Sales Letters

Sales Letters

Sales Letters

Writing an effective sales letter is a challenge for most businesses. For those whose success depends on how well a sales letter converts, the problem is even more acute. Too many ads are fighting for your target prospect’s attention each day. According to a 2015 report, an individual is exposed to about 5000 ads per day on average.

Ads Overdose

The majority of these ads do not even register consciously with the audience. People have learned to overlook or ignore most of them. While this is not exciting news for marketers, it doesn’t tell the whole story, because sales have been on the increase lately, and a lot of this is driven by increased ads.

Getting the Sales Letter Right

If you get your sales letter right, your business will thrive. However, you must get it right from the start or the letter will be ignored. Daily Posts sales letter copywriters are keenly aware of this and therefore create effective sales letters that connect with your prospects and trigger them to action.

Starting the Sales Letter Strongly

How do you ensure that you start strongly? The foundation of good copywriting is comprehensive research. You need to perform in-depth research to understand your target audience. This is of course assuming you have a well-defined audience already. However, you must note that the best copy won’t sell much to the wrong audience.

Know Your Prospect

Your goal at this stage is to know all about your prospect. You need to know the age range, the demographics, their challenges, pain-points, their motivation and dreams. You also need to understand the common objections the audience has with regards your product or similar products within the same industry. Find out why they choose to pass-up one particular brand and why they stick to another. In the process, study the type of language they use and how they communicate.

All the things you learn about your prospect can be invaluable once you start writing your copy. It’s easier to write a persuasive letter to someone if you really