Writing Web Copy

Writing Web Copy

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Are your landing pages not converting traffic like they should be? If your website receives high volumes of traffic but records high bounce rates or poor engagement, your web copy could be the problem.

Many websites have well-written ad copy, but when customers land on the actual sales page, they can sometimes take forever to find what they want. This leads to high bounce rates and poor performance. Your website needs clear and engaging copywriting for its web copy.

Daily Posts are a professional copywriting agency with years of experience in writing web copy for business across various industries. We have clients in the financial sector, real estate, marketing, home improvement, food and fashion industries. We have even written web copy for a floor sanding business!

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Our copywriters write copy for web pages that match a business’s ad copy. The content on sales or landing pages must be in tune with the ad copy that links to it. Customers should be able to continue the conversations that led them to the web page.

An effective web page should maintain the language style, tone of voice and information of the adjoining page, otherwise visitors will leave. Our professional writing for web copy increases site visits and engagement rates for websites.

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Web Copy Writing that Increases Search Engine Ranking

Every business needs to be found easily online. With the quantity of information and services available on the internet, it can be difficult to achieve visibility for your content. Any web copy produced must be high-quality and infused with keywords to influence its search engine ranking positively.

At Daily Posts writing agency, our copywriters understand the critical role keywords play in search engine ranking. We research high-ranking keywords in your industry, as well as phrases potential customers use when searching for your services. For the best results, we sprinkle these keywords strategically into the original content.

Articulate web copy can be used to enhance product page performance on search engines. Search engine ranking can be influenced with content structure and keyword placement. Our team of web copywriters have the experience, passion and extensive keyword list to fill your site pages with bright language and attractive imagery.

Web Copy Writing that Engages the Reader

Well-ranked content has the potential to attract high volume to your website, but can your page engage customers? Smart, innovative copywriters drive our service with a knack for witty content. We provide solutions for online publications across a variety of industry niches.

Persuasive content can change your whole business strategy. When we talk about content that impacts bottom-line results, we’re not just referring to your ‘Home page’ or ‘Contact us’ page. We also mean:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Email marketing strategies
  • E-Book content
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Launch campaign content
  • Case studies

All our copy is written to introduce, engage and advertise your business. By updating your website with revenue-generating copy, we can sky-rocket your business into online success, because words have the ability to motivate customer behaviour and seal the deal for your sales. Even a sentence or two can record a successful conversion.

Web Copy Writing that Converts

Customers come to your website searching for solutions or hoping to engage your services. Our copywriters use web copy that works and sells to your audience. Our writing is focused on the customer and not completely on sales. This adds an empathetic quality to the content and increases the potential to create a connection.

We write copy that has a human voice your potential customers can identify with. By giving the content a personality, your business is more likely to record conversions.

Here are some things we do to influence conversion:

  • Perform research

From audience personality to keywords search, we are always testing ways to get the best result from the content we produce.

  • Make the content interesting

People love a bit of a story when interacting with businesses. Without sounding overly professional, we aim to deliver the right combination of facts and corporate storytelling. This holds the audience’s attention longer and tips them more towards completing a successful sale.

  • Refine the headline

A study recently revealed that only 20% of people who read your headline open the content. This places a lot of responsibility on headline writing alone. Our copywriters are great with headlines and will coerce people to willingly opening your content to find out more information. 

Why You Need Professional Web Copywriting

  1. Publish content regularly

When executing a viable content marketing strategy, the main hurdle is usually the consistency. By giving this task to a professional, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be getting reliable, engaging and compelling web copy writing.

  1. Get access to high-quality content

Fresh content is essential for website performance, but if it lacks quality, it’s really not good for much at all. Through research, experience and talent, our professional web copywriters can provide high-quality content for your business. In addition to smart copy, you are assured content free of grammatical errors.

  1. Increase your accountability

Professional web copywriting services can improve the accountability status of your website. High quality content, delivered regularly, builds relationships between a business and its audience. If you are a B2B company, you’ll have businesses relying on your content. Having a professional copywriting agency work for you increases the accountability.

  1. Access to creative web copy

Writing your own copy limits the diversity and extent of your content. At Daily Posts, we have a broad team of copywriters with different specialities and ideas. You are assured of a limitless supply of creative copy that generates results.

Our copy:

  • Is 100% original and exclusive to you.
  • Engages the reader.
  • Overcomes the customer’s buying objectives.
  • Convinces customers that your product is the best option.
  • Motivates customers to act (buy, download, sign-up, call).

You can get started on a steady supply of smart web copy writing today.

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