Increase your credibility

Professional web copywriting services can improve the credibility of your website. High-quality content delivered regularly builds relationships between a business and its audience. If you are a B2B company, you’ll have businesses relying on your content.

Access to creative web copy

Writing your own copy limits the diversity and extent of your content. At Daily Posts, we have a diverse team of copywriters with different specialities and ideas. We guarantee a limitless supply of creative website copy that generates results.

Professional copies that make your website stand out

Are your landing pages not converting traffic like they should be? Do you feel like there’s something missing from your website copies? Do you have too much to get done in the day and no time to blog? Are you searching for copywriting that’s affordable?

If your website receives high volumes of traffic, yet bounce rate is high and no one is engaging with your content, your web copy could be the problem.

Many websites feature well-written ad copy, but when customers land on the actual sales page, locating what they need is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Hence, you’ll struggle to achieve conversion goals and your website fails before you even hit the ground running. A winning website needs clear and engaging copywriting to convert.

Daily Posts are a professional copywriting agency with years of experience in writing web copy for businesses across various industries. We have clients in the financial sector, as well as real estate, marketing, home improvement, food and fashion industries. We’ve even written web copy for a floor sanding business!

Our copywriters create content for web pages that match a business’s ad copy. The content on sales or landing pages must be in tune with the ad copy that links to it, while customers should be able to continue the conversations that led them to the web page initially.

An effective web page should maintain the language style, tone of voice and relevant information on the adjoining page; otherwise, visitors will leave. Our professional web copy writing increases site visits and engagement rates for all websites.

To know more about what we do, visit our website or call 02380 970 979.

Exquisite Website Copywriting that doesn’t sound like a drone

Look through your website copies, pick a content and read it out loud. Does it sound like something you’d say in a conversation? If not, your content will likely need to be optimised. Giant corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Microsoft have each modified their copywriting to make it more humane and personal.

We understand the importance of infusing your brand’s tone in your copies without comprising your personality. Our writers have worked with hundreds of companies around the world and delivered content that speaks directly to the end user.

How do we make your content relatable? When writing web copy, we use simple English that even a six-year old can understand. We avoid long-winded sentences that detract from the key message we’re trying to convey. Our sentences are short, direct and easy to scan.

Writing Great Content that Increases Search Engine Ranking

To make sales, your business must be easily visible to your target customers. With the quantity of information and services available on the internet, it can be difficult to achieve broader visibility for your content. The web copies we produce are high-quality and infused with keywords to positively influence their search engine ranking.

Copywriters at Daily Posts understand the critical role keywords play in search engine ranking. We research high-ranking keywords in your industry, as well as predict phrases that customers use when searching for your services.

Articulate web copy can be deployed to enhance product page performance on search engines. Meanwhile, search engine ranking is influenced by content structure and keyword placement. Our team of web copywriters have the experience and passion, as well as an extensive keyword list to fill your site pages with bright language and attractive imagery.

Web Copywriting that Engages Readers

Well-ranked content has the potential to attract high volume traffic to your website, but can your page engage customers? Smart, innovative copywriters with a knack for witty content are who drive our service. We provide solutions for online publications across a variety of industry niches.

Persuasive content can change your business strategy. When we talk about content which impacts bottom-line results, we’re not just referring to your ‘Homepage’ or ‘Contact us’ page. We also mean:

  • Sales pages

  • Landing pages

  • Articles and blog posts

  • Email marketing strategies

  • E-Book content

  • Weekly newsletters

  • Launch campaign content

  • Case studies

Our copies are written to introduce, engage and advertise your business. By updating your website with revenue-generating copy, we will accelerate your business into an online success. The powerful words we use in your copies can motivate customer behaviour and ‘seal the deal’ for your sales. Even a sentence or two can record a successful conversion.

How We Write Website Content

It’s said there are only seven seconds to make a lasting impression on the reader. So much so, we write like human beings and tell them things they want to learn, instead of making assumptions. To understand your reader and deliver the best content, we conduct in-depth research into your target customer. What do they love? What kind of copies do they like to read? Which content do they share the most? Is there a problem they want addressing?

