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SEO copywriting is not just important, but has become the standard today. A lot of businesses now have an online presence, with many more continuing to do so, as the benefits become increasingly obvious. However, whilst simply being online is important, it’s also crucial that prospective customers searching for your product or services are able to find you online.

In the same vein, it’s not enough to be found online. It’s also important that your website or page is able to convince your prospects to take the desired action, whether it’s to make an order, call your business, or sign up for an offer.

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Understanding SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows your customers to find you online. It relates to specific actions, strategies and techniques that can enhance your visibility on search engines. Customers visit search engines to search for products or services they need. Optimising your content allows search engines to recognise that you offer the product or service and rank you above your competitors. This is the essence of SEO.

On the other hand, copywriting makes sure that once you are found, your website copy or landing page is able to persuade the customer to take the desired action. Both these processes can be combined by a copywriter with the required skills to do so effortlessly. When done properly, they each enhance the other.

Search engines try to present the most valuable content or website (offering a particular service or product) first. Though there are several ways in which they do this, one key method is to observe how readers or visitors interact with a website – factors such as:

  • How long they spend on the website
  • What actions they take (call, sign up, buy or closed the page immediately)
  • Did they find what they were looking for or did they go back to the search engine result page to click another link or rephrase their search?
  • Are they sharing the page, commenting, or interacting?

Of course, there is more to this complex process, but the point is that some of the important aspects Google really cares about are the fundamentals of good copywriting. However, first you must get Google to pay attention.

SEO copywriting incorporates the right keywords (and variations of the keyword, as well as other techniques) to get Google and other search engines to pay attention. However, it never sacrifices the fact that the copy is first and foremost for humans with specific needs and challenges.

It ensures that copy or content ranks well on SERP for specific keywords or phrases people are looking for in search engines. Also, once visitors find you online, you have copy that is primed to convert and persuade visitors that you are indeed what they are looking for.

If the copy is good, visitors will spend more time on your website and also take actions such as signing up or buying your product or services. They’re also likely to interact and leave comments and share your page. All this helps Google know that your page is indeed relevant to users and provides real value.

However, if you have good copy but didn’t successfully execute SEO, you may end up attracting visitors that do not need your product or services. In which case, good copy won’t convert much if it’s aimed at the wrong audience.

Attracting High-Converting Traffic with SEO Copywriting

Eeven amongst an audience that may be interested in what you have to offer, expert SEO copywriters know that there is a subgroup who are more likely to buy your product or services immediately, while there are those that are probably still just researching. Good SEO copy tries to capture as much of the high-converting audience as possible, while properly positioning for the other set.

It’s easier said than done though. For brands that can’t afford not to get it right, it’s usually preferable to hire expert SEO copywriters or companies that specialise in it.  Effective SEO is hard and rare in itself, whilst effective copywriting that truly converts is also not readily available.

Finding a combination of both is not just invaluable, but also saves you time and effort. The truth is that SEO takes time and you could be waiting for months for the results to start showing.

SEO Results Take Time, but You Could be Waiting in Vain

However, you could also find yourself waiting for months for the results to show, when the whole exercise was badly performed in the first place. Choosing companies with the relevant expertise is therefore a reasonable solution.

Most copies either win or lose right from the start – and so it is with SEO. You either optimise for the right keyword or phrase or you don’t. Both processes deserve special attention and should be preceded by thorough research if you want to do it yourself.

You need to carry out keyword analysis to find the terms and phrases customers use when searching for your products and services. It’s not always intuitive and you shouldn’t assume that you know. Find various keywords you can target, including long-tail keywords where applicable.

Also, research your target audience carefully to understand their needs, challenges, pains, objections to similar problems, why they buy, and so on. Then you can find the right unique selling proposition and weave your copy around it. Your copy and USP should be customer-focused and explain what is in it for the customer and why they should trust you to deliver.

Employ Sales Psychology to Your Advantage

Excellent copy sells first to the heart before the head, because people buy for emotional reasons, then rationalise the decision. You need to be able to do this adequately, using clear and concise language that your audience will understand.

SEO copywriting can be hard work, especially to someone that is new to both the field of copywriting and SEO. However, it can be learned, albeit slowly.

You will need to hone your skill, gain experience and be patient for your efforts to start bearing fruit. Alternatively, you could simply outsource it to a firm with a track record of success in the field.

Regardless, SEO copywriting is worth it and the returns can be massive when correctly executed. Daily Posts can help you get it right from the very beginning. Sign up now to get started.