Writing Marketing Copy

Writing Marketing Copy

Daily Posts: Your Top Solution for Writing Marketing Copy

Are you looking for marketing copy that can prompt your audience to take a specific action?

Do you want your target audience to sign up to your newsletter, to interact more on your social media channels or to complete a purchase? You can count on Daily Posts to craft targeted marketing copy that will help you to realise those goals.

What Does Writing Marketing Copy Entail?

Marketing copy is content used when persuading readers to take a specific action. Such copy can then be infused in sales materials, on web pages and even in marketing emails.

We have copywriters that have made a name for themselves writing irresistible sales copy. We understand techniques that make copy more persuasive and know which copywriting mistakes undermine your marketing efforts.

The Daily Posts Guide to Writing Marketing Copy

Don’t Skimp on Quality

The product or service you’re looking to promote is fully dependent on you for its success. If you skimp on quality when writing your marketing copy, your efforts might prove worthless. Bad marketing copy should be avoided at all costs.  If you’re unsure how to achieve the right results with your copy, hire experts to do the job for you.

Understand Your Audience

To produce effective copy, you need to know who you are writing for, how they think and what they need. When you write marketing copy without a proper understanding of your audience, you do a disservice to your brand. The best copywriters take time to completely understand their audience before writing marketing copy.

Respect Your Audience

Regardless of how great your product or service might be, avoid speaking down to your audience, as that is a sure to turn them away. Always bear in mind that the customer is only looking for solutions to a problem.  Your copy should treat your customers with the dignity and respect they deserve. Don’t forget that you are the one who needs the sale and always reflect on this position in your copy.

Your Headline is Vital

Headlines are a powerful tool in marketing. If you fail with your headlines, you have already failed with your marketing copy. To write a strong headline that works, you need to do: mention strong benefits, use templates that have been proven to work and test different headline font sizes.

Keep Your Focus on Making the Sale

Marketers often put everything into trying to be innovative, original, funny or chic. However, this is a dangerous approach to take.  People reading your marketing copies are inundated with similar content, hence they only have a few seconds to glance through your copy. If you become distracted and make your point difficult to spot at first glance, you might lose them forever.

The best copywriters understand that writing marketing copy is about putting products in the hands of the customer, and showing them how that product or service can improve their life. If you are actually able to achieve this while being funny or innovative, that’s a bonus!

Clearly Highlight why they Should choose your Products or Services

When you have drawn attention from your headlines and introduced the product or service, you should then explain why people should ‘buy’.

Why should you be trusted? Why should they contact you straight away instead of waiting? Why shouldn’t they look at other providers?  Why is your deal such a good deal?  If you want the customer to fully respond to your marketing copy, you should make it as informative as possible by answering all of the above questions.

Treat the Copy with the Seriousness it Deserves

Some business owners make the mistake of treating marketing copy as an afterthought. They put together random content, edit it and send it out. Such content won’t reap the right results.  Writing marketing copy requires time and energy. The best copywriters understand this, which is why they take care to get every facet of the copy right.

Are you committed to finding copywriters that can deliver all of the above and more?

Why hire a professional writing agency for your marketing copy?

  1. Use your time in areas where you excel!

Producing quality content on a regular basis requires research and brainstorming – activities that take a lot of time. As a business with many obligations, it may be counterproductive to produce your own copy. You can make it easier by outsourcing this task to a professional writing agency. Daily Posts have the experience, resources and skill to regularly provide you with original content.

  1. Put money to good use!

When you produce your own copy, you run the risk of costing your business manpower and time. A professional online copywriting agency like Daily Posts have the resources and skilled writers in place to take on different projects at a reasonable rate. In the long run, it’s more cost-effective for your business. In addition, you can better use the time you save for other potentially lucrative business operations.

  1. Decide how much you want to pay!

At Daily Posts, our clients have complete control over the amount they pay for content. We operate a price point system where you can choose (from options) the amount you wish to pay per 100 words. We have writers for every niche and you can expect high quality at all times.

Daily Posts online copywriting agency always assures its clients of original exclusive content. We don’t reproduce or reuse your work.

Contact us today to start the process of crafting marketing copy that sells!



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