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James Cummings on Content and Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, explains a little about our content and copywriting services. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your content requirements then get in touch with James today, or setup an account now to work with us in our online virtual office.

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Daily Posts is a UK-based writing agency. We offer web writing services to clients who need website copy that drives traffic, engages visitors, convinces sceptics and converts like crazy. We know your audience, where they like to hang out, the type of posts they enjoy reading, the language they respond to and the trigger words that compel them to act.

Writing your own website content might seem like a smart move, but it costs you a lot in time wasted, high bounce rate, no visibility on search engines and, worst of all, content that doesn’t yield any results.

When writing website content, we focus on creating unique pieces that offer immense value whilst still remaining relevant to your audience. We realise that websites who succeed are those that care about their customer’s pain point and provide content that solves their problems.

Our content goes through testing by fire before we send it back to you. We’ll chip away fluff, jargon words and empty statements that don’t add any value to the content. Each task is checked by an editor and content manager for proofreading to ensure that the copy we send you is 100% error-free and optimised for SEO.

What is web writing?

Web writing is good writing adapted to the needs of web users. It does not call attention to itself but focuses on using plain text and simple grammar to communicate a message, tell a story, share information or help the audience solve a problem. It involves making your point in as few words as possible, helping the reader navigate your website and making it easy for them to access the information they need.

A web writer creates content for website pages such as service pages, About Us, landing pages and more. Depending on the needs of the webmaster or consultant it could also take the form of white papers, eBooks, blog posts, email blasts, sales copy, newsletters and product descriptions.

Generally, there are two types of web writers, freelances and salaried writers. A freelancer works with many clients across different niches. Some are full-time whilst others are part-time. Salaried web writers work with one company in a remote or on-site capacity, such as Daily Posts.

Content on the web follows grammar rules, but some niches are more laid back than others. The most important element is creating content that engages website visitors. A web writer has to be versatile and adaptable. Our writers have worked with clients in real estate, healthcare, construction, law, finance and more.

Engaging pieces that drive traffic

Let’s face it, creating engaging content week after week is an almost impossible task to complete on your own. You have to find content that your audience is truly interested in, get to know each and every single one of their pain points and address them. You also have to find content that will increase the quality of their life or, at least, make them happy. Don’t forget about balancing your brand’s tone with one that fits the audience as well as optimising content for SEO. It’s a lot of work.

Engaging content must trigger a measurable response in your audience. It has to be meaningful, impactful and valuable. That’s the only way people will share your content. In a deep sea of average content, you’ll need a gifted team of wordsmiths to help you rise above waters and stake your claim as the top brand in your niche. Our web writers are not just good, they are spectacular.

Every piece of content is created with intent. We know your audience inside out and that helps us choose a goal for each piece. Sometimes it’s to educate, inform, entertain or keep them in the loop about the latest trends. Whatever the goal, they’ll always come away feeling smarter and happier.

We take your content marketing goals, create content your audience needs and ensure they continue to the next piece for more. The competition isn’t lazy. They’re consistently trying to increase their traffic and increase brand loyalty. You should too.

We’re not just giving your customers the bare minimum they need to survive. We’re giving them everything we’ve got in our arsenal. Our content is well-researched, in-depth, well-written and valuable.

Daily Posts, writing unique web content your audience desires

Original and unique content created just for your audience. In truth, it’s easier said than done. Do you have what it takes to drum up ideas for your website blog or pages that will make your audience go crazy? How do you write high-quality content that is innovative and engaging?

Ultimately, you want your audience to look forward to your posts. You want them to feel confident that when they come to you for information, they’ll find more than what they were looking for. Extraordinary value beyond their expectations.

The mark of great website copy is not in the vocabulary or big words the writer includes in the copy. It’s a writer who inspires people to share your content on social media, interact with your web pages, sign up for your newsletters and make a sale. Our writers create content people understand using the language they know.

Our content is easy to consume, which makes it more attractive to the reader and search engines. We’re not aiming for the world. We are writing personalised copy for a specific niche guaranteed to triple your conversion rate.

Web writing that maximises visibility across marketing channels

No matter how good your content is, it is limited in what it can do if it’s invisible to search engines. Try as you might to ignore this hard truth, your business thrives with the help of search engines. So, all content must be optimised for search.

Apart from search engines, we’ll also help you build your email list. It is a high-revenue source for any marketing strategy and could single-handedly increase on-site sales. We’ll develop content that nurtures trust and community with your subscribers. Our writers will create amazing content that has a significant impact on your content marketing efforts.

Our web writing services include:

  • On-site blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Web page content
  • Technical content
  • Press release
  • Outreach articles
  • Software manual writing
  • Corporate content
  • Product description
  • Newsletters and more

Why choose Daily Posts?

  • Access to international expert writers with experience across niches and industries
  • Affordable, high-quality content
  • SEO-optimised web writing
  • 100% original, copyscaped content
  • Error-free copies proofread by capable editors
  • Production of engaging content consistently
  • Repurposing of failed articles on your website for improved success
  • We never miss a deadline
  • You’ll set the price and we’ll produce content within your price point