Writing Copy for Websites

Writing Copy for Websites

Daily Posts: Writing Powerful Copy for Your Website

With over one billion active websites online today, the struggle for attention has never been more hectic. Every website owner now understands the need to go the extra mile if they truly intend to find success online. Unfortunately, most people either do nothing or take the wrong approach when looking to improve their website’s visibility and user experience.

Since there are currently over 3.2 billion internet users, some people imagine there is more than enough web traffic to go round. The hard truth is that not all websites are equal. Those that strategically invest a lot of resources will attract more web traffic, leaving the less proactive website owners to scavenge for whatever is left. Studies suggest that more than half of website visitors stay less than fifteen seconds on websites on which they land.

The good news is that you neither have to scavenge or worry about your website visitors leaving (as soon as they land on your site). We at Daily Posts know the secret to website success and are here to deliver that secret to you.

By helping you write powerfully compelling website copy that employs both proven and ground-breaking rules and strategies, Daily Posts can set your website on the path to becoming an internet giant with a host of web traffic.

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When we write your website copy, we strive for engagement. This means your website visitors will no longer leave in fifteen seconds, but linger a while, with an increasing desire to take action.

How We Deliver on Our Promise of Visibility and Engagement When Writing Copy for Your Website 

We Research Your Prospective Audience

An arrow that has an aim stands a higher chance of hitting its target than one without. To entice and engage your audience, you need to first learn about them. If you don’t, your content (whether great or not) will be like a flying arrow without a target.

Daily Posts website copywriters first research your audience to determine their affinity and needs. We then use this information to understand how we can effectively produce website copies that speak to your audience’s heart and soul.

We Optimise Your Website Copy for Search Engines

Before engagement comes traffic. This means that without visitors flowing to your website, there will be no one to engage with your website copy. There are various ways to pull traffic to your website and Daily Posts can help. Amongst these options, the most essential is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

To attract organic traffic from search engines, you first need to optimise your website copy for search engines. During our research, we try to understand the key phrases your audience look for on search engines, social media and forums. We also research your competitors to understand their SEO strategies and brainstorm ways you can beat their efforts.

Next, we combine the results from our research with proper SEO tools, strategies and analytics to enhance your website copy and give your website a great chance of attaining the No. 1 spot on search engine results for relevant keywords.

We Favour Quality and Conciseness When Writing Copies for Your Website

People rarely go online to look for information about topics they already understand. They are usually looking for something new, that has the potential to change their lives for the better. They are looking for fresh information and hardly have time to spend online to find this. That is why many internet users favour scanning online articles rather than actually reading the whole content.

At Daily Posts, we understand this, so always strive to deliver quality when writing copy for our clients’ websites. Furthermore, we utilise various writing tools like bullets and regular headings to make your website copy easy to scan. We also favour conciseness and the use of catchy titles to suck readers into your website content.

We Maintain Quality Across All Your Web Pages When Writing Copies for Your Website

Your web copy comprises all the text on your site and how it is presented. This means that when writing copy for your site, no webpage should be neglected or given substandard content. After all, you don’t know which webpage a visitor will land on first and which one they might visit next.

At Daily Posts, we enhance all copies for your website to ensure visitors find every webpage engaging. We even apply SEO techniques to each page too, thus guaranteeing their visibility on search engines.

We Deliver Website Copies that Convert Leads to Customers and Help You Make More Sales

When writing copies for your website, your audience always takes precedence in our copywriting strategies. While your products or services are also important, Daily Posts focuses more on:

  • Researching your prospects to understand their needs.
  • Assessing your product or service to understand how they can meet your prospects’ needs.
  • Subtly highlighting the benefits of your products in your website copies.
  • Unobtrusively integrating proper ‘Calls-to-Action’ in appropriate parts of your website copy to encourage your leads to make the desired commitment.

Why Hire Daily Posts to Write Copies for Your Website? 

  • Our website copywriters are trained professionals and always deliver quality.
  • Your website and its search engine rankings benefit from copies that are optimised for search engines.
  • We do not miss deadlines.
  • When you choose Daily Posts, you get persuasive website copies that engage and convert leads.
  • You utilise our many years of experience writing powerful copies for websites.

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