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Your website shouldn’t get stuck in internet obscurity. With Daily Posts, a professional SEO copywriting agency, you can leapfrog your search positioning ahead of competitors and enjoy top ranking. We also produce well-researched and engaging posts to keep your visitors stuck to your website. Find out how…


Get Your Business Ahead with Daily Posts’ Strategic SEO Copywriting Services

Do you want content that strikes a nerve with your audience and even the search engines? Do you need top-quality copywriting that is the best in its niche and rich with compelling data and information that commands high readership?

Do you require higher online brand visibility for your company and products/services with evidence-based increase in web traffic to your site and better conversation rates?

If so, your ideal partner is the world’s leading writing agency, Daily Posts.

At the best value price anywhere, Daily Posts’ teams of expert SEO copywriters and editors will help you produce a consistent stream of high quality and target audience-engaging content, strategically woven with the right keywords. This guarantees high search engine rankings, high target market viewership and click rates, as well as web flow to your business website.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are great for your content web ranking and professional copywriting is great for your marketing content development.

So, what do you get when you combine SEO techniques and professional copywriting? An amazing result that drives traffic to your site, keeps customers glued to your content and converts them into potential clients and customers.

With professional SEO writing, you enjoy the remarkable benefits of quality writing aimed at improving your website ranking, while including keywords and techniques that sync with the most recent search engine algorithms. SEO involves writing content that is both appealing to your target audience and optimised for Google first page ranking.

Get started today with experienced and expert SEO copywriting that gives your marketing communication the edge for a wider share of the market.

How You Can Optimise Your Contents Online with Daily Posts’ SEO Expert Copywriting Services

Daily Posts’ expert and experienced team of SEO copywriters are dedicated to your digital marketing objectives and specific preferences, taking advantaging of key industry insights.

We adopt certain proven strategies in our SEO copywriting to effectively convey your messages to a wider audience, across various niches and backgrounds and receive the right response rates.

More creative and compelling headlining

No matter the quality of your marketing content, if the headline doesn’t grasp the attention of readers, you stand the risk of losing them and having a comparatively low Click Through Rate (CTR). Your headline appears first when people find your content on a search engine. So, at Daily Posts, we pay close attention to crafting compelling headlines for your posts.

Longer and more quality content

According to a study, top ranked pages on Google have content lengths of 2,000 or more words. Also, when it comes to SEO, one of the major objectives is to get links from popular sites like Forbes or CNN. Quality content is what drives this goal. At Daily Posts, our SEO copywriters keep this statistic and similar ones in sharp focus when drafting your marketing content copies.

Using an attention-grabbing and holding technique called ‘Bucket Brigades’

When people visit your site, they are either disappointed and eager to go on to the next page, or they are intrigued and stay glued to your page for a little longer.

Google doesn’t just rank websites based on the traffic flow, it also has a way of tracking time spent on a website. So, how do you make visitors want to stick around your website a little longer?  With Bucket Bridges.

According to Brian Dean, Bucket Bridges is using certain words and phrases that keep people reading your page until they’ve fully digested your message. These important words and phrases are tactically spread throughout your content writing to sustain the reading tempo of the visitor and sustain their interest until they make a buying action.

Utilising Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your copywriting

Google algorithms get smarter every time and simply cramming in your SEO keywords doesn’t cut it any longer. A smarter technique is using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. These basically refer to words that can be interchanged with the original keywords and still retain the same (or almost the same) meanings. Therefore, it means using synonyms or closely related words, along with the keywords in the SEO contents.

Developing unique keywords associated with the brand

At Daily Posts, our SEO copywriters thoroughly analyse the brand and marketing product to find unique, associated words that will potentially resonate a positive vibe, and then develop keywords around it. Sometimes, it is the client’s brand name, while at other times, it may be a specific technique, code-name, service culture or style that is unique to the brand and can be leveraged to build greater awareness.

Contents strategically written for higher conversation rates

Daily Posts’ copywriting demands free-flowing and articulate pieces that are strategically infused with keywords. These unique terms and phrases resonate with a wide number of a specific target market, prodding them to keep clicking, and then provoking them to make a buying decision.

  • Stream of new ideas to keep the flow and momentum of your SEO goals

At Daily Posts, we pride ourselves as a writing agency populated with people that can be described as ‘fireballs of creativity’. Hence, the client doesn’t have to worry about fresh ideas or new angles on topics that will potentially improve SEO strategies. Our copywriters use efficient research tools and techniques to generate exciting ideas around your niche or topic and promptly develop them with a tint of freshness and uniqueness.

  • Developing keywords from popular terms and phrases of a client’s target audience

Part of the techniques our professional SEO copywriters have adopted is to research forums frequented by the client’s target market and identify certain keywords popular with them. Creatively adapting these words into the clients’ marketing content writing will significantly improve its SEO ranking and subsequent site visits.

  • Highlighting a ‘Call to Action’ for increased social media share

Adding a ‘Call to Action’ in the right places, with the right images, graphics and font sizes, will help your copy attain greater social media ‘share button’ clicks on your website.

Sign up at Daily Posts today to get your SEO strategies off the ground, pushing search engine rankings higher, increasing CTR and improving visitor conversation rates.