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Technical Copywriter

What is a technical copywriter?

People assume that a technical copywriter is the same as a copywriter. While they can perform both jobs, a technical copywriter goes one step further to persuade your readers to convert. They describe how a product works, the same as a technical writer, but possess the skills of a copywriter to create engaging copies that are well-received by your audience.

For example, when you buy a new server for your office intranet use, the tech copywriter provides a manual that tells you about the function of the server and the problems it will solve. They detail the benefits of the product and all its uses for problem-solving.

Our technical copywriters have a specialised skillset that enables them to create magic for your technical product or service. We write material such as landing pages, blog posts, email newsletters, online articles and any web or offline copies that sell your product.

Not everyone can write a technical copy like us. We save money for your business by offering specialised writers complemented by specialised tools. Our versatile technical copywriters understand your product, industry terminology and guidelines guiding copywriting for your niche.

Let’s Help You Sell

Our writing agency serves as a bridge between technology and marketing. Knowing how to communicate with professionals is the difference between growth and stagnation for your company. We understand what’s at stake and are a smart choice if ROI is important.

Our Technical Copywriting Services

  • Technical Brochure Copywriting: We help turn your technical brochure into a persuasive sales machine, expanding your brand reach and audience.

  • Technical Content Writer: Our technical copywriters handle clear and engaging copies.

  • Technical Sales Page: We write sales pages for various brands that enable them to deliver products and services to a wider audience.

  • Technology Copywriter: IT businesses in the UK depend on us to communicate the benefits and uniqueness of their products and services.

Regardless of the kind of copy you need or the industry you are in, we’ll put our experience and skills to work for you. We convert technical data into persuasive sales letters, brochures, case studies, and so much more.

From complex and abstract whitepapers to content migration, Daily Posts’ team of copywriters have seen and done it all.

High Quality is Guaranteed

We follow a definitive process that has served us well over the years. Our technical copywriters do not have the final say. Rather, their work is passed to our technical editors who carefully screen the work to ensure it is factual and accurate.

They correct any grammatical errors and refine ambiguous sentences. Sometimes, all that is needed is a fresh pair of eyes to make the perfect piece. Our technical copywriting editors do just that.

We send you the finished draft to pore over. You can either accept the work or request revisions. We are always happy to revise the work and we’ll incorporate your suggestions and concerns. We offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the work.

What skills do a Daily Posts technical writer possess?

Interviewing skills

A technical writer must know how to ask questions and the right questions to ask. We get a feel for the different personalities behind the product and how best to approach them. Once we’ve understood the subject matter, we listen for the important information that guides follow up questions.

Comfortable with technical tools

Our technical writers are adept at MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, RoboHelp and a host of other technical tools. These are tools we use to create technical documents for your business. If there is a specific tool you want us to use, our writers are quick to learn and adapt.

Ability to write clear copies

Clarity is a fundamental tool for a technical writer. We can communicate ambiguous briefs and explain them in plain English your readers will understand. To do this effectively, we take time to understand your product and brief. Weed out long constructions, passive sentences and refine new ideas from old ones. Our copies make your readers feel smart.

Research skills

Every copywriter, technical or not, requires research skills. It is only through research that we gather sufficient information that helps us understand your field and begin the writing process. Research makes us confident where we would otherwise flounder with a copy.

Patience in troubleshooting and problem solving

Ask any tech writer and they’ll tell you that 80% of technical copywriting is about problem-solving. Sometimes, it’s difficult solving a problem but patience and persistence help us get to the solution you need.

Technical writer vs copywriter

It’s easy to get confused when discussing the specific job descriptions of a technical copywriter against a copywriter. In a basic way, both are copywriting. A technical writer provides content explaining how to use a service/product. They document procedures of manufacturing.

They take a complex product and find the simplest words that communicate what the product will do for a consumer. Some tech writers, especially those who work with B2B clients, explain niche products for industry experts. The audience of a technical writer, language, style, tone and structure, is different from other types of website copywriting.

A good technical writer takes seemingly boring content and injects life into it. Most of the work they produce includes manuals for your new laptop, hard drive, the white paper for a new coin offering and other technical content. These are examples of copies written by a technical copywriter.

