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Senior Copywriter

Senior copywriters are the ones you go to when you have important and urgent copy briefs, they can whip up something impressive within a short time frame.

Activities senior copywriters engage in

Liaise with clients. Senior copywriters maintain communication with their clients, to understand their needs and share the ideas they have and how to bring them to life.

Introducing fresh, exciting ideas. Part of the responsibilities of senior copywriters is to be up-to-date with trends. There is a need for fresh ideas that people can relate to. Senior copywriters provide them.

Manage multiple projects. This is one of the chief factors that separate senior copywriters from junior ones, they can work on multiple projects within the same period. They have learned to manage their time and give their best at whatever they do.

Encourage participation. The senior copywriter doesn't have all the ideas; she needs the help of a team to produce perfect copy.

Research. Research for the senior copywriter is a hobby, as she is always looking for better ways to make perfect copy. Research may focus on the client's brand, competitor’s, or even the target audience.

Qualities of great senior copywriters

A stickler for brilliant copy. They are only interested in making ‘perfect copy’. Brilliant copy is a piece that achieves its purpose for the target audience.

Time conscious. With an understanding of how the marketing world works and how timing plays a key role, senior copywriters aim to meet deadlines.

Work-life balance. Senior copywriters manage multiple projects and have tight schedules but are still able to produce astounding copy. They are more productive than average writers who take up more than what they can handle with little time to take a breather.

Excellent communication skills. Senior copywriters are adept at communicating with the audience. They are wordsmiths that don't write to be lauded but to persuade.

Adventurous. Senior copywriters think out of the box to produce something different and exciting.

A keen eye for detail. Senior copywriters follow copy briefs to the letter. As much as they can they incorporate the instructions of the client and improve what needs some fine-tuning.

Dispelling the myths

Copywriters copy stuff


That 'copy' is part of their title doesn't mean that's what they do. They come up with great ideas.

Copywriters are just copywriters.

Certainly not! It goes beyond writing to taking up roles in poetry, songwriting, storytelling, researching, and so on, to meet the requirements of clients.

Copywriters can make great copy anywhere


That's subjective. Ideally, quiet places tend to get their creative juices flowing.

Where to find senior copywriters

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