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Website Copywriting

Amit Kalantari, in his book Wealth of Words, said, "a website is a window through which your business says hello to the world." How well your business says this determines whether readers would care to return the greeting.
How can you make your website speak the language people understand and will respond to? The answer is by copywriting your website.
By copywriting your website you get into a great position to attract, engage, and convert readers into consumers. With the expertise of a copyrighting service like Daily Posts, you are on your way to seeing great results.

What is Website Copywriting?

Today’s copywriting must include an SEO strategy. Your website content should work hard for you.  Ideally, website copies should engage your readers, pulling them through content after content. Good website content promotes your brand and establishes you as an authority. Most importantly, an excellent website copy convinces the reader to keep scrolling and take your desired ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) at the end of the content.

That’s a lot for any copy to achieve, but it’s the path we’ve chosen. You’ve got one chance and less than a minute to impress your audience when they land on your site. Do you want to gamble with your profit or let us create compelling website copies that achieve your marketing goals?

There are many reasons why your website content isn’t converting. For instance, you could be using technical words that cause the reader to scratch their head in confusion; you might be writing long sentences without breaking up the content; your copy isn’t relevant; or you’re going around in circles without giving them ‘the meat’. Regardless, readers won’t know what your CTA is and will therefore be confused.

Whatever you’ve been doing wrong, Daily Posts can repurpose old content, creating unique pieces that keep your readers on the edge of their seat and their fingers scrolling through the pages. We don’t claim to know it all, but we’ve learnt from errors made by the best and will create SEO-rich content that drives traffic, generates leads and makes it easier to convert customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Site with Professional Website Copywriting

Give your business website an edge with a finely worded copy. Even if your business is a start-up, you can make a significant web impact outside your niche with professional website copywriting. It’s a widely-known fact that businesses that don’t employ meaningful content struggle with web visibility. However, our talented copywriters can push your website up search rankings with content optimised for search engines. 

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Daily Posts is a professional website copywriting agency that specialises in producing high-quality content for online businesses.

Your website content is vital to your business growth – especially if it’s web driven. Businesses can’t afford to take content marketing for granted. While a comprehensive content strategy may not be ideal for every business, an effective content plan can make all the difference between site traffic and web conversion.

We can get you started with a steady supply of original content. We focus on delivering an accurate mix of brand-relevant keywords and engaging copy. Our copywriters insert well-research keywords (related to your services) into the copy they produce to enhance search engine rankings for your website.

When accurately and professionally crafted, well-written web content will not only boost your SERP (search engine result page) ranking, but also enhance overall user experience with your business.

We produce value-driven SEO copy for:

  • On-site content (landing pages and sales pages)

  • Press releases (a major source of material for websites and e-magazines)

  • Blogs and online editorials

  • Advertising copy and branding apps 

We also produce SEO-friendly ad copy that ranks well on search engines and matches the corresponding sales pages perfectly. A well-structured landing page with keywords relevant to your ad copy increases web traffic and keeps visitors on your web page.

The perfect blend of excellent Website Copywriting and SEO

At Daily Posts, our Writers aren’t just average run of the mill; we are copywriters that prompt your audience to take action. We write to inform, educate and start conversations that lead to engagement and viral posts. We specialise in creating high-quality materials posted on blogs, website pages and other forms of online content. We guide your audience, leading them through the sales funnel and coercing them using simple language.

We understand the importance of creating content that is useful to your audience. If your audience loves it, Google loves it too. The more content you create, the more pages search engines have to index. This leads to increased organic traffic, website authority, higher authority and prolific conversion rates.

The most compelling copies won’t be effective if they aren’t optimised for SEO. Suffice to say, SEO plus excellent copywriting amounts to higher sales conversions. Daily Posts copywriters know all the SEO techniques required to make your content easier for the target audience to find you. Relevant keywords are an essential tool for great copywriting.

We are experts in keyword research and use relevant keywords for your niche. We also format website content using captivating headers to grab the reader’s attention; bullet points to break up the content; as well as charts, infographics and images to ensure your content is easily digestible and remains embedded in the reader’s mind.

You can teach yourself the basic tricks of SEO, but the gift of creating spell-binding content that’s unique and engaging is reserved for skilled writers at Daily Posts.

