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Web Copywriting Services

At DailyPosts, We Use Comprehensive Content Production Strategy to CreatePowerful Web Copy

Every web copy we produce is created using our proven content writing strategy. The strategy is a guideline we follow to ensure that every web copy is of consistent quality and offers maximum value to you.

Although the strategy can differ with the client needs and the target audience, one constant process is extensive research. This is to ensure that we only deliver content that is relevant and resonates with the needs, considerations and expectations of your target customers.

The DailyPosts Advantage

Another perk of engaging our professional web copywriting services is that we are a large team of writers and editors from different parts of the world, with diverse backgrounds and with different experiences. Some of us are or have been in one or more of the ICT, hospitality, sports, human resource management, software development, building, personal development, and healthcare industries, to mention a few. This guarantees that:

  • You can take advantage of our professional experiences to relate with the peculiarities of your industry.

  • You can take advantage of our professional and personal experiences to relate effectively with customers from different parts of the world and with different mentalities.

How do these benefit you?

  • We know what language to use and what pain points to address in order to engage, convince and convert your target audience.

  • We have insider knowledge in your industry to produce copy that portrays you as an authority in your niche.

Ultimately, with our professional web copywriting service, you will be:

  • Influencing the thinking, suppositions and behavior of your target customers to your advantage by being a valuable resource to your target audience.

  • Producing the kind of web copy that makes you obviously stand out from your competitors.

  • Creating the kind of lasting impression on your target audience that will make them turn to you when they decide to buy.

With DailyPosts Web Copywriting Service, You Are Always In Control of the Service

We are experts in producing the right web copy for each client’s business and branding requirements. Most of our clients, especially the returning ones, tell us where they want the copy to go and free us to use our experience and expertise to produce the perfect copy.

However, we have a practice of unrestrained communication which allows you to specify the language, tone and structure you want. The copy order process is simple but comprehensive, allowing you to provide all the necessary information our writers need to deliver the kind of web copy you need. You also have limitless, free reviews until we have delivered the exact web copy you require.

We Always Deliver On or Before Schedule so that You Can Stick to Your Business Plans

Are you looking to quickly obtain web copies to populate your new website? Or, do you require effective web copies as you look to quickly reposition for success?Whatever the scale of the project, we can complete it within your own time frame.

We have a large network of writers around the world who collaborate on our secure virtual office. This ensures that we can quickly scale out to accommodate large and/or urgent projects.

Please be assured that speed of delivery does not mean that quality is compromised. All our writers go through strict tests and a probationary period during which time they are trained to produce powerful web copy on a consistent basis. The training process is continual to ensure that we can always meet client needs, no matter the circumstance.

With us, you will never experience the feeling that your time has been wasted.

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What are copywriting services?

Professional web copywriting service is any agency which specialises in developing strategies and the writing needed for the running of a client's website. Some of their duties include developing a strategy and writing blog posts, covering website copywriting audits, landing pages, press releases, email newsletter content, social media content, editing and proofreading copy meant for a client's website and drafting case studies, white papers and testimonials.

The aim of a web copywriting service aligns with that of the client. They are result-driven and develop tactics for measuring results. They also specialise in search engine optimisation so that the goal is not only to write copy that the client will fall in love with, but also to ensure client's visibility through brand awareness. The work done by a website copywriting company is designed to communicate clearly and persuasively to both customers and prospects.

Web copywriting strategies:

The following are some of the strategies employed by top web copywriting services:

  • Make it about them: Instead of focusing on the prospect, many companies focus too much on themselves in their web copy. Good copy focuses on the prospect, addressing their pain and presenting solutions that compel them to take desired action.
  • Page break: Studies have shown that only a few online readers read through entire copy. The rest only skim through. Page breaks ensure they grab all the points writtenin copy.
  • Buzzwords: In the quest to include keywords and generate traffic, many services choke up their web copy with jargons, thereby hampering clarity and flow.
  • Research: Understanding your audience is a great way to begin creating result driven web copy.
  • Call to action: The intention of every website copywriting agency is to get the prospect to take particular action. A clear and compelling call to action can achieve that.

What makes a great web copywriting service?