Conversely, a copywriter helps a brand to sell. They develop content for all types of businesses using a customer-centric approach to increase brand awareness and persuade the consumer to take action.

The action could be subscribing to a blog, making a purchase, calling a service provider or downloading a whitepaper. Simply put, a technical writer explains, and a copywriter persuades. Our technical copywriters inhibit both characteristics for a robust copy that resonates with your readers.

Do You Need a Technical Writer or a Technical Copywriter?

If you just need someone to put together a usage manual (that explains how to use a product or service), a basic technical writer will be the better fit. However, if you require the words to sell those products or services and to turn data and concepts into compelling and persuasive pieces of prose, you need Daily Posts.

Quite simply, we bridge the gap between technology and marketing and convert technical data and jargon into persuasive sales-driving words.

The Roles Can Overlap

For years, we’ve helped multiple brands transform data and analysis into an inspiring document that has boosted revenue and profit for our clients. While our technical writers are primarily concerned with getting your target audience to buy the product or service, they sometimes have to explain and break down the services to readers before they commit to buying.

Showing the Audience What Is in It for Them

The goal is to sell and build brand awareness, the focus of our technical copywriter is to show the target audience what’s in it for them. It may involve making the process simpler to adequately describe the benefits.

In cases where the target audiences are technicians or data junkies, such as engineers, we need to back it up with sound technical analysis and demonstrate effectiveness with technical proofs.

Getting Technical Copywriting Correct

Previously, we’ve had to interview engineers and technicians to extract the right USP or value proposition. On such occasions, the appropriate words are usually present in the minds of these people – even if they are raw and unrefined. Daily Posts’ methodical interview approach extracts key information vital to the copy.

We’ve produced lots of technical copywriting across various sectors, such as IT, defence, aviation, communication, plumbing, healthcare, and more.

We have experts in a variety of technical fields ready to put their extensive experience to work for you. Our meticulous approach to research enables us to understand any field and bring it to life.

Not Getting it Right Could Hurt Your Brand

Technical copywriting is one of those fields where accurate writing is of paramount importance. This is because some fields (such as healthcare) are highly regulated and guided by ethics. There are restrictions that must be respected when crafting copies.

Daily Posts’ technical copywriters produce stellar copies within those restrictions, which makes them highly sought after. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy feat. This is the result of decades of experience in the field, natural flair and talent.

Understanding Your Target Market

To sell anything, understanding the target audience is essential. Our writers study the behaviour of your target audience, demographics, income, language, challenges, and any potential objections to a product.

It’s only after this research that we are able to make an offer to the readers or decide on a unique selling proposition that will entice the target audience to pay attention.

Contact Us Today

Trusting Daily Posts with your technical copywriting needs is about trusting professionals with a track record of boosting sales through the copy. It’s also about effectiveness and efficiency, as you get the best service without worrying about unnecessary overheads when you don’t need copywriting services.

If you need to attract buyers for a technical product or service via written words, Daily Posts is the answer. Our technical copywriters turn dry-but-accurate copy into inspiring and persuasive writing. Too often, companies go in search of technical writers when their needs would be better served by a technical copywriter.

Above all else, we keep the reader front and centre. Our writers write from their perspective, wearing their shoes to craft copies that speak directly to them.

Contact us today. Let’s weave the benefits and features of your product and services into an irresistible business proposition or consumer offer.

Sometimes in advertising, you do not just need ordinary short sales copy, but copy to provide in-depth information about your product to the tiniest detail. Such advertising needs require a technical copywriter who either has professional knowledge of the product or can research deeply in order to whip up adequate content.

Technical copywriting refers to writing copy for advert purposes which involve an in-depth study of the product or service and is often for an audience far more knowledgeable than the writer. Technical copywriting involves such tasks as writing industry guides, articles, white-papers, product manuals, and some health-related topics.

In the world of copywriting and with the widespread knowledge generated thanks to the internet, technical copywriters are needed often than sales copywriters in order to ensure better brand or product representation. Technical copywriting is built more on technical expertise and writing ability than on sales ability.