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Web Copywriting that increases sales

With innovative copywriting, our team of creative-minded copywriters have a way of producing words that motivates customers to buy. This includes solutions for e-commerce businesses and online publications looking to increase their subscriber base.

In order to engage, content must contain useful information and provide answers to an inherent problem. Website copywriting is more than words; it should inspire action. Thus, our copywriters at Daily Posts create copy that:

  • Is clear and straight to the point

  • Is free of technical terms (no waffle)

  • Overcomes any buying objections

  • Convinces customers to take action (buy, register, call and so on) 

Some websites contain copy with little or no CTA statements, yet the owners wonder why their conversion rates are low. Conversely, other websites seem to almost force visitors to buy, using a flashy banner and tacky content. At Daily Posts, we keep it subtle, maintaining a healthy balance between engaging information and a compelling ‘Call-to-Action’.

Content shouldn’t be too sales-focused or it will put off potential buyers. Our technique is to have a strategy that uses interesting information to inspire a purchase, thereby guiding the customer down the sales funnel. The result is often a completed transaction.

Professional Copywriting for business communication

Communicating a brand personality is a tricky affair for many online businesses. At Daily Posts, our creativity starts with everyday words and cues. We conduct a mini-study on your typical online customer to get an insight into their online behaviour and language patterns. The subsequent result will reveal the tone of voice and writing style we then apply to your content.

Business copywriting should be clear, direct and authoritative. You’ll want your audience to develop trust and loyalty for your brand. Our copywriters infuse strong messaging into your business content, without compromising the personality of your brand.

You can also establish authority for your website using professional copywriting. Online authority can be formed by updating your site regularly with original content, specific to your business niche. As people become accustomed to procuring valuable content from your website, it becomes an ideal resource for information.

Examples of business writing we have produced for clients include:

  • Business reports

  • Articles for magazines and blogs

  • Newsletters and factsheets

  • Case studies

  • Sales pages

  • Business new items 

Creative Website Content that inspires loyalty and increases engagement

The perfect trick to inspire loyalty and increase engagement is to create a story infused with your brand strategy – one that tugs at your audience’s heartstrings and effectively conveys your message. Visitors become loyal, re-occurring customers when they make a deeper connection with your brand.

Connecting with people means knowing who they are on a personal level and providing real value that goes beyond your brand’s business goals to serving your audience and solving problems in their life. You need a copywriter who can connect with your audience, leading from the time your product intersects with their life and everything thereafter.

We create copies that offer an experience of what the audience receives when they buy into your brand. We’re not only selling your product, but also creating the ultimate experience that entices people to live the lifestyle your brand represents and subsequently come back for more. We’re invested in establishing real-life friendships with your ideal customer by writing personalised copies that speak to them and address all their pain points.

With website copy from Daily Posts, you’ll receive content aligned with your business objective, optimised for search engines and parallel to your consumer’s values.

What makes Daily Posts Copywriting Stand Out?

A small website with engaging SEO content is more likely to convert visitors into customers than a large website with over 25 poorly written web pages.

Daily Posts can help you create a website that:

  • Builds customer trust

  • Informs customers about your products

  • Communicates your business purpose, values and ethos

  • Enhances search engine ranking

  • Converts visitors to customers 

Why do you need a professional Web Copywriting agency?

Save yourself time and stress

 Writing copy is not as easy as it looks. Regularly producing fresh content takes time and can interfere with other business obligations. A professional can relieve you of the burden and allow you to get other things done. Besides, there’s so much a professional can infuse into your content to make the difference. 

It’s more cost-effective

You can save more money by simply hiring a professional copywriting agency. You won’t need to hire full-time staff to do your content writing. Also, there’s no extra expense involved in hiring a professional agency, as you only pay for the content you order. Daily Posts operates a flexible pricing system that makes it easy for registered clients.

Access to the diverse and continuous flow of content

Websites that regularly update their pages with original content have greater SEO advantage over others that don’t. When you register with a professional writing agency, you’ll have access to a steady stream of fresh content, any time you want. What’s more, it’s as easy as completing a simple form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Copywriting

What are Website Copywriting best practices?

Identify your audience, create compelling headlines, avoid using negatives, concentrate on the reader, humanise your brand and always provide value to the reader.

What are the best Website Copywriting tips?