The most important feature of a great website copywriting service is experienced web copywriters who produce compelling copy that converts. This will then be enhanced by sound SEO services. A strong search engine ranking best practices will ensure the client gets her money's worth in all her landing pages and social media posts. Since well-crafted web copy doesn't cut it, an acclaimed web copywriting agency should also have result-driven approaches to its projects. This is because what client really cares about is conversion and revenue generation.

Good web copywriting services establish methodologies that ensure consistent messages in every web copy they produce. Consistency is at the heart of copywriting and content marketing. Customers like to patronise brands that are stable and that is shown in a company's ability to sustain the same personality online.

You can also identify a great web copywriting service in the experts that make up its team. The good ones always ensure they have an experienced sales and online marketing expert onboard with the knowledge of website design and blogs.

Facts and statistics about website copywriting services

Many companies still prefer handing their own website copywriting in-house instead of outsourcing to a professional service. That is a bad practice given that readers tastes keep getting better every day. Statistics show that 75% of readers pay attention to the spelling and grammar errors in web copy while 59% of web users will avoid doing business with a company that makes spelling and grammatical errors in its copy.

Companies which hire website copywriting agencies record 7.8 more web traffic after outsourcing to these professionals.

Micro copywriting is just as important as web copywriting. For instance, statistics show that companies who moved from a "buy now" call to action on their web copy to a "add to bag" or "add to cart" recorded a 17% increase in sales.

Frequently asked questions about web copywriting services

Why should I hire you instead of setting up an in-house team?

An average agency has years of experience and understands the changing climate of the web faster than you.

What if I want to change the brief or cancel the project entirely?

Provided the parameters for the change are not significantly different form the initial one, we will maintain the same price as agreed upon. If you want to cancel a project we have already begun, a kill fee of up to 50% will be incurred.

Who are most of your clients?

Our clients cut across all sectors ranging from engineering, medicine to accounting, real estate, and so on. Our writers are trained in conducting research so as to prepare compelling web copy.

Will you give me a quote before the work begins?

Yes. We will give you a quote and a timeline before we begin working.

How do you know what to write?

We ask questions and from your response we get an idea of what your website needs and we take it from there.

Your website should be visible and relevant. With DailyPosts, aprofessional writing agency that provides superb web copywriting services, you can get the full benefits of an online presence with the right content for your website. We provide SEO focused content that boosts your online visibility and conversion rates. Find out how…

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DailyPosts Web Copywriting Services: We Create Stirring Web Copy that Meets Your Business Objectives

Web copy is the backbone of your online business. It is the greatest influencer of how potential customers perceive your business.Poor or even average web copy is a major reason why many online businesses remain on the periphery even though they have the perfect product or service.

With web copy, you have a very small window of opportunity to get and hold the attention of your site visitor. Internet users today have a very short attention span. Your web copy therefore has to be clear, well-structured, concise, and presented with a compelling pitch to influence your target audience.

Although not always solely responsible, poor web copy results in:

  • Low organic traffic;

  • High bounce rates; and

  • Lowonsite interactions.

As a result, this leads to low conversion rates. If you are struggling with any of these or you are building a new website and want to start on the right footing, DailyPosts web copywriting service is what you need to succeed. With our web copywriting service, you will be able to:

  • Stay ahead of competition at every stage of the buying cycle from product awareness to decision-making and advocacy through relevant, powerful and compelling web copy.

  • Produce the right value proposition using the right language on every page of your website that will resonate with your audience, whatever the industry niche, to guarantee conversion.

  • Obtainas many high quality converting web copies as you require, within your own time and budget requirements because we have a large team and never outsource.

  • Produce copy that best represents your corporate values and culture in a way that convinces your target audience that you are their best option.

  • Produce expertly worded copy that uses the right, naturally placed and relevant keywords that will boost your SEO efforts by about 30%.

Over the years, we have delivered web copies that work for clients in various industries including sports, hospitality, ICT, psychology, wealth management, writing, health, beauty care, domestic services, and building industries. Some of our clients have worked with us for more than 5 years as they expand or reposition their businesses.

Sign up here to get started, or you can contact us on 023 80 970 979 to find out more about how we can work with you to produce the kind of web copy your business needs to succeed.

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