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What is web copywriting

Why Your Website Needs Web Copywriting

A website that cannot boast quality web copy is practically non-existent. The material on your website should serve to attract customers, boost your page ranks and generate organic search engine traffic. The reasons why your website needs a web copywriter can further be broken down into six more precise purposes for better clarity of goals and execution:

To add value to your brand

You won’t be able to attract prospects to a product or service unless you highlight the value of that product or service. This is because consumers don’t really care about what you are selling. All they want to know is how your product or service can help them. Web copywriting is one way to help them see that valuable solution your brand represents.

To give your brand a voice

To stand out from the crowd, your brand and website need to be unique, fresh and original. You need to be noticeable and different. Yours is not the only website that can offer your audience the service you provide, so let them know why they should come to you. What separates your business from those of your competition?

Web copywriting offers you the opportunity to say meaningful things, share your company’s vision and how it aligns with those of your prospects, announce a new product or service or even introduce an update.

Generate well-targeted leads

This can be done in many ways. One way is through the use of search-engine optimised copy, both on your website and other platforms, to improve your web page visibility to search engine users. Some of the other ways include guest posting, social media marketing, email marketing, and online press releases. All of these means of generating leads involve the use of web copywriting and proper SEO.

Daily Posts’ copywriters use the right SEO tools, strategies, and analytics to craft web copy that will put your web pages at the top of search engine results for relevant keywords.

To drive engagement

Generating leads to your website without engaging them is like walking into a field full of opportunities and sitting back to marvel without actually trying to grab any of them. People will come and go unless you can make them do otherwise. Your web copy has to be compelling enough to incite engagement if you want them to stay.

When your web copy (whether on your website or on your social media page) is engaging, that engagement should manifest in the forms of:

  • Comments on your social media, website, and guest blogging copy

  • Social sharing

  • People staying on your web page

  • People linking your pages

  • Your conversion rate

Build a community

With engagement comes the chance to build a community of people that share your vision and values, people that believe in your brand and would do anything to get their hands on your next product or service. Your web copy helps you build a community in two ways:

  • By prompting your leads to join your mailing list

  • Nurturing that community by actually sending out regular newsletters

Your community thus becomes a ready, long-term audience for your brand.

Not only can Daily Posts web copywriting service help you to build an online community that cares about your product or service, it can also help you to engage with that community.

Drive conversion and sales

Most of the time, people don’t take action until they are prompted to do so. Other times, they want to take action, but end up not doing so, perhaps, because your web copy failed to highlight ‘the how’ to them. Whether on your website, social media, or review site, you will be defeating the purpose of crafting your web copy if it fails to convert leads to customers.

When it comes to converting leads to sales, Daily Posts’ web copywriting service never disappoints. Our web copywriters will leverage tested and ground-breaking conversion tools and strategies to ensure that your web copy brings your prospects to the point where they can’t help but click the order button.

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Your Web Copywriting?

Web copywriting isn’t the same as regular writing. With web copywriting, you are in a way writing for two audiences: your prospects and search engines. To do that, you need three prominent skills: writing, SEO, and marketing skills. They must work hand-in-hand to produce a web copy that exudes quality in writing, aspires to improve your page ranks, and is persuasive enough to convert leads. These are some of the reasons you should outsource your copywriting needs to a professional copywriter.

To perfectly capture your services

Copywriters just don’t write articles, they are able to perfectly portray your service in a way that it will seem appealing to the client, no matter the industry they are writing for. There is a huge difference between web copies written by a professional copywriter and those written by a regular person. The depth, tone of the copy and way it captures the brand all add up to give an edge to the business.

To create persuasive content

For a web copy to be high quality, it has to be persuasive. Detailing your products and services is one thing, making it sound so persuasive that the reader can’t help but opt-in is another thing. It is a talent only a few people can master. A copywriter knows how to seamlessly persuade your audience into buying from you without sounding like an overenthusiastic salesman.

To make your copy objective and credible

There is such a thing as being too close to the topic. When you write your copy, you run the risk of using too many industry terms, which may seem normal to you but will confuse and alienate your audience. Also, having an outsider, preferably, a professional copywriter write your copy gives it a fresh perspective and explains it from a reader’s point of view and not the point of view of the business owner or service provider.

