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Technical Copywriting

What is the difference between a technical writer and technical copywriting?

If you have a tech-based business, chances are you have an in-house technical writer. However, using the same person to write your marketing materials can be counterproductive. A technical writer is someone who writes technical instructions, manuals, online help, product specifications and reference guides for low or high-tech products and services. The instructional manual that accompanies your products is likely written by your technical writer. Even training materials, e-books and assembly instructions are typically penned down by a writer who has insight into the technical works of a product.

Even though it may seem like a good idea to use the same person to do your technical copywriting, you have to first ask yourself if these individuals will be able to avoid writing like a techie. The complex nature of most instruction manuals show that this is often not possible. Also, it is one thing to know how a product works, selling the idea is a completely different kettle of fish.

If you want your target audience to immediately associate with what you are offering, your best bet is to work with a copywriter. These are individuals who, after studying and understanding your product, service or idea, will sell it to your prospects using a combination of words that mean something to them.

What makes a good technical copywriter?

Many people believe that a good technical copywriter will be able to explain the features and functions of a technical product, service or idea in a way that people can easily grasp. This is not entirely correct. A good technical copywriter is someone who can write persuasive copy so that people are compelled to try or buy the products or services, not necessarily using words that explain how the product works or how to use it. Of course, one major pre-requisite of a technical copywriter is the ability to understand how the product or service works, but that is secondary to the overall plan. The primary goal is to explain as little as possible while emphasising how important it is to buy the products and services.

If you are in need of a good writer who will creatively persuade your target audience of their need for your products without confusing them with technical jargon and bogus language, then you are on the right page.

Our writers at Daily Posts are skilled and experienced in the art of writing technical copy that converts rather than confuses. Let us work with you to communicate effectively with the people that matter the most.

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Deliver technical content in a simple and communicative manner

As long as you are in the technology industry, chances are you struggle to create comprehensive and clear marketing content that people will find easy to understand and act on. From whitepapers to product descriptions and sales pitches, you need content that is delivered in a simple way so that your target readers buy into your ideas.

The same way machines don’t build themselves and software doesn’t self-code, it is impossible for your technical copy to write itself. To make life easy for you, we have a team of expert technical writers who can seamlessly convert that confusing technical jargon into an easy-to-read, awesomely simple and engaging copy.

Our writers have a knack for taking complex products and making them appear simple to the end user. We can comprehensively show the potential of your products in a way that leaves the reader no choice but to make a favourable buying decision. Our skill cuts across a variety of technology-based industries and, while we may not be able to produce the product, carry out the service or come up with the idea, we can help you sell your message to the people that matter in the language and format they understand.

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Write it yourself or hire a copywriter?

Whether you decide to write it yourself, use in-house talent or engage a professional copywriter, the ultimate goal is to make the most of your technical product or service’s value proposition.

However, you have to understand that writing effective technical copy is hard work. It demands a lot of time, concentration and creativity. If you or your team does not have these in large doses, then you should consider getting a professional who does.

To spread your message effectively, it is important that you look for someone who can communicate your technical values in layman’s terms. And the best person to do this is usually a professional copywriter, someone who is trained and skilled in assimilating complex information and using it to create simple messages.

While no one can know your products better than you do, there are people who can tell others about it better than you can. One of the key elements of a good business owner is to know the right time to hand over certain aspects of your business to professionals so that you can focus your energies on other things.

The technical copywriters at Daily Posts have years of experience in writing expert copy that sells the value proposition of technology-related businesses. We understand that the people you are trying to reach may not be at the same level of technical expertise and understanding as you, so we make sure to use words that they can easily understand without compromising the importance of what you are saying. Let us work with you to communicate effectively with the people who need your products and services.

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To hit home with your target audience, you copy must be readable, relatable and compelling. Your readers should be able to immediately understand how your products and services can help them. This means that your technical copy must be written from the standpoint of the reader and contain credible reasons that will make them buy.

Need help with this? Let us work with you to achieve your business goals and sales expectations.

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What Is Technical Copywriting?

Technical copywriting involves the use of keywords to convince potential customers and create brand awareness about the goods and services of a company.

Types of Technical Copywriting

  • Creative copywriting: This is the act of conveying ideas within a short period of time in order to get to the audience. Creative copywriters use engaging content and key phrases that compel customers to buy your products or services.
  • Digital copywriting: This is written to attract customers to purchase or subscribe to what a company is advertising. Digital copywriters write on-page navigation copy, microcopy, button copy, calls to action, social media copy, and so on.
  • Marketing copywriting: This involves the writing of content that inspires, educates, and guides the audience. It increases a strong emotional relationship between the company’s products and buyers. Marketing copywriters specialize in the creation of ebooks, video scripts, etc.
  • The Explainer:These are technical experts that write copy which describes a product or service, in a way that is easy to understand.

What Makes a Great Technical Writer?

The Text style: It's easy for readers to get confused in the middle of an article due to the use of difficult words. Technical copywriters need to make sure their writing is clear.

Analytical skills: Analytical skills are the most essential qualities of a great technical copywriter. All copywriting jobs require a level of information gathering combined with the ability to investigate certain topics and carry out fundamental analyses of information that is uncovered. Sources need to be verified properly.

Correspondence: It is important to know the target audience. A great technical copywriter has the ability to convey a message to a target audience.

Familiarity: Technical writers need to be familiar with the topic or subject area that they are writing on. They must have in-depth knowledge of the topic or subject.

Facts about Technical Writing

  • Research has shown that 80% of readers only look at the headline of an article. Attention should be paid to the headline of an article for it to achieve desired results.
  • A technical copywriter needs to use excellent grammar, as three out of four browsers pay attention to the quality of content found on a company’s website.
  • Errors in copy may make a company lose 59% of its target audience.
  • Technical copy and other types of content maintain content variety and keep the audience engaged and informed. Content variation is used by 60% of content marketers.
  • The amount of traffic a website generates is used to determine the productivity of content. 78% of companies use these statistics to analyse and make decisions about how best to go about their content strategy.
  • Regular publishing of content has proven to be beneficial to companies. 42% of businesses now post content either on a daily basis or a few times weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a technical copywriter?

A technical copywriter is a specialised information communicator whose aim is to convey knowledge to people through any means that best facilitate the transfer of information.

What is the quality of a good technical copywriter?

A good technical copywriter should be able to persuade readers to take action.

What type of copywriter is needed most in business?

In order to run a smooth and lucrative business, a marketing copywriter is important because he specialises in creating ebooks and video scripts which could be shared on social media.

What is digital copywriting?

A digital copywriting is written to attract customers to purchase or subscribe to what a company is advertising. Digital copywriters create on-page navigation copy, button copy, calls-to-action, and social media copy.

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Copywriting is about speaking to people, but it is impossible to do this right if you are not speaking in a language they understand. The internet has made it so that customers can choose what they want and who they listen to; our job is to make sure they listen to you.

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Selling a technical product, service or idea can be a headache when you have to sell it to non-technical people. It doesn’t matter if you are selling an app, software, hardware or a high- tech service, the point remains that you need to be able to communicate the features and benefits of your product without confusing or boring the reader.

The key is to explain what you have in a way that even a layperson will understand what you are saying without feeling like you are intentionally talking down to them, while at the same time creating a connection that will make them perform the actions you have outlined in your message.

No one likes to read technical jargon, especially if it is not in an area they are familiar with; this is why it is important that you communicate your message in the right way.

Our copywriters at Daily Posts can communicate your message in the right way no matter how technical. Why confuse your readers when you can engage them?

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