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Website Copywriting Rates

World-Class Website Copywriting at the Right Price

When it is time for new website copy, many business owners are at a loss on where to look. This is as a result of the impression over the years that quality website copy will always require a huge financial outlay.  At DailyPosts, we allow our customers to set a budget and provide quality content at that specific price point.

Our website copywriting services at DailyPosts include products description, cases studies and landing page content. Your business will only flourish when the right words are used in communication with your target audience. If the sales page is poorly written, your business may start to witness a high bounce rate and poor search engine rankings.

As professionals with years of experience in search engine ranking and online consumer behaviour, we know how to combine your brand message with well researched keywords to enhance your SEO friendliness.

What to Expect From our Website Copywriting Service

  • Content that is easy to digest.

  • Content that is engaging.

  • Content that addresses customer questions succinctly.

  • Content that clears insecurities.

  • Content that can convince your target audience about the authenticity of your services.

  • Content that can increase click-through rates by properly worded CTAs.

SEO-friendly Website Copywriting at an Affordable Price

With our SEO-friendly website copywriting service, you can enhance your brand’s online visibility by improving search engine rankings. Relevant content and high click-through rates are some of the things Google look at when determining the search engine rankings for your website.

By creating the right content and infusing relevant keywords, we can increase your search engine visibility, therefore bringing the right customers and potential leads to you.   Our copy always matches the target landing page. Customers are never disappointed with services offered.

If the landing page on your website has the right content, visitors are bound to stay around for longer. This improves the engagement rate. High engagement rates translate to positive signals on the SEO front.  Apart from the improvements to your search rankings, a high number of site visits increases the chances of bringing in more leads and therefore, increases conversions.

Website Copywriting for Increased Conversions at Your Budget

It is one thing to have thousands of website visitors and it as another to have converting customers. Through our use of relevant words and phrases backed by years of marketing psychology research, you can be sure that we will provide you with content that will appeal to your target audience at all times.

Here at DailyPosts, we take time to understand the goal of your website. Whether you want to increase sign up numbers, bring more people to watch videos, or increase the number of purchases, we have the right experts with the right skills that can help you actualise those results.

Our focus at all times is to give you great value for money at a price you will be happy with.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Website Copywriting Service?

At DailyPosts, our copywriting services are provided at the most affordable rates. However, there are additional benefits to your business.  These include:

Creating a professional image for your business

We know how to communicate features and benefits of your business to your target customers. We know how to find the right angle for connecting with relevant stakeholders in your business.  We create professional, engaging and encouraging content for your customers.

Improved marketing

With our website copywriting services, you can take your marketing to the next level by having more content to share on promotional platforms. When there is a steady flow of rich and quality content for your target audience to consume, you can increase your authority as a brand.

Improved brand recognition

When customers can readily associate your brand name with a service in your niche, there is an improved willingness to transact business. With website copywriting from us, you can have a steady supply of content that allows your company to build up that influence.

Website Copywriting Rates System

At DailyPosts, we believe strongly in pricing fairly. Our clients are able to set their project budget To suit their needs, as our rates are flexible. When you pick a price level, we match you with an inhouse copywriter in that niche at that price level.

What you get at the end of the day is original, high quality and reasonably priced content. All content we provide is completely yours as soon as payments are confirmed.  Regardless of your business needs and niche, we have a copywriter for you! Sign up with us today for truly exceptional website content that ticks all the right boxes!

Contact us today for truly affordable rates on comprehensive and compelling website content. Give us a call on 02380970979.

The rates for copywriting services differ. Freelance copywriters charge less for such services, but in most instances, the quality of their services matches the costs. At Daily Posts Copywriting Agency, you are given the best services at a fair price.

At Daily Posts, our aim is to deliver great copywriting at affordable prices. We are able to accomplish this thanks to our diverse staff.

We charge between $3 and $15 per 100 words depending on the type of copy ordered for. To find out more about our rates for copywriting services, please give us a call today on 02380 970979.

What are Daily Posts’ Copywriting Service Rates?

Our rates are designed to ensure all businesses regardless of their size or niche can have quality copy on their websites. After telling us your goals and budget, we will recommend which of our copywriting packages will best suit you.