To keep you up to date with the latest SEO strategy

Search engines are constantly changing their ranking algorithm and you need to be abreast of these changes to boost your business and enable people to find you in search engine result pages. These changes, which are in the form of monthly updates, range from big to tiny strategies which can help optimise your content and your website.

As a business owner, you may not be privy to these updates or know how to harness them, however, a copywriter knows and anticipates all these changes, as it is part of their job to know and employ them. Employing a web copywriter will help you get premium content and simultaneously help you to better SEO your copy and website.

To avoid duplicity

If you write your copy, you may feel tempted to use the same content across your website to save time. This is a sign of lazy writing and may cost you some prospective clients who are in need of unique content. A copywriter knows how to consistently create new content for your web page so you don’t have to recycle old content or plagiarise content from other parts of the net. This way, your website gains authority and becomes a high-quality website.

More time for you

Outsourcing your writing needs frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. The truth is, creating compelling and engaging content can eat up your time, preventing you from handling other equally important parts of your business. Even experienced copywriters spend hours on end trying to craft a satisfactory piece.

Therefore, you would be saving a lot of time, and, in essence, money when you hire a copywriter to take care of your writing needs.

To generate organic traffic and bring in sales

A copywriter can make anything sound exciting. They bring animation and vibrancy to even the most mundane things. This will help to generate organic traffic to your website and help you save the money you use for pay per click ads. Organic traffic will increase your revenue and bring you more clients. All these are possible if you employ the services of a professional copywriter to create unique web copies for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions on Web Copywriting

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting is the processes of writing advertising promotional materials, which are displayed exclusively on the internet. It may be in the form of copies for blogs, websites, emails, e-magazines, and so on.

How long will it take before I have my web copy?

We try to deliver our orders as quickly as possible. Daily Posts is a copywriting agency which means that we have a group of skilled writers who can take up your work and start the outline immediately. However, the length of time may vary depending on the magnitude of your project and how much research it requires to make sure it is top-notch copy. Seeing as we do not like to prioritise speed over quality, we may take a little time to write, re-write, edit and deliver these types of copy.

How long will my copy be?

That totally depends on you. We can deliver web copies which range from a few hundred words to a couple of thousand. Recently, research has shown that the ideal length for most pages and posts when it comes to search engine optimisation is 2000 words. Even though most people tend to skim content online, it is still very important to give them informed content.

Longer articles give us room to talk about your brand and your services naturally and clearly, while shorter articles help us to be concise and hit the nail on the head without being too verbose. Whichever length you choose to go with, Daily Posts can deliver.

Can I make changes to the copy after the work has started?

At Daily Posts, we want to see you happy and satisfied, therefore, we are willing to accommodate minor changes and notes during the course of the work, if the change to be made is a major one, we advise that you please let us know as soon as possible so we can incorporate these changes into our content.

Do I still need your web copywriting services if I already have an SEO team and a content team?

Yes, you do. Our expert copywriters will work in synergy with your SEO and content teams to give you high-quality content that will serve its purpose to the fullest. We can provide professional knowledge and expertise in content development, while your team focuses on planning, delivering and publishing your product and the copy.

Daily Posts has everything you need to craft a web copy that delivers.

  • Professional writers who possess the creativity to breathe life into your web copy

  • Competent SEO copywriters who understand the mechanics of crafting copy that ranks high on search engines

  • Proficient copywriters who understand the psychology of persuasion

We will work together with you to deliver web copy that improves page rank, generates leads, engages, and converts. Sign up for Daily Posts Web Copywriting Service and witness your web copy making the difference you want. We can also help you to produce compelling web copy and text that can channel traffic to your website. Create an account with us today or call us on 02380 970979 to find out just what we can offer you.

Copywriting is the art of developing content for advertising or brand awareness. It is aimed at convincing the reader to take a specific action such as subscribing to a service, downloading an ebook, following on social media or making a purchase.

There are many forms of copywriting. In marketing communications, copywriting is used to develop brochures, press releases, newsletters and sales sheets. In advertising, copywriting is used to develop jingles, video ads, product descriptions and online ads.

Web copywriting is a type of copywriting used in developing content for the internet. It leverages on the wide reach of the internet to increase brand influence and improve public relations. Web copywriting cuts across copywriting media such as landing pages, blog posts, social media ads, guest posts, product descriptions on websites and email copy.