Study the competition to see what they’re doing. Write to your ideal customer and tell them of the benefits involved; speak their language; anticipate their desires; and provide a clear, actionable CTA.

Excellent Copywriting that converts

An effective website copy always gets the job done. It elucidates the unique selling point of your brand, offers value to the user, guides the consumer through the sales funnel and retains customers. We test everything until we’re sure we’ve got it right. We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to incorporate Google’s ever-changing algorithm into your website copies, with the sole aim of increasing your SERP ranking and providing valuable content to your audience.

Why Choose Daily Posts Web Copywriting agency?          

At Daily Posts, all our registered clients are assured 100% fresh copy. We produce content specifically for you and no one else. This improves your SEO authority, because it remains exclusive to your website alone.

Our web copywriting services are affordable and place the client in control of their budget.

Here are tips for copywriting a website:

Effective website copy tips

  • Go straight to the point: In the ever-busy, fast-paced internet world, it is best practice to be immediately forthcoming with what you have to say. And it should be something they want to read.
    This would typically be what you're selling and why you think it is worth buying.
  • Focus on the benefits: This is a vital part of copy because it determines whether a prospect becomes a customer. Why should they buy it? How does it help them? Does it have a unique value proposition? Has it worked for anyone before?
  • Directly addressing visitors: Because we don't write copy for ourselves, it is ideal to refer to readers as "you", so they know it is all about them.
    It also makes them feel special and understood.
  • Making an easy read: It doesn't matter how good copy is if the text is difficult to read. So, writing short paragraphs and short sentences, using simple words, isolating key ideas, and using subheadings to organise information would do a lot of good.
  • Stick to a brand voice/style: This is a good way to distinguish your brand from all others. It tells the reader a lot about you. The brand style would include:

- How titles are written: Are content words capitalized? Are periods included at the end?

- The tone of copy–Is it funny or poetic?

How can you tell if website copy is awesome?
You know you are reading great copy when you don’t exit a webpage almost immediately after opening it. Scrolling down and actively reading the words means you find it engaging, and feeling convinced to take whatever action is required of you–like subscribing to a newsletter, sharing a post, or making a purchase.

Websites with great copy get more traffic, more leads, and increased sales. This is because copy really works when written in an appealing and compelling way.

To achieve this level of success, you would need an experienced copywriter that can get your website to perform better than it already is. Daily Posts has a great record in this regard.

Facts about website copywriting

  • About 90% of search engine users are yet to make up their mind about a brand before starting their search. With great website copy, you can easily win them over.
  • 84% of people don't end up making a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website. Besides great website copy, ensuring that site security is guaranteed can help increase sales significantly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I write copy for my website?

While there is nothing wrong in writing copy yourself, it is advisable to use a copywriting service for the following reasons:

  • It is not really an easy task, especially if you don't have the requisite skills to do it effectively.
  • The process can be time-consuming.
  • Doing it yourself may cost you, giving your competition an edge. So it is best to opt for a service that has both the expertise and experience.

Should copy only be written for particular sections of the website?

Copywriting a website should cover all areas and sections because any page could be the landing page of your readers and potential customers. And you should be able to engage them to the point where they want to do business regardless of what page that is.

Copywriting your website helps you stand a chance to build your customer base and double your profits. We can help you achieve that. Click here to sign up now.

What exactly do you want a website copy to do for your business? Increase conversion? Boost sales? Get visitors to download an e-book? Build your brand as a reputable solution to problems? If you have website content that’s drab and boring, you’ll probably notice that no one is taking action. Visitors come to your site, but don’t engage with your pages. Subsequently, your web copies aren’t performing well in search engine rankings and you’ve been stagnant for a long while.

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Drive Traffic to Your Site with Professional Website Copywriting

Every word of website copies should accomplish a goal. Getting started might be easy, but writing an engaging copy that captures your readers, as well as creates and maintains an emotional connection is where the real job lies. Good writing is about preparation, having a line of persuasive argument and composing sentences that educate the audience and convinces them to see things from your perspective.

One of the biggest problems we’ve noticed is those who struggle to keep their copies concise, accurate and interesting. Such copies are boring, dull and long-winded. We’ve studied from the best and learnt how to incorporate SEO best practices that satisfy Google bots and your readers.

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