Website Copywriting Fees

You can easily get high-quality content for your website at competitive rates. Our website copywriting fees at Daily Posts make it easy for you to unleash your brand’s potential. You no longer have to go over your budget for website copy that works. Get in touch with us right away to discuss rates.


Website Copywriting Fees

James Cummings on Content and Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Copywriting is a specialist skill and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ fee for the service. How much you pay varies widely and is usually dependent on the desired skills, experience, results and the size of a project.

Effective copywriters that have a track record of generating sales do not come cheap. They know their craft is in high demand, because they represent incredible value. It’s not enough to think of the cost based on fees alone, but also how many sales it will generate (or, conversely, how many sales you could lose). Therefore, a service that seems cheap may actually be expensive if you end up attracting fewer sales. Sign up for an account today if you want to get real value for your investment.

Copywriting Fee Depends on the Amount of Research Involved

The work of a copywriter goes beyond just the number of words written. Excellent copy is rooted in sufficient prospect, product and competitor research.  Research is probably the most time-consuming aspect, because the success or failure of the copy hinges on it. How much research is needed will, in turn, affect the fee.

So, before you worry about the copywriting fee, it’s vital you check the track record of the company or copywriter you intend to work with. You need to determine whether the copywriters in question achieve decent sales figures consistently. You also need to find out if they have experience writing for that particular industry or if they specialise in that type of copywriting.

The charges for copywriters that specialise in a particular field (such as finance, health or direct mail) are generally more expensive. However, they also come with a lower risk, because they understand the industry thoroughly – its guidelines and restrictions – and have a record of generating sales in that particular niece. Businesses that operate in sensitive niches usually opt for specialised copywriters, as not adhering to specific guidelines in such an industry could be disastrous for the brand. Furthermore, writing effective copies or adverts within such guidelines and restrictions requires creativity and experience.

What Makes a Good Copy and How Much is it Worth?

The proof of a good copy is in how many sales or results it delivers. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to identify a good copy when reading one. In fact, it’s important you can recognise elements of a good copy, so you can make an educated guess (with regards to its worth) before paying. However, a copy you think is not good may, in fact, be excellent, so you have to be cautious and understand the thinking behind it before you pass judgement.

A good copy leads with a strong offer. Generally, the copywriter will have to work with you to come up with an irresistible offer. You need to make the prospect an offer that is too good to refuse. This should encompass an emotional benefit and be tailored to overcome any objections from the beginning. So, you have to consider how tempting the offer is and if it sets you apart from what the competition is offering.

You probably already understand everything about your products and services, as well as the features and benefits they deliver. However, if you are reading the copy and can’t find the deeper benefits that are tied to the features or surface benefits, you probably need another copywriter – regardless of the fee involved. This is not set in stone, though. The benefits you think are important may be different from the one a copywriter decides to emphasise, after conducting research into your target audience.

Type of Copy Influences the Price

The type of copy also matters. Some copies may require a lot more thinking than words. For instance, a 30-second radio ad requires skill and a lot of thought to ensure the message is delivered clearly and enticingly. Each word has to be carefully selected to ensure it delivers the required result. We also help brands write blog posts or content (to be posted on other sites) that doesn’t require us to sell a product explicitly. These projects are simpler and require less time and research. Subsequently, our copywriting fees for those are lower.

On the other hand, a double-page sales letter gives the copywriter a lot more space to write and explain the benefit of a product, though they require the skill to keep the reader or prospect engaged throughout the copy. A lot of prospects abandon copy after the headline, so it takes know-how and experience to weave the prospect through the copy. Each type of copy has its own unique challenges and the price depends on what the copywriter thinks it takes to do a good job.

Effective Copy Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

While effective copywriting won’t come cheap, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to access it. Copywriters who think long term aim to keep clients for life, by working hard to meet their specific needs. The best copywriters require editors and proofreaders to assist at different stages of the process. The copywriting fee takes this into account. Daily Posts work as a team and we all strive for high quality and understand what is important.

Daily Posts don’t strive to have the cheapest copywriting fees in the industry. Our goal is to deliver the best value at a competitive price. This means we put quality first, whilst ensuring our service is affordable.

You can reach us easily today and we’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide a competitive quote. Start by creating an account today. Call us and start getting the results you deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are your website copywriting fees?

The fees you will pay for copy are pre-agreed after we have analysed the scope of the project. The fees we charge are often a perfect reflection of the time and effort we invest into delivering copy that will add value to your business. However, we believe that our copywriting rates are some of the most competitive in the UK. To get started, get in touch with us right away.

Why are your charges per word?

Most of our clients like the ease of calculation that comes with knowing up front how much they will pay per word for each of our writing categories. This allows them to work within a predetermined budget. Would you rather have your copywriting fees charged by another method? Get in touch with us.

Why are your charges not based on an hourly rate?

We don’t want you to pay for downtime when we are unable to quickly come up with good ideas. We also don’t want to lose out if we are inspired to complete a project quickly.

Are your fees worth it?

You may not understand why you need to pay so much for our excellent writing services. However, you need to keep in mind that you are not just paying for a few words. You are paying us to open up new perspectives for your brand by expounding on your core values for your target audience. Our writing is forever and you are paying for words that can help your customer retention drive for years to come.

What if I can find someone cheaper?

While we cannot guarantee that we’ll always have the cheapest prices, we can always guarantee that we will deliver the best possible value for money.  While it may be possible to get far cheaper website copywriting fees, there is no guarantee that the value and quality of the work done will be anywhere near what we offer.