Daily Posts is a copywriting agency with experienced technical copywriters who can produce copy with well-researched information about any niche or product. We consider every job important, and we work with your budget and a time-limit to deliver excellent copy. For your technical copy, product manuals and white-papers, contact us today on 02380970979.

Forms of Technical Copy

  • Articles
    Technical copywriters can write on any topic in any niche. With deep research, articles bordering on health issues or other topics that require a certain degree of expertise can be produced using technical copywriting. Our top copywriters have years of experience writing technical copy and can take care of any article needing heavy research. We also re-write old articles that need research and updating.
  • Web Content
    Technical copywriting covers web content like landing pages or blog posts which need an in-depth study of the niche or product. At Daily Posts, we aim to not just inform your audience but also increase traffic to your website or blog through careful Search Engine Optimisation. This involves the use of related keywords and proper writing tone/style to boost the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate.
  • User Manuals
    Technical copywriters are best suited for user manuals, as the job description requires them to study the product and the market, understand user experience, research further for other necessary information, and predict user journey. We have written user manuals with excellent reviews for firms in Canada, Australia, the UK and the USA. Contact us today to have us review your product or service and give you the right piece of technical copy.
  • Sales Sheet
    A sales sheet or sales slick or product datasheet is a tool used in marketing communications to relay product or service description, benefits and pricing. It is a one-page document used to provide all technical information and convince customers to buy a certain product. Daily Posts’ technical copywriters possess the know-how and persuasion abilities to highlight all the qualities of your product and convince readers to buy it.
  • Whitepapers
    Whitepapers are advanced problem-solving guides/tools employed by companies or marketers to provide an in-depth report on a particular problem or topic. They are usually persuasive and authoritative at the same time, requiring certain language and writing style in order to present it the right way. With years of experience in the field, our technical copywriters possess the ability to produce the required whitepaper content using an appropriate writing tone.

Qualities of a Technical Copywriter

Good technical copywriters are in high demand. This is because the field requires extra skills than that of an average copywriter. Here are the basic qualities a good technical copywriter must possess

  • Clear and Concise Writing Style
    Technical copywriting requires an ability to not just pass the needed information but to do so in a clear and concise manner. This involves a good command of the language, excellent communication skills and the ability to keep readers interested in the piece from start to finish.
  • Excellent Research and Analytical Skills
    Technical copywriting requires in-depth research and knowledge of the niche, hence the need for copywriters to possess excellent research skills. Technical copywriters need to be analytical too in order to present the product or topic in needed light.
  • User Experience Understanding
    Technical copywriting also requires an understanding of the product. The copywriter needs to empathise with the user, feel the emotions he feels, understand his wants and fears and be able to tackle them in the piece.
  • Knowledge
    While possessing good research skills, a technical copywriter needs to have the basic knowledge of the product he is writing copy for. With the knowledge, research could be tailored in the right direction, producing excellent copy which will meet the required standards and leave even experts in the field satisfied.

Why You Need a Technical Copywriter

  1. Your consumers need to understand how your product works and what it can do for them.
  2. Your website may seem a little alien to readers especially if you are in an unpopular niche.
  3. Sometimes it takes a little extra information for your consumers to understand the effort you put into the service or product and appreciate you more.
  4. That extra information can set you apart from your competitors and mean the difference between a conversion rate of 3.16% and 6.9%.
  5. The general audience needs to understand the problems and dangers they face when they fail to use your product.

Daily Posts can help you provide that extra information to your desired audience. Contact us today on 02380970979 for your top-notch technical copy.

What kind of technical copies do you want to publish? Long-winded, boring copies that seem like a large block of text no one wants to read? Do you desire technical documents broken down in a language that your audience understands? Are you in search of a technical copywriting agency that delivers sales and a ton of traffic to your website? 

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Daily Posts copywriting is an agency that thrives on simplicity. We explain your product in a language a layman understands. You don’t want your readers to read your copies and feel ignorant.

Benefits are the only way we know how to sell your product. We take a product that has competitors and finds one area where it’s better than the competition, more efficient and cost-saving even.

Before putting pen to paper, we ask questions such as: who is your target audience? Are they aware of your products? Will a video help them learn better? Are there new applications to the product that will solve a problem for them?

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