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Writing Copy for Advertising

Writing Copy for Advertising: The Key to your Business Success

Copywriting for advertising is simply using written words to boost the sales and profits of your products or services.

This method of marketing is effective only when it reaches the people who are meant to see it; those referred to as your target audience. This means that even when you have a good copy, if it is not strategically distributed, it will not achieve its purpose.

Using the internet to your advantage can result in an increase in the publicity of your business. Having an active website and social media platform with interesting, informative and credible content, can motivate your target audience to actions that will boost your business profit-wise.

Using Daily Posts in the production of copy for advertising your products guarantees quality content relevant to your business and its growth.

We ensure that whatever content going up on your website contains the necessary and useful information about your business, which would be beneficial to potential customers visiting the site.

As a writing company with a worldwide reach, we have a rich mix of copywriters who:

  • Produce copy that sells

  • Deliver on any type of content you require, no matter your business sector

  • Execute well-written copy which speaks directly to your customer

Why you should use copywriting to advertise

People will visit your website to do one of two things; make enquires about your products or services or purchase them.

So, whatever content you have on your website must contain information that is useful to them or helps them achieve one or both of the above reasons.

Poor content and inaccurate information can send your potential customers to your competitors.

Copies that are properly written ensure that:

You record high conversion rates

To get the most out of your copy, in terms of an increase in your customer base and profit, it has to be persuasive, creative, and well worded. Using words that give your potential customers a sense of importance and exclusivity is a good start; everyone wants to feel special. The content of your copy should prompt your web visitors into action.

Employing the services of a standard copywriting company like Daily Posts, which has a lot of experience and reach, is the first step to achieving this.

Our writers try to forge a personal connection with your target audience by creating top-quality copies for your marketing, guaranteed to cause an increase in your site’s traffic and profits. 

Better search engine ranking

Most people use the internet to look for products and services which would be convenient for them in terms of their location, therefore, to reach your target audience, you need to be able to dominate search engine results.

A well-produced copy will help you in achieving this by increasing your business’ visibility and, in the process, advertising your business to your target audience and potential customers.

At Daily Posts, we have a team of professional writers who understand how SEO and Google algorithms work. Our expert copywriters produce copy not simply for the sake of providing content for your website, but with your broad marketing strategy in mind. 

Build customer trust

A constant update of your website with genuine and useful content for your visitors can guarantee continuous visits to your site and attract new potential customers in the process.

Our copywriters, who are professionals with a lot of experience in writing copy for advertising, always come up with fresh and interesting content that keeps visitors coming back to your website.


Communicate Your Business Message by Writing Copy for Advertising

Your website is a relevant part of your business identity that should communicate your business message, your goals, products for sale or services rendered.

An important aspect of writing copy for advertising is to get your target audience familiar with your brand, and to relate with them on a personal level, so that they are persuaded to act.

Here at Daily Posts, we keep your business relevant with copy that promotes your business message across all your online platforms. From landing pages to press releases, we communicate with appealing language that results in profitable action.

Why you Need a Company that Specializes in Writing Copy for Advertising

Writing effective copy can be time consuming and stressful for you, especially when you have to concentrate on other aspects of your business. It would be more productive to employ the services of a standard writing company with copywriters who have experience in writing copy for advertising.

At Daily Posts, we cover a wide range of industries, while constantly creating content that keeps you relevant and enhances your business.

We employ professional creative writers who produce fresh and attractive ideas, understand what your target market expects, and what they best respond to.

Because change is constant, we will also accommodate your changing demands by creating a copy to reflect the changes and growth in your business as they occur.

What we can guarantee you here at Daily Posts is top-quality, creative and exclusive content, free of grammatical errors and spelling. Well-produced material that has been properly proofread and edited, within the shortest possible time, and delivered without delay.

We deliver content that is tailor-made to fit your business or brand objectives as well as the task requirements.

To get us involved in writing copy for advertising your business, sign up here to get started.

