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What is a Website Copywriter?

A website copywriter creates content for the web, such as emails, sales copies, web page content, landing pages, blog posts, press releases and any form of internet related copy. Unlike other forms of writing, the ultimate goal of copywriting is to spur the reader to take action, such as engaging with a product, completing a subscription form or making a purchase.

In the past, a copywriter could rewrite someone else’s content in their own words, stuff copy with keywords and buy backlinks to rank high on Google. Today, the role of a copywriter has evolved to include creating unique, valuable, relevant content for your target audience. It’s more complicated creating effective copies that covey a brand’s voice, using language your audience can relate to.

Why should you get your copy from Daily Posts?

Makes your Brand more Recognisable

Recognition and familiarity build trust. Your reputation grows positively and people are more willing to patronise your business. Publishing authority content regularly makes it easy to find your company online – especially if it is linked to social media ‘shares’. 

Take advantage of Promotional Content

Websites with a steady stream of rich content utilise various promotional channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress to push its content to a wider audience.

Get published on Influencer Channels

This is another effective way to build your online authority. Influencers with high traffic websites can welcome new posts or link their site to yours, automatically driving up its trust flow. Our website copywriters can produce content to post on these sites and link back to your webpage.

Web Copywriting Solutions for Business Communications

Your website is a key brand touchpoint of your business. Daily Posts knows what it takes to attract, engage and convert potential customers with well-articulated copies. We incorporate into our writing a sense of emotional connection and professionalism between your business and its customers.

Good web copy is more than words; it should be able to drive visibility and engage your customers.

A good copywriter should have a vast skill set that allows them to move between different content types and audiences. They should have a deep understanding of SEO and basic marketing, as well as possess the ability to write from the audience’s viewpoint.

A website copywriter is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy. Daily Posts copywriters create copies that are efficient, persuasive and engaging. Best of all, you don’t have to exhaust your marketing budget for good website copies.

Good content generates three times more leads and costs less

You’ll need a team of excellent copywriters to implement your digital marketing strategy. Outbound marketing consists of promotional messages or ads aimed at consumers, whether they want to see them or not. Content Marketing is a breath of fresh air that isn’t intrusive, provides value and is helpful to the visitor. Here are some interesting statistics:

60% of digital marketers struggle to produce content regularly

65% can’t produce engaging content

62% don’t know how to measure the ROI of their digital campaigns

72% of markets state that content marketing increases engagement and leads

Small businesses with blogs enjoy 126% more lead growth

61% of US online consumers make a purchase after reading a recommendation from a blog they trust

Content marketing generates six times more conversion than other marketing strategies

You’ll get 434% more search engine indexed pages if you populate your website with blog content

Website Copywriting for Improved Search Engine Visibility

Website copy can improve your company’s online visibility by driving its search engine rankings. Google search ranking is determined by click-through rates, content relevancy and landing page structure. A landing page with quality content will attract more visitors to the website and make them engage for longer periods.

Increased traffic means a high click-through rate, while longer engagement increases the potential of your website to become an authority. Google web crawlers take note of high organic traffic and favour the web page in SEO rankings. Subsequently, our web copywriters are trained to ensure your content makes a positive impact.

Website Copywriting for High Conversion Rates

A high search engine ranking and site engagement rate are great for your website. However, your online sales company needs more than just visibility. Your website copy must have the potential to convert visitors into buyers.

Our copies convince potential customers to take the next step along the purchase journey. Daily Posts aim to help you make sustainable business connections with your customers by writing persuasive copy with which they can identify. We have the experience, craft and broad lexicon to fill your web pages with meaningful language and vivid imagery.

The Only Writing Agency for Quality Website Copywriting

Daily Posts is a writing agency with years of experience in the web copywriting business. We have copywriters who cater for clients all over the world. Whatever your business niche, we are capable of writing content to effect positive sales outcomes on your website.

Smart, creative and professional, our team of copywriters at Daily Posts are talented at what they do. We pride ourselves in our prolific range of services. From the finance industry to retail and tech, our clients come from all niches in the corporate and non-corporate spheres. We can help you communicate effectively with your target audience.

Why do you need a Copywriter for Website Content?

