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The average website visitor is just one click away from leaving your website and going somewhere else. In fact, it is commonly considered that you have about 20 seconds to captivate your visitors enough that they want to spend more time on your website.


Creating website copy that gets results

The internet is a brutal world where only the strongest survive, so the only way to get people to read what you have to say is to say it in a way that resonates with them. If your website visitors can’t find what they came looking for, or don’t understand it when they do, or fail to make a connection with what they find on your website, then the purpose of your website has failed in a big way.

The copy on your website is what your real visitors are there to read. It is this copy that will convert them from visitors into fans, subscribers and customers, and it is your responsibility to make their visit worthwhile.

If you need website copy that immediately grabs attention, builds interest and compels the required action, then you are on the right webpage. At Daily Posts, we have copywriters who are experts in creating website copy that gets results.

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What is the difference between web content and web copy?

Back in the early 1960s, during the golden age of copywriting, it wasn’t strange to see earnest young people hunched over typewriters struggling to come up with the perfect slogan. But the arrival of the internet has brought about a different order. These days, it is not strange to hear experts tell you that having a lot of content on your website is enough to guarantee success.

Anyone with knowledge of digital marketing will tell you that even though web content and web copy appear similar, they are two different things. Web content focuses on keeping your website visitors on your site long enough to discover the qualities of your site, while web copy is an effective way of communicating the qualities of your brand to visitors in a short time and getting them to perform specific actions. Even though these two are important, it goes without saying that the effectiveness of your web copy will decide your bottom line.

James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at product descriptions and e-commerce.

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How can you write engaging website copy?

Not too long ago, back in the early days of websites, all companies had to do was transfer their pre-existing copy content online. This was how they developed web copy. While this system may have worked back in the day, the evolution of digital marketing has changed the dynamics of website copy. Now, plain and conventional copy won’t sell.

The truth is that website copy today has evolved to have its own set of rules and idiosyncrasies. Internet users don’t read website copy the way print copy is read, especially in today’s world of smartphones and small screens. Website copy no longer needs long sentences and huge paragraphs, instead, gut-punching, catchy and unconventional headlines, incisive paragraphs and clearcut call to actions are the norm.

When you write copy for the web, you need to understand that people don’t read it, they scan it. They read the headlines and quickly glance through the paragraph and try to quickly see if it is important to them. This is why you have to catch them from the headline.

Our expert copywriters at Daily Posts can work with you to create expert copy meant for the web. We understand the readers’ general psychology and will work with you to create copy that resonates with your target audience.

Write website copy that gets results

Regardless of how beautiful your website is, how much effort was put into the design, or even how much you paid for the web design project; at the end of the day, what matters is how much business your site can generate. And while properly-crafted website content will help you enjoy visibility on search engines and attract organic traffic, a properly-crafted website copy will yield the following benefits:

  • Bring in more leads
  • Provide the right information to your website visitors
  • Improve your search engine page rankings for the right combination of keywords
  • improve your online brand
  • Turn your visitors into customers and clients

Of course, creating website copy that delivers is no mean feat and it is no secret that hundreds of businesses are using the services of professional website copywriters to get the perfect copy for their website. To gain a competitive advantage, you should consider doing so too.

At Daily Posts, we have expert website copywriters that can work with you to turn out effective copy for your website. Don’t give the competition an inch.

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Change your online game completely

Your website copy can help you get bottom line results for your business. This is not just about your homepage or about page. We are talking website copy that optimizes your landing pages, product pages, blog posts, newsletters, press releases and the entire content of your website.

Every single part of your site should carry website copy that reflects the emotions and sentiments of your visitors. When you do it right, you are completely redefining your online game and turning your website into a revenue-generating machine.

Words are a very powerful force and can compel people to take action that they never planned to take. In fact, changing just a sentence or two in your website copy can significantly affect the success of your online business. This is the secret of some of the most successful websites on the internet.

Using the right combination of words, nuances and slogans in your website copy will help you increase conversion, boost sales, enhance your credibility, engage new prospects and turn visitors into customers.

If you feel that your online business is ready for a game-changing strategy, then it may be time to revisit the content of your website copy. Fortunately, our expert website copywriting service is on hand to work with you in achieving your website goals. We have dozens of expert website copywriters who can create the perfect content that will not only engage your visitors, but also resonate with them and influence them to take the needed actions.

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After a while, it becomes necessary for you to breathe new life into your website. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a domain name change or a website redesign, it could be simply changing the words and arrangement of the content on your website, focusing more on content that identifies with your visitors’ pain points and how you can solve them. Do this, and you will see bottom line changing results on your page.

Let us work with you to achieve these bottom line changing results. Create an account today and request our expert website copywriting service that will redefine your online business.

Example: For a 15 page website of 400 words per page, order 60 units (6,000 words).

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