What is Direct Response Copywriting?

What is Direct Response Copywriting?

What Is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is intended to evoke a prompt action on behalf of the reader. For example, this action may involve subscribing to your weekly newsletter, clinking on a link that redirects to your website, calling your company for more information about your product or service, or purchasing a product via your website.

In a world where the audience is bombarded with information from different vendors, you need content that speaks to your target customer directly and propels the individual to take action. It triggers feelings in clients and tugs at their emotions (substantially less so where indirect copywriting is concerned). You can easily identify which content successfully pushes the emotional buttons of your clients.

Generally, your audience has to sift through a lot of content online to find something worth reading, so how do you stand out in the crowd? This is where copywriting comes in. Copywriting tailors your content in such a way that grabs and sustains the attention of your intended audience. While some copywriting serves the purpose of educating the audience or keeping them engaged, direct response copywriting is aimed at propelling them to action.

Daily Posts have a multitude of skilled, professional writers, who can help your business construct content equipped with direct response copywriting to make your audience take the desired action. Call us today on 02380 970979 or visit our homepage. 

How Daily Posts Copywriters Propel Your Prospects to Take Action

Our writing agency has a framework that our copywriters follow to produce content that converts. The benefits of your patronage are brought to the prospect’s attention and action is thereby encouraged. Here are some things our copywriters focus on to attract your audience and call them to take action.

Headline of Your Content

The first thing a prospect encounters is your headline, which plays a large role in deciding if they will stay to read through your content, or leave as soon as they encounter it. The objective of your headline is to get the attention of your audience, draw them to the promotion and get them to peruse your content.

Your headline is meant to catch the reader’s attention and get them to scan your opening paragraph, before going on to read the remainder of the copy. Imagine you want to get the attention of someone and only had one sentence with which to grab their interest. Whatever sentence you manage to come up with is what should become your headline.

At Daily Posts, our writers are highly-skilled at catching the attention of the audience using headlines. With a wealth of experience at our disposal, we know how to construct headlines that will make your prospects look twice and decide to read on. We provide headlines that explode in the mind of your reader and compel them to give you due consideration.

Target Customer

Understanding your target audience is the key to producing content that converts. To be able to form a connection, you need to know what your prospective customer thinks about, how their mind works, what they want to hear and what would get their attention.  Once you understand the kind of individuals you want to attract as customers, you have to gear your content to be of interest to such people.

At Daily Posts, we extensively research your business and intended customers to find a common ground between the two. When we learn what your target customer wants and what they like, we give you content they would want to read, crafted in a way that speaks to them and triggers them to take action.


To promote your business, don’t focus on describing what it does, as you risk boring your audience with too much detail. To catch their interest, let them know exactly what the advantage of your business is.

To make your copy effective, the professional writers at Daily Posts focus on the benefits of your business. People patronise businesses that make their lives easier. Providing we project on to your customers the benefits of doing so, they will keep patronising you.

Emotional Triggers

The effectiveness of your content can be dramatically altered, depending on the words used. Some words are more powerful and can trigger emotions in the reader, making them patronise your business. Some of these include:

  • Health: It’s said that ‘Health is wealth’. So much so, health related metaphors work beyond the realms of medicine. For example: boost, cure, energise – these help trigger an emotional response.
  • Hope: It’s also said that ‘As long as there is life, there’s hope’. Humans are wired to be optimistic and hopeful, so it’s normal that words relating to hope tend to trigger emotions. These include words like: destiny, empower, overcome, change.
  • Passion and Urgency: Humans love to be passionate. We are wired to find things we are passionate about and subsequently grow to love. If your customers are passionate about your business, they will want to patronise you. Also, if you implant passion into the mind of your customer, you can bring about an urgency in them. That is, the urgency in your content is what would make them want to take the action immediately, lest they lose what incites that passion. The following words incite passion: delightful, thrilled, awe-inspiring, jubilant, wild. Meanwhile, these words incite a sense of urgency: deadline, limited, seize, grab.
  • Other words that trigger emotion include: Love, results, proven, money, new, free, guaranteed, promise.

Using these words appropriately could dramatically change how many visitors your content converts into customers. Daily Posts have professional writers trained to use these words correctly, in a way that enhances the connection your customers feel with your business and subsequently stirs their emotions.

Direct Response copywriting is just what your business needs to grow. Daily Posts are a top-notch writing company that offers this service at an affordable price. Sign up with us today and get the best direct response copywriters working for you.



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