Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Drive Traffic to Your Site with Professional Website Copywriting

Give your business website an edge with finely worded copy. Even if your business is a start-up, you can make a significant web impact outside your niche with professional website copywriting. It is a widely-known fact that businesses without meaningful content struggle with web visibility. Our talented copywriters can push your website up search rankings with search engine optimised content. Call us now to know more on02380 970 979

DailyPosts is a professional website copywriting agency that specialises in producing high quality content for online businesses.

Your website content is vital to your business growth- especially if it is web driven. Businesses cannot afford to take content marketing for granted. While a comprehensive content strategy may not be ideal for every business, a good content plan can make all the difference between site traffic and web conversion.

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SEO-friendly website copywriting

Our content writing comes with search engine optimization services. We focus on delivering an accurate mix of brand-relevant keywords and engaging copy. Our copywriters insert well-research keywords related to your services, into the copy they produce. This is to enhance search engine rankings for your website.

When accurately and professionally crafted into your website, well-written content will not only boost your SERP (search engine result page) ranking but also enhance user experience with your business.

We produce value-driven SEO copy for:

  • On-site content- (landing pages, sales pages)
  • Press releases- a major source of material for websites and e-magazines
  • Blogs and online editorials
  • Advertising copy and branding apps

We also produce SEO-friendly ad copy that ranks well on search engines and matches the corresponding sales pages perfectly. A well-structured landing page with keywords relevant to your ad copy increases web traffic and sticks visitors to your web page.

Web copywriting that increases sales

With innovative copywriting, our team of creative-minded copywriters have a way of producing words that motivate customers to buy. This includes solutions for ecommerce businesses and online publications looking to increase subscriber base.

In order to engage, content must contain useful information and provide answers to an inherent problem. Website copywriting is more than words- it should inspire action. Thus, our copywriters at DailyPosts create copy that:

  • Is clear and straight to the point.
  • Free of technical terms (no waffle).
  • Overcomes buying objections.
  • Convinces customers to take action (buy, register, call and so on).

Some websites contain copy with little or no call to action statements, yet the owners wonder why their conversion rates are low. Conversely, other websites seem to force visitors to buy with flashy banner and tacky content. At DailyPosts, we keep it subtle- maintaining a healthy balance between engaging information and compelling call-to-action.

Content shouldn’t be too sales-focused or it will put-off potential buyers. Our technique is to have a strategy that uses interesting information to inspire purchase, thereby guiding the customer down the sales funnel. The result is often a completed transaction.

Professional Copywriting for business communication

Communicating brand personality is a tricky affair for many online businesses. At Daily Posts, our creativity starts with everyday words and cues. We do a mini study on your typical online customer to get an insight into their online behaviour and language pattern. The result informs the tone of voice and writing style we apply in your content.

Business copywriting is clear, direct and authoritative. You want your audience to develop trust and loyalty for your brand. Our copywriters infuse strong messaging into your business content without compromising the personality of your brand.

You can also establish authority for your website with professional copywriting. Online authority can be formed by updating your site regularly with original content specific to your business’ niche. As people become accustomed to getting valuable content from your website, it becomes an ideal resource of information.

Some of our business writing we have produced for clients include:

  • Business reports
  • Articles for magazines and blogs
  • Newsletters and factsheets
  • Case studies
  • Sales pages
  • Business new items

What copywritten content does for your website

A small neat website with engaging SEO content is more likely to convert visitors into customers than a large website with over 25 poorly written web pages.

DailyPosts can help you create a website that:

  • Builds customer trust
  • Informs customers about your products
  • Communicates your business purpose, values and ethos
  • Enhances search engine ranking
  • Converts visitors to customers

Why you need a professional web copywriting agency

  1. Save yourself time and stress

Writing copy is not as easy as it looks. Coming up with fresh content regularly takes a lot of time and can interfere with time for other business obligations. A professional can relieve you of the burden and allow you time to get other things done. Besides, there’s so much a professional can infuse into your content to make all the difference that counts.

  1. It is more cost-effective

You can save more money by simply getting a professional copywriting agency. For one, you can face more business-related responsibilities. You also don’t need to hire a full-time staff to do your content writing. There’s no extra expense involved in hiring a professional agency- you pay for the content you buy. Daily Posts operates a flexible pricing system that makes it easy for registered clients.

  1. Access to diverse and continuous flow of content

Websites that regularly update their pages with original content have greater SEO advantage over others that don’t. When you register with a professional writing agency, you have access to a steady stream of fresh content any time you want. What’s more is that it’s as easy as completing a simple form.

Why Choose DailyPosts web copywriting agency?          

At DailyPosts, all our registered clients are assured of 100% fresh copy. We produce content specifically for you and no one else. This improves your SEO authority because it remains exclusive to your website.

Our web copywriting services are affordable and places the client in control of their budget.

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Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.