What is web copywriting

What is web copywriting

What Is Web Copywriting

Web copywriting means writing copy or text for the web.

Every website needs a copy. The type of copy for each website heavily depends on the type of website a person runs or wants to set up. For instance, the type of copy that is resident on educational sites veers more towards academics than towards standard sale-style copywriting, which is more useful on commercial websites.

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Web copywriting, however, doesn’t end with writing copy for websites, but also encompasses writing copy for the web as a whole. This means writing social media copy, company profile texts, online press releases, SEO copy, online marketing and advertising copy, and so on. The work of these types of web copywriting is to generate buzz and funnel leads into a website.

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Why Your Website Needs Web Copywriting

A website that doesn’t boast quality web copy is as good as a non-existent website. The material on your website should serve two important purposes:

  • Attract customers.
  • Boost your page ranks and generate organic search engine traffic.

These purposes can further be broken down into six more precise purposes for better clarity of goals and better execution:

  • Add Value to Brand. You won’t be able attract prospects to a product or service unless you highlight (make them see) the value of that product or service. This is because consumers don’t really care about what you are selling. All they want to know is how your product or service can help them. Web copywriting is one way to help them see that valuable solution your brand represents.

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  • Give Your Brand a Voice. 

To stand apart from the crowd, your brand and website needs to be unique, fresh, original… You need to stand on a towering pedestal and shout with the voice of the mountains. Say meaningful things, share your company’s visions and how they align with those of your prospects. Announce a new product or service—perhaps even an update.

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  • Generate Well-Targeted Leads. 

This can be done in many ways. One way is through the use of search-engine optimised copy both on your website and other platforms to improve your web page visibility to search engine users. Some of the other ways include: guest posting, social media marketing, email marketing, and online press releases. All of these means of generating leads involve the use of web copywriting and proper SEO. 

Daily Posts’ copywriters use proper SEO tools, strategies, and analytics to craft web copy that will put your web pages at the top of search engine results for relevant keywords. 

  • Drive Engagement. 

Generating leads to your website without engaging them is like walking into a field full of opportunities and sitting back to marvel at the opportunities without actually availing yourself of any of them. People will come and go unless you can make them stay. Your web copy has to be compelling enough to incite engagement if you want them to stay. 

When your web copy (whether one on your website or on your social media page) is engaging, that engagement should manifest in the fors of:

  • Comments on your social media, website, and guest blogging copy.
  • The number of social sharing your copy gets
  • How long people stay on your web pages.
  • How often people link to your pages.
  • Your conversion rate.

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  • Build a Community. 

With engagement comes the chance to build a community of people that share your vision and values, people that believe in your brand and would do anything to get their hands on your next product or service. Your web copy helps you build a community in two ways:

  • By prompting your leads to join your mailing list.
  • Nurturing that community by actually sending out regular newsletters.

Your community thus becomes a ready, long-term audience for your brand.

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  • Drive Conversion and Sales 

Most times, people don’t take action until they are prompted to do so. Other times, they want to take action, but end up not doing so, perhaps, because your web copy failed to highlight ‘how’ to them. Whether on your website, social media, or review site, you will be defeating the purpose of crafting your web copy if it fails to convert leads to customers.

When it comes to converting leads to sales, Daily Posts’ web copywriting service never disappoints. Our web copywriters will leverage tested and ground-breaking conversion tools and strategies to ensure that your web copy brings your prospects to that point where they can’t help but click the order button.

Who Should You Hire for Your Web Copywriting?

Web copywriting isn’t the same as regular writing. With web copywriting, you are in a way writing for two audiences: your prospects and search engines. To do that, you need three skills: writing, SEO, and marketing skills. They must work hand-in-hand to produce web copy that exudes quality in writing, aspires to improve your page ranks, and is persuasive enough to covert leads.

Daily Posts has everything you need to craft web copy that delivers. Everything:

  • Professional writers who possess the creativity to breathe life into your web copy.
  • Competent SEO copywriters who understand the mechanics of crafting copy that rank high on search engines.
  • Proficient copywriters who understand the psychology of persuasion.

Together, they will deliver web copy that improve page ranks, generate leads, engages, and coverts. Sign up for Daily Posts Web Copywriting Service and witness your web copy making the difference you want.

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