Proper web copy is search engine optimised to draw traffic to the platform, written in natural language to cultivate better relationships with customers, and with compelling call-to-action to get the readers to perform the desired action.

At Daily Posts, we utilise technical copywriting to craft long form copy with powerful headlines and creative CTAs to guarantee a boost in conversion rate. With an entity-filled content, we pull organic traffic to your website or social media platforms and increase engagements that are capable of tripling your sales. Contact us on 02380970979 for your web copywriting needs.

Types of Web Copywriting

There are many forms of web copy.

  • Landing Pages

Landing pages are the static pages a visitor sees on the website. Different from guest and blog posts, the landing pages offer an insight into the kind of services the business offers. A good landing page is long, carefully outlining all relevant information to the reader. A compelling CTA is used to end the piece, willing the reader to take the desired action. Daily Posts’ writers are skilled in the art of writing excellent landing pages that make for a high conversion rate.

  • Web Content

This covers generic website content such as blog posts, news articles, guest posts and social media copy. Here, the aim is to keep the readers engaged and entertained. Website contents are search engine optimised in order to draw traffic to the website. We write creative content using technical copywriting and SEO skills to increase organic traffic and boost customer loyalty.

  • Product Descriptions and Sales Copy

This is used solely to advertise products and services and also improve sales. This type of web copy requires irresistible headlines, a body rich in information, and a compelling CTA. Tech companies utilise long-form product descriptions to describe their new products and show readers why they should purchase them. Our team of copywriters uses the knowledge of user experience to craft direct response content that can triple the sales of your new product.

  • Whitepapers

Whitepapers require expertise in a particular field. They provide detailed and authoritative information about a problem and recommend solutions on how to tackle them. This requires a complex technical ability which most copywriters do not possess. Daily Posts technical copywriters are trained in the art of writing excellent whitepapers on any field. Contact us for your whitepaper needs.

  • Organisational Copy

This includes organisational content such as email copy and press releases. Email marketing is known to be one of the leading forms of marketing that converts. With the appropriate writing tone and style, we can create email copy that will engage your customers. We write lead capture pages to help you generate the subscriber mailing list and then follow them up with excellent, personalised email copy.

Qualities of Good Web Copy

  • Irresistible Headlines

70% of readers generally do not get past the headlines of web copy, hence the need to use creative headlines to gain their attention and get them to go through the piece. The headline is meant to highlight the problems of the user and promise a solution which the piece of copy will provide.

  • Easy to Understand

Good copy should be readable and easy to understand. This involves less use of jargons and more of simple terms that are likely to be understood by the majority of the audience. Keep the sentences short, use natural language and appropriate writing tone/style. Copy with bulleted points are easier to read and scan.

  • User-oriented

Good web copy should improve user experience. It should be tailored to solve user problems and provide all the information the reader might need. Make copy about the reader and speak to his emotions and needs.

  • Search Engine and Social Media Optimised

The use of relevant keywords improves ranking, increases organic traffic and boosts the conversion rate. Copy should be shareable and engaging in order to cultivate customer loyalty.

Looking to Hire a Web Copywriter?              

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency with nearly a decade of experience in providing copy to firms around the globe. We have partnered with top firms from Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Contact us today on 02380970979 for your web copywriting needs.


Sometimes, while casually surfing the web, you may come across a few websites that are so interesting and well written that you spend a significant time on the page, voraciously consuming content and may even end up subscribing to their service or making a purchase. Do you know what distinguished that website from the others? Expert web copywriting. 

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What is Web Copywriting?

Web copywriting simply means writing copy or text for the web for the purpose of advertising. Every website needs copy. The type of copy for each website depends on the type of website a person runs or wants to set up. For instance, the type of copy for educational sites veers more towards academics than towards standard sale-style copywriting, which is more useful for commercial websites.

Web copywriting, however, doesn’t end with writing copy for websites but also encompasses writing copy for the web as a whole. This means writing social media copy, company profile texts, online press releases, SEO copy, online marketing and advertising copy, and so on. The work of these types of web copywriting is to generate buzz and funnel leads into a website.

Daily Posts can help you craft a befitting copy for your website. We are a copywriting agency with versatile web copywriters who produce copies that engage visitors and inspire them to take action. Our policy for 100% original content guarantees owners access to fresh web content on a regular basis. Daily Posts can help give your brand a voice that resonates all through the web.

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