SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

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 Keeping a website running is an incredibly engaging task, and many times, there could be a ton of important posts and copies that need to go up on the site in very little time. Keeping up with all the contentwhile coming up with content for the website, may become a little too daunting, and with time, it may seem tedious. However, for as low as $3 per 100 words, you canhave the services of highly trained professional writers from around the globe who will be able to provide high quality copies and compelling posts- all of whom are under the employ of the most efficient writing agency in the world.

What do we do at Daily Posts?

At DailyPosts, copywriting is not just what we do- it’s our way of life. All requests by our clients are treated with the utmost priority, and we ensure that all bespoke requests are closely adhered to, ensuring that we do not compromise on the requirements of our client- while creating the highest possible content.

As a writing company, we employ Search Engine Optimization(SEO) best practices during copywriting, ensuring that the content is not only of a high quality, but is also the best possible content for directing valuable traffic towards your website as our posts are sure to increase your websites search ranking, and consequently increase the margins of your observable user traffic.

Guest Posts.

We are able to help create high quality guest posts which are created by professional writers who we ensure understand your brand as a client, along with the message your brand carries with it. Also, making sure that the tone of our guest post is completely in cohesion with the image your brand has worked so tirelessly to maintain – This is our utmost duty as a content writing company.

Blog Posts.

 Websites require content which are informative and compelling enough to engage visitors such that they are encouraged to explore the website even further. Quality content will also ensure that there is increased traffic to your site, as not only will it be shared by viewers – it will also drastically increase your web site traffic rating. This will ensure that you are not only able to keep your web site engaging and fresh, but you are able to increase its user traffic by keeping its page ranking high up on search engine result pages.

Press Releases.

 Due to the extremely sensitive nature of press releases, here at DailyPosts we ensure copywriting tasks for press releases are handled by highly qualified professional writers who are able to deliver highly relevant and direct material that would be able to properly convey the intended message of your organization. There are very few writing agencies out there with the necessary skill and expertise required to deliver the level of attention to detail that we at DailyPosts are capable of creating during the copywriting process and as such, the quality of our service is always evident with our results.

Technical content/Guides.

 Websites are known to cater forcertain demographics and sometimes may even veer towards a niche. Here at DailyPosts we recognize that, and as a writing company, we are able to provide content that is specific to whatever demographic may be targeted. We ensure that we do this while ensuring that all created copies are technically accurate to the required topic, as our writers are diverse and are able to contribute to a range of topics- making it possible for us, as a writing agency to maintain the necessary level of technical awareness in our copies, while creating compelling content.

Industry articles.

 Industry articles differ significantly from technical content and guides in several key ways- the most important being that an industry article is technically not intended to only inform, but to also discuss industry related occurrences, while being backed up by an authoritative understanding of the landscape being discussed. Our team of professional writers are able to understand the relevant industries they are versed in, while being able to produce copies of the highest quality that will be able to stand up to scrutiny by even the most shrewd industry experts. This ensures that your reputation along with ours, with us being a writing company; is maintained at the highest possible levels.

Product descriptions.

 It is common marketing knowledge that a good copy does not sell a product alone, but it sells its benefits. At DailyPosts we ensure that the team of copy writers transcends the definition of ‘professional writer’ by being able to completely understand marketing best practices. This ensures that advertisement copies go through a rigorous process of ad based SEO copywriting, where we ensure that our writers are able to create extremely engaging advertisement copies that are able to convert page viewers into viable customers.

Why use a writing agency at all?

 Potential users of writing agencies may be worried about the impersonal nature of requesting copies from faceless individuals, and on some level, these fears are understandable. However, it is crucial to note that here at DailyPosts, we ensue that we are not only a writing company, but we are your writing company. As a potential client, you will be able to create an account with us, and you will be guided into a highly detailed and interactive home page where you are able to comprehensively detail your requirements. As a valued client we will ensure that every single detail of your description is conveyed to our team of professional writers- ensuring that the eventual copy is in strict accordance with your bespoke wishes. This is what singles us out as the best writing agency on the planet as we ensure our customer is an active part of the copywriting process.

Here are thoughts from some of the clients who we have been privileged to work with.

“Daily Posts in a word is Great. Everything you need in a writing company. All I did was guide through the brief and they did the rest- amazing content.”

“Fantastic articles on a tricky subject, done at a great price. Thanks Daily Posts! Would hire again for financial or business writing.”

“Worked very hard to get articles when I needed them. Lots of attention to detail. Would hire again. Made a difficult job run smoothly!”

Finding good copies is in no way a small task, and even finding good copywriting agencies is even harder. However, at DailyPosts you are guaranteed the highest level of quality on your content, along with the best in SEO copywriting the world has to offer – for as low as $3 for every 100 words. The first step is easy- all you have to do is sign up here.


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Extremely affordable - Premium quality. Well-researched content with superb flow.

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Special Project Content

Content for adverts, micro-copy and technical documents. For copy that takes a lot of time.