Specific details regarding our copywriting service rates are:

  • $0.02 per word for SEO Copywriting. This is affordable copy that doesn’t compromise on quality and is crafted with the intent of making the piece rank high in search engine results.
  • $0.03 per word for Superb Web Content. We can provide this to you in the form of blogs, content to populate a new website, press releases, guest posts, landing pages, and so on. You can order for a single piece or in bulk depending on your unique needs.
  • $0.05 per word for Premium Content. This type of copy is of the highest quality. Each piece is optimised for search engine ranking.
  • $0.08 per word for Special Project Content. This is a small price to pay for well-researched and excellently crafted micro-copy, technical documents, and copy for adverts.

By choosing our copywriting agency for your copywriting needs, you will have access to optimised copy that boosts your website’s traffic and brand awareness. All of these will work together to give you a competitive edge online at a fair price.

What Counts as Best Copywriting Services Rates?

To determine a copywriting agency that can provide you the best deal, get quotes from different copywriting agencies and compare prices.

Don’t focus simply on which agency can provide you the lowest price. Rather, find an agency that can offer you high quality service at a lower price. You need to determine if the copywriting agency can provide the following:

  • Quantity: You need an agency that is willing to provide specific numbers of copy on a fixed schedule every month. Verify that an agency has the manpower to deliver the quantity of copy you need when you need it.
  • Length: Statistics show that copy that is more than 1,000 words performs better in search engine results. Verify that an agency can provide the length of copy you need.
  • Quality: Does your desired copy require extensive research, images, search engine optimisation, a specific tone, and so on? An agency must be able to deliver copy that checks all your boxes.
  • Communication: The agency must be available to answer your questions and provide solutions if you are dissatisfied with copy provided.

To effectively determine if a copywriting agency and its rates are right for you, look at their customer reviews and request for samples. To view samples from Daily Posts, sign up here now.

Facts about Copywriting Service Rates

  • Hiring a copywriting professional is a worthwhile investment as 59% of visitors will avoid doing business with you if your website features obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Websites that publish at least 16 posts a month have about 3.5 times more traffic than websites that publish four articles or less a month.
  • Small businesses with frequently updated blogs get 126% more lead growth than competing businesses that don’t do the same.
  • Compelling and engaging copy attracts at least 7.8 times more website traffic. It also generates higher conversion rates.


What copywriting services do you provide?

At Daily Posts, we offer a variety of copywriting services at affordable prices. You can get in touch with us for email copy, brochures, technical copy, blog posts, newsletters, SEO copy, landing pages, and a variety of other written content.

How do you meet deadlines?

Our team of professional copywriters ensure your project is delivered on time and to perfection.

How much do your services cost?

Our rates generally range between $3 and $15 per 100 words depending on the type of copy ordered for.

Contact us today on 02380 970979 for affordable flawless copy.

When hiring a professional copywriter or copywriting agency to tailor your website copy, you want to know the standard website copywriting rates. That way, you get to make a befitting budget and also escape feeling cheated in the end. At Daily Posts, our website copywriting rates are transparent—listed on our website.

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 DailyPosts UK: Affordable Website Copywriting Rates for Everyone

At DailyPosts UK, we have made a name as a full-feature website copywriting agency that offers exceptional services at affordable rates.

Are you designing a new website? Are you looking for website copywriters that can improve site traffic and conversion rates? At DailyPosts, we have the experience to provide you with a professionally written sales page that can help you get good results. Our exceptional team can create all kinds of website content.

We understand the importance of website copywriting when it comes to building a strong brand that is attractive to potential customers. From products description to excellent service delivery, your website needs copy that can appropriately communicate your brand story while reflecting your brand voice in a compelling and articulate manner.

Regardless of what your website is about or what services you offer, you can trust our copywriters here at DailyPosts to deliver clearly worded content at every point in time. We have a wide range of clients from a variety of niches. Over the years, we have created content for websites in the Travel, Home Development, Finance, Sports, Technology, Leisure and Small Scale Business niches. Our copywriters are very passionate about research and content production.

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