SEO Copy Writing

Apart from the obvious benefits of driving traffic to your website, SEO raises your website profile and increases brand awareness. It is a misunderstood and complex concept that is constantly evolving. Hence, you need a copywriter that understands the latest trends in search to create SEO-optimised copywriting for you.


What are the most important elements of SEO copywriting?


You’ve probably read countless guides and articles telling you about the importance of a headline. A mediocre headline leads to lower click-through rates. That’s because readers are not inspired, neither do they feel compelled to see what’s inside the wrapping. David Ogilvy stated that the headline is 80 cents out of your dollar and 5x more people only read the headline. Your headline is the first step to conversion and ranking higher on Google.

Optimised meta content

We think of meta descriptions and meta titles as the free PPC Google presents them. A few tips we follow include

  • Maxing out the character limit to get the most juice: We include a keyword and description. For businesses that serve local customers, we add a phone number.
  • Writing to sell: The meta description is all it takes for someone to read or move past your content. It has to speak to the user.

Use natural language, write to your human audience

In the words of David Ogilvy, “Write the way you talk. Naturally.” We write your copy to a human audience. SEO is important but it fails if it doesn’t make the audience a priority. When Google ranks your site, it considers the length of time people spend reading your content.

Our writers use anchor text, linking to different articles on your site to increase dwell time and drive customers towards making a purchase. We also write in a language your audience is familiar with, whilst maintaining your brand tone of voice throughout the copy.

The content itself must hit all the right spots

Besides the elements mentioned above, the content itself is vital to conversion. Search engines thrive on content so you must regularly update your website with fresh, engaging content.

Our gifted writers have written thousands of blog posts in every niche, and we’re excited to do the same for you. We can help you craft amazing blog posts that grow your organic traffic by over 100% within a year.

James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at SEO copywriting for the web.

If you need help writing SEO copy, content or SEO product descriptions, or with e-commerce content strategy, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

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SEO copywriting for websites that want more conversions

The trick with SEO is to write customer-centric content, not to focus on optimizing for keywords. To win in a competitive digital space, your content must go beyond churning out words to solve a specific problem for the end user. That’s how you turn visitors into faithful customers who love your brand.

Our copywriting is a blend of science and art. We begin with research, understand buyer psychology and conduct lots of A/B test on each copy. We have mastered the art of carving timeless pieces that are evergreen. Our copywriters are skilled professionals that drive your audience to act. Whatever your content marketing goals are, we can help you reach them without tipping your budget.

The best thing you enjoy from a Daily Posts SEO writer is our comprehension of SEO and your brand. We know everything that goes into a content that makes Google and your reader happy. This includes key phrases, short paragraphs, punch words, error-free copies, persuasive headlines and, most importantly, a compelling headline. We know how much Google loves long-tail phrases in a copy, and we apply them for maximum impact.

SEO copy for increased conversions and business growth

A high-ranking website on Google will receive as much as 33% user engagement. From brick and mortar stores, local contractors, retail stores and online businesses, your business will thrive if it receives traffic from search engines. We can help you get traffic to your site by optimizing your web pages, blog and other ranking factors to attract high-quality customers.

After we’ve optimised your site search, you’ll reap the permanent marketing results. The results are continuous and long-term. All you’ll need to do is sustain the efforts for consistency.

SEO gives you an edge. It makes it easier for potential customers to find you. We’ll create good content for your site, such that prospects who read through your content will trust you as an authority. Hence, by the time they call your sales number or reach out to you, they’re 100% likely to convert.

Businesses are growing because of the popularity of search engines. If you truly believe that your product is unique and awesome, you’ll need SEO to generate quality leads.

Can your business succeed online with search engines?

It’s a given. Your business, especially a startup, needs SEO to raise brand awareness and make your product more visible to the right people. There is simply no other way to attract the volume of traffic you need to generate leads or convert prospects.

Online users around the world are constantly looking for something and they trust Google to deliver precise results that lead them in the right direction. However obscure you think your niche is, there is competition and only digital marketers who leverage the power of SEO attract the most traffic.

Search engines are the gateway to success. Ninety percent of your preferred consumers begin their purchase journey by conducting research online. About 4-5 customers use local intent to find a product or service. Your business must adapt to enjoy the benefits.

You need the services of an SEO-savvy writing agency to create and deliver written content for your website and marketing strategy. Our SEO content is guaranteed to improve your link building efforts, increase visibility and earn more backlinks for you. As opposed to a plethora of digital marketing strategies, such as PPC and email marketing, SEO is a cost-effective strategy that always yields a return on an investment.

Why you need Daily Posts to do your SEO copywriting

Without a compelling web copy to complement that killer website design, your business accumulates admiration without conversion. SEO copywriting presents your content in a way that is pleasing to search engines and the reader. Our copywriters know where to place keywords, using the right tags and balancing the connection between your readers and search engine spiders.

There are roughly 200 ranking factors and understanding each is quite complex for an individual who doesn’t know much about SEO. You run the risk of keyword stuffing without realizing it. If you want to rank higher and you want visitors to turn into customers, our SEO copywriting is the best option. We make your website compatible with viewers and search engines, maintain optimal length, irrespective of your type of business, and attract relevant traffic that converts.

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