Create interest in your product

 A persuasive copy powers your entire digital strategy, bringing in targeted traffic you can turn into leads. A Daily Posts website copywriter takes your business and places it right in front of visitors who are most likely to convert.

Communicate value without losing your audience 

One of the core aims of website copywriting is to create an emotional message that articulates your goal. Writing website copy that showcases your unique value is a speciality for Daily Posts writers. We’ve helped hundreds of startups reach new audiences via customer-driven copies that communicate your offering and tell people why they should be interested.

 Effective Web Content optimised for SEO

You’ll want your brand to show up on search engines, but don’t know how other brands achieve first place results. We’ll look after your content and push your website to the top of the list for major keywords in your niche, bringing an overflow of prospects to your website. Google is forever changing its algorithms; our SEO copywriters are always up to speed, immersing themselves in all the latest search trends.

Develop a personal connection with your audience 

One of the most difficult skills to master in copywriting is producing copy that connects with your audience. We create digital copies that make your audience look forward to your content, like they would their favourite TV show. You’ll want content that’s exciting, whilst helping you reach your business goals. The trick is not to focus on your brand, but to create a customer-centric narrative that’s both riveting and memorable.

Copyediting for your Content

Our team also consists of great copy editors who put the finishing touches on our writers’ drafts. Typographical errors and poor grammar have the potential to reduce the impact of any strong message. After website copywriters have produced the content, our copy editors continue with proofreading and editing to ensure your web presence is error-free and totally professional.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice good search engine rankings at the expense of a meaningful message; we are capable of providing both for your website. With diverse skills such as qualifications in traditional print and modern web copy, you can rest assured our web copywriters have the clout to deliver industry-leading content on your behalf.

Professional Copywriting services that engage and increase conversion

A Daily Posts copywriter is typically a savvy individual who can execute versatile content deliverables. We are creative, analytical, humorous, goal-oriented and adaptive. Not every writer who says they’re the best can meet expectations when they have to be versatile. We’ve honed our skills over decades of training, skills, update courses and experience.

Your business needs an able copywriter who will distil trust through an ‘About Us’ page, blog posts, emails and product pages. Our words lead to engagement for your product, lengthy conversations in the ‘Comments’ section, sharable content and increased conversion for your site.

The Daily Posts Promise

At Daily Posts, we only produce fresh content, exclusive to each of our clients. As company policy, we never reproduce or plagiarise content anywhere else. Duplicate content hurts the effectiveness of SEO ranking and we avoid this by all means.

Rest assured, your web copy exists only on your platform. Additionally, our rates are affordable and our services flexible to suit your differing content requirements.

Who Are Website Copy Writers?

Website copywriters are specialists that craft superb quality copy to create awareness for a brand or sell an idea or product. As the name implies, copy created by a web copywriter will be published on a website page, such as on a landing page, social media, or blog.

Scenarios where hiring a professional online copywriter for your needs will be highly beneficial include:

  • You lack the patience, time, or skills to write engaging copy for your website
  • You don’t understand search engine optimisation (SEO) but want copy that will perform well in search engine results.
  • You have no past experience writing for a website and don’t know the appropriate voice/tone to use in your writing.
  • You want a website that boosts brand awareness and delivers a wonderful user experience to your visitors.
  • You want to surpass competing websites in your niche.
  • You don’t know how to write a powerful call to action.

If this is you, then you need to get in touch with Daily Posts today. We are professional website copywriters that deliver high quality services and results at pocket friendly prices.

Types of Website Copy Writers

The most suitable website copywriter to help you achieve your goals will depend on what those goals are. By understanding what you’d like to achieve through online copy, we can assign to you the most appropriate out of the following copywriters:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriter: This type of website content writer specialises in delivering copy that can achieve high visibility in search engine results.
  • Sales Copywriter: This type of writer specialises in creating copy that boosts brand awareness. This is accomplished through persuasive writing that convinces readers to patronise a product or service.
  • Technical Copywriter: This is a writer with extensive knowledge about a specific industry or product. The writer must also be able to perform research and deliver useful information that readers can apply.
  • Content Copywriter: This type of copywriter can be hired to provide updates and information to your website visitors or readers within your specific niche. The content typically comes in the form of step-by-step guides, how-to-do articles, among others.
  • Creative Copywriting: This type of writer specialises in using words in a creative and potent manner to convince audiences to take an interest in a particular product or service.

