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SEO copywriting has evolved over the years. Where it was once simply about optimising your web content via the frequent use of keyword phrases, it now also encompasses the use of great titles and meta descriptions, as well as quality content and page links.

This is as a result of the changes Google has made to its search engine algorithms. Google now uses the authority and trust of your website as a measure of quality and significance. Trust, in this context, means people’s opinion of your content, while authority on the other hand, refers to the phrases or sets of words via which people link to your site.

This implies that while the use of keyword phrases relevant to your brand is crucial for the optimisation of your copy, your content needs to first achieve authenticity, great quality and your audience’s approval.

Let’s use a chocolate business as an analogy, where your chocolate represents the content and the packaging optimisation. The packaging features the name of your chocolate (your post title), makes use of a combination of a few strategic words under the name (your keywords), one or two appealing colours (your meta description), and also has your company address on it (your page links).

Now, let’s assume you manged to get the packaging (optimisation) right and subsequently sold a few chocolate bars to consumers. If your chocolate (content) tastes great, those consumers will definitely want more and will even recommend it to their friends. On the other hand, if it tastes awful, consumers will not only refuse to patronise you again, but will also warn their friends against buying your chocolate.

That’s exactly how proper SEO copywriting works. It’s as much about content as it is optimisation. According to Copyblogger, it’s simply how to tell search engines that what you’re talking about is what people are looking for.

You can tell search engines the same thing about your web copy.

Or you could simply let Daily Posts do it for you.

Why Invest in SEO Copy?

  • Because the Daily Posts’ team of experienced SEO copywriters understand every aspect of Search Engine Optimisation, from high-conversion keywords relevant to your brand, to authority links that strengthen your message.
  • Because our Search Engine Optimisation copywriting service is designed to strike a balance between satisfying your audience and gaining the trust of search engines.
  • Because Daily Posts’ copywriters don’t just tailor content that will pull traffic to your website; our copy will ensure those visitors remain with you.
  • At Daily Posts, we believe that web copy only has a few seconds to capture the attention of its audience. Because of this, we strive to produce content with great titles and royalty-free images that will make your visitors want to read on.
  • We can help you craft content so persuasive that other people can’t help but endorse it, by sharing it on social media and linking to it on their websites. This is bound to help your website earn trust and authority. It will also make your page rank higher for suitable keywords.
  • Because we will help maximise your website’s potential of converting visitors into sales.

Let us help promote your brand. Our SEO copywriting team will work with you to ensure your website ranks highly in major search engines. Tell us all about your business and we’ll give you SEO copy that sets you apart from your competitors.

We have many years of experience working in SEO copywriting, general copywriting, social media copy and digital marketing. We also have in-depth knowledge of current digital marketing trends, strategies, analytics and platforms. This means we can integrate our knowledge of the various fields of copywriting and online marketing to flawlessly balance content with SEO.

Here are five major things Daily Posts consider when writing your SEO copy:

  1. Title

From the onset, we analyse your website for keywords. We research current keywords relevant to your industry, so that we can include at least one of them in the title of your copy, where possible.

We do this because when people run a search, post titles are the first things they come across. Subsequently, they often expect the exact words they searched for to be present in those titles. When you click on a link because it contains the keywords you searched for, the site automatically ranks higher for those keywords.

So, it makes perfect sense for us to include keywords in your post titles as a way of improving your content’s relevance on search engines. We follow a set of rules to writing a compelling title, so that your title is as catchy as it is relevant.

  1. Meta Description

The next thing we do is create a snippet copy, which contains keywords for your content. This snippet copy is what search engines display under the title of your posts in search results, and is another factor that determines whether people click on your link or not.

To guarantee your website will be linked through to, Daily Posts infuses care and creativity into ensuring your snippet is suitably compelling.

  1. Content

There’s no point in creating a compelling title and snippet that rank well on search engines if the content of your post isn’t authentic, valuable and persuasive. That’s why our copywriters properly research the relevant topic to make sure your copy speaks to the audience.

  1. Keyword application

It’s conventional that the frequent use of keywords in your content has a great impact on your content’s ranking on search engines.

While Daily Posts garnishes your copy with current keywords relevant to your brand, we also weigh the frequency of those keywords against the length of your copy to make sure their density doesn’t exceed 5.5% of the whole post. That way, we guarantee your copy will not appear ‘junky’ to search engines.

  1. Page Links

The internet is all about networking. Linking to other pages is a vital aspect of Search Engine Optimisation, because search engines use links – both inbound and outbound – to assign relevance and trust to your content.

Therefore, while writing your copy, Daily Posts’ SEO copywriters always link naturally to other online contents with authority, with regards the subject matter you want us to cover and also to related topics on your own website.

There are of course several other SEO aspects we consider whilst writing your copy, like suggesting proper tags and categories, URL structure, keywords in images and so on.

Choose Daily Posts today. You can contact us by phone or email. Let us craft SEO copy that will entice both search engines and your audience.

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