Ad copy is the text of an advertisement and is delivered through different methods with conversion as the end goal. This can be a sale, a download, data collection or a social action such as a Facebook like, a YouTube play or a retweet.

Copywriters create the words, mottos and sound content that go with promoting visuals. They work with art directors to bring to life commercial content.

To create good copy, you must know who you're composing it for, how that client wants it written and what the client intends to achieve.

Types of advertising copy

Advertising copy can be divided into four main types:

Educational advertising copy

Educational ad copy informs, updates, and prompts potential clients to buy a product by educating the readers. It educates the public about the attributes of the product.

Branding advertising copy

Branding copy doesn’t sell goods and services; it focuses on building a strong reputation for a brand.

Persuasive advertising copy

Persuasive copy conveys a message to the readers directly or indirectly and prompts them to purchase a product.

Explanatory advertising copy

Explanatory copy is different from suggestive copy. This copy conceals nothing about the product but instead exposes the facts that are clear and apt. It describes the products features, uses, merits, operation, and benefits.

What makes great writing copy for advertising?

  • To write great copy, you need to understand the audience perfectly, so you’d know how you can best serve them.
  • Never talk down to your customers. As great as your product may be, speaking down to your audience will prevent them from patronising your service or product. Treat your customers with the utmost respect.
  • Dont get distracted from making the sale. Content must be original, innovative and straight to the point.
  • Briefly explain why they should buy the product. The more informative a piece of advertising is, the more persuasive it will be. Before readers make a purchase, they want to know why they should trust a company.
  • Search engine optimisation applies strictly to online copy. Content must be SEO-friendly to ensure that it reaches as large an audience as possible.
  • Great advertising copy should be brief and clear. It should be and quick to read and easy to understand, self-explanatory, definite, and precise.

Facts about writing copy for advertising

  • Copy covers everything from advertising messages, blog content to item descriptions. All advertising content you find is copy.
  • About 96% of all mobile search traffics are driven through Google.
  • Headlines make or break your advertising copy. Your title needs to grab people attention. To make them continue reading, your headlines have to be captivating. Titles can either generate sales, or no sales. Spend at least 50% of your time writing the headline of your piece.
  • The length of your advertising copy matters. The average blog post is 1,000 words. This length has been accepted and used by most websites.

Frequently asked questions about writing copy for advertising

How should ad copy be written?

The essential content ought to be at the highest point of the page. Not all the content is read by the audience so the heading carries a lot of weight. Unless the content is educational, promotion copy should be brief. You want to get the message across quickly. Ad copy should also include a call to action that makes the reader act.

Who are you writing content for?

When writing ad copy, the target audience should be considered.

Before writing copy for advertising, the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the target audience must be known. How the message will be delivered, and why the reader would enjoy your offer are important.

What is the importance of a good title?

Titles are as important as the actual piece. They attract the reader and improve sales.

How do you make advertising copy stand out?

At Daily Posts, we write content that is compelling. Ad copy should focus on the credibility of the ad, so sales can be made.

Everyone knows how important advertising is to the growth and survival of any business. Your advertisements will be productive only if they reach the target audience. One way to achieve productive marketing is by using copywriting.

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DailyPosts: Writing Copy for Advertising

Copywriting is an essential marketing tool especially within the online community. Not only do you reach your target audience and increase publicity for your business with this tool, you also boost your rankings on search engines and increase your conversion rates.

Using a reputable copywriting company like Daily Posts to craft out well-written copy for your adverts will increase traffic to your site, as well as sales and profit while also drawing in new potential customers.

At Daily Posts, no copywriting project is too big and with our virtual office system, you can be sure that our professional copywriters are working round the clock, to ensure the prompt delivery of your project without delays.

By using experienced writers, we produce top-quality copy guaranteed to engage your customers; both old and new, and also provide them with the necessary information about your products and services.

At Daily Posts, your satisfaction is our goal, therefore, we always endeavour to produce quality copy that reflects our standards and meets your goal.

For more information, please contact us on 02380 970979

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