We take the answers from these questions and create comprehensive, compelling web copy that’s easy to read and digest. From the headline and subsequent subheaders, they’ll know what to expect; we also showcase important snippets of information using bullet lists.

There is a temptation to shove your preferred content down the reader’s throat. However, they’ll ignore you if you do that. Winning their hearts and gaining their admiration is a better way to build a lasting relationship. Your readers are on the hunt and we subsequently provide a satisfying meal. Beyond the meat, we add a side of freebies that offers more detailed information about content which they’ve seen on your site. This is a great way to generate leads and build your email list.

SEO is a byproduct of our brilliant website copies. Keywords work – and we’ll use a few that help Google and your readers understand your content better. A reader trying to find a bakery in Chelsea (London) would usually type: ‘Bakery near Chelsea’. From their location, Google knows they’re in London and generates results with keywords or phrases most relevant to the user’s search. We are experts at keyword research. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding the right keywords for your content or niche.

Top copywriting tips from Daily Posts Copywriters

Follow the inverted pyramid model

This is simple; place the most important information at the top and drill down from there. For example, if we’re writing a press release about an upcoming event, we’ll begin with the important details, such as the theme of the event, as well as the location, date and time. We’ll then follow this with key speakers or celebrities making an appearance at the event and tell people exactly what they’ll gain from attending. Less important information (such as related resources and the history of the event) would appear at the bottom.

The structure of benefits

Great writing blends function, benefits and emotion. Readers won’t want to consume a large wall of text that doesn’t offer any benefits. The structure of any content is important to its effectiveness. From the headline, we’re showing readers the benefits they can enjoy.

This is loaded with promises the reader can only access from reading your content. Our subheadings hint at the ethos behind your message and build on that via the headline. Every paragraph delivers an idea – from the most important benefit to the least. The message is solid and succinct.

How much do Daily Posts charge for Website Copywriting?

Our prices are the most competitive in the UK. We have copywriting for as low as $2 per 100 words. We know there are different types of clients who need our services; these range from small startups with a bare-bones budget to medium-sized companies and top brands with a more robust marketing budget. You’ll set the price and we’ll get to work creating the best content for your price point.

Web Copywriting that Converts

Customers come to your website searching for solutions or hoping to engage your services. Our writing is focused on the customer and not completely on sales. This adds an empathetic quality to the content and increases the potential to create a connection.

We write copies with a human voice that prospective customers can identify with. By giving the content a personality, your business is more likely to record conversions.

Here are some techniques we use to influence conversion:

Perform research

From audience personality to keywords search, we are always testing ways to get the best results from the content we produce.

Make the content interesting

People love a bit of a story-telling when interacting with businesses. Without sounding overly professional, we aim to deliver the right combination of facts and corporate storytelling. This holds the audience’s attention longer and tilts them more towards completing a successful sale.

Perfect the headline

A study recently revealed that only 20% of people who read your headline open the content. This is a heavy responsibility to bear for the headline. However, our copywriters are great with headlines. We coerce people to willingly opening your content and listen to you.

Website copywriting for businesses that want to succeed

You should know when customers aren’t buying into your product. They buy into your brand’s personality and the experience you’ve promised with each product. Implementing these features in your copies is the job of a team of professional copywriters.

We understand your business and are passionate about helping you succeed. We guarantee that every copy we write for you is geared towards achieving your larger marketing goals and winning the hearts of your preferred customers.

Our copy:

  • Is 100% original and exclusive to you

  • Engages the reader

  • Overcomes the customer’s buying objectives

  • Convinces customers that your product is their best option

  • Motivates customers to act (buy, download, sign-up or call for example)

Get started on a steady supply of smart web copywriting today. Sign up here to open your account with Daily Posts.

Web copywriting is the electricity that powers online businesses. Internet users lose interest when the information they seek is not available. Well-written web copy is compelling enough to hold the attention of your readers and persuade them to take an action.

At Daily Posts, We understand how important it is to engage your readers from the start. We research, write and edit engaging copy to produce content your customers will enjoy reading.

What Is A Web Copy?

Web copywriting means writing copy or text for the web for the purpose of advertising. Every website needs copy. The type of copy for each website depends on the website a person runs. For instance, copy that is found on dating sites is mostly about love and relationships. It would be out of place for a dating site to talk about real estate and escrows.

Web copywriting also includes writing social media posts, company profile texts, online press releases, SEO copy, online marketing, and advertising copy, and so on. The goal of web copywriting is to generate buzz and funnel leads to a website.

Types of Web Copy

A marketing campaign for just one product may require all of these types of copywriting. Types of copy that can be found on the web include but are not limited to:

  • FAQs
  • Blog articles
  • Case studies
  • Landing pages
  • Service and product pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Catalogue writing
  • E-book writing
  • Online brochure writing
  • Feature articles
  • Periodic reports
  • Articles for e-magazines
  • Online business intelligence reports
  • Newsletters and fact-sheets
  • About Us pages
  • B2B and B2C websites
  • Product descriptions
  • Content strategy
  • Commercials
  • Digital Ads
  • Social media posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Customer guides
  • How-to’ manuals

What Makes A Great Web Copy?

Great web copy can:

Communicate Your Value

Web copywriting aims to convey your value to your visitors. Your readers have to know what your business is all about. Web copy can do this clearly if it contains unique selling propositions that are compelling.

These will help create a customer-driven statement that describes what you offer and why customers should care.

Connect With Your Customers

Great web copy focuses on your customers, creating a compelling narrative that addresses what they care about. Humans are emotional beings and the ability to appeal to their emotional part is a major aspect of writing web copy.

Increase Your Revenue

Great web copy is persuasive enough to bridge the gap between the product or service and the customer’s need. This results in an increase in conversions and revenue.  

At Daily Posts, our web copywriters will help you to communicate your value and connect with your customers. We can create compelling copy which can convert prospects into consumers.

Facts about Web Copywriting

  • Without well-crafted copy, your chances of online success are reduced.
  • 80% of consumers research products online before making purchases. If your copy is not compelling enough, you have lost a potential customer.
  • Users look for facts, so incorporating facts attract and keep readers. By incorporating trustworthy facts and statistics, you help position your site as an authority.
  • Well-crafted web copy can elevate your ranking and give your business the traffic and conversion you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials which are displayed only on the internet. It may be in the form of copy for blogs, websites, emails, e-magazines, and so on.

Do I still need your web copywriting services if I already have an SEO team and a content team?

Yes, you do. Web copywriters can provide professional knowledge and expertise in content development while your team focuses on planning, delivering and publishing your product and copy.

How much does writing web copy cost?

At Daily Posts, our rates are pocket-friendly. We offer different packages depending on your needs and how much time and effort would be required to see it through.

What are your limitations for the length of copy?

At Daily Posts, we have no limitations for writing web copy. We have the resources to meet your needs, no matter the length or depth of your copy.

There is a clear distinction between website copies and print media. In the early days of online copywriting, businesses took existing print materials such as press releases, brochures and mission statements and slapped them on their website. The result was boring content that appeared impersonal, lifeless and downright awful in some cases. They noticed their copies weren’t converting, nor where they optimised for search.

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Copywriting has come a long way since then. Today’s website copies must adhere to a very high standard to compete or attract the attention of online readers. The first step is to understand that people have different expectations for print and website copies. When they land on a website, they typically want short sentences, brief paragraphs, engaging content and an all-around mobile-friendly experience.

When writing, we keep in mind the expectations of website readers and optimise your content for them. This includes a powerful header that compels them to open the content; subheadings that maintain a natural flow; hyperlinks to the related content on your site; and keywords that increase visibility on search engines. Our content is pleasing to both the reader and Google.

Why Do You Need Professional Web Copywriting from Daily Posts?

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