Just tell us the sort of copy you need and Daily Posts will take care of the rest.

What Qualities Must a Great Website Copywriter Possess?

Online copywriters at Daily Posts stay up-to-date on the latest changes and developments in the world of online copy and search engines. By monitoring these, we ensure that we are in a position to provide you copy that is crafted and search engine optimised to perform excellently.Other qualities our copywriters possess are:

  • Ability to perform research and source for useful information for a project. This includes research on high performing keywords within a client’s niche.
  • Knowledgeable about the target audience. Without knowledge of the target audience, it will be difficult to craft copy that actually appeals to them.
  • Always learning and staying informed. A dedicated copywriter is always learning through reading and from past mistakes. This includes learning more about a client as well as their products and services.
  • A professional copywriter takes feedback and applies it to improve their work.

For a copywriter that’s best suited to your project, call us now on 02380 970979.

Facts about Website Copywriters

  • 45% of online marketers claim blogging was the most popular form of marketing strategy in 2017.
  • More than 70% of companies hire copywriters for their content marketing strategy. Such companies typically experience up to six times higher conversion rates.
  • Businesses that blog at least 20 times in a month get up to five times more traffic than those who blog 4 times or less in a month.
  • More than 70% of online users watch out for quality of spelling and grammar on a website and more than half of such users are unlikely to do business with a company whose website features obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.


How do you prevent plagiarism?

At Daily Posts, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Our goal is to always deliver online content that is a 100% original and unique. One of the ways we ensure that no aspect of copy submitted to a client is plagiarised is by running it through CopyScape. Our writers and editors are also comprehensively trained regarding what counts as plagiarism and how to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

How much do you charge for your services?

We offer competitively priced copywriting services. We have available a variety of price plans so you can pick one which is most in line with your budget and needs. For example, you can pay as little as:

  • $0.02 per word for SEO Copywriting
  • $0.03 per word for excellent web content
  • $0.05 per word for Premium Content
  • $0.08 per word for Special Project Content such as technical copy and advert copy.

For more about our prices, give us a call today for a friendly chat.

Can I read a few samples of your writing?

Samples are readily available once you register with us. Registration is easy and completely free. Please click here to get started.

What are my options if I’m not satisfied with content?

In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with the piece of copy provided to you, you can request for as many revisions as you desire at no extra cost.

Do I get 100% rights to the content you deliver to me?

Yes! Every content we create for you is entirely yours to do with as you please. Once we hand over your content, you get it along with its copyrights, and it is yours to publish, distribute, and resell.

Give us a call today on 023 80 970 979 for website copywriting services at affordable prices.

Getting good copy for your website is about the best decision you can make for your business as it is the content on your website that determines if your visitors will come back or make an eventual purchase. The expert copywriters at DailyPosts will provide the kind of high quality content needed to inspire repeated visits from your readers and get them to take the desired action.

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DailyPosts: Your Writing Agency for Quality Website Copywriting

Do you remember a time when the Yellow Pages, business cards and brochures were the only ways via which to market your business? Well, not anymore. Your website is your resume – the first place people go to learn more about your brand and an integral part of establishing business legitimacy.

Are you developing a new website for online sales or looking to optimise your website for better results? You’ll need a writing agency with experienced web copywriters – people who understand the importance of original content and persuasive writing.

Unlike a business that goes to sleep at the end of the day, your website is working hard 24/7 to convert customers and tell visitors exactly what you’re offering. Is your website not delivering the results you desire? Are conversion rates down and your visitors not engaging with your site? If so, your copywriting is the first place to look.

Investing in a professional website copywriter helps your business grow. It makes your website more visible on search engines, gives your business a dynamic online presence, generates new leads and convinces doubting visitors to become loyal customers.

Copies from Daily Posts educate your prospects and establish your brand as the leading authority, where visitors can find strong content. Working with freelance writers could be a big problem for marketing managers and business owners who require high-quality content at a steady pace. You need a copywriting agency that knows the balance of style, voice and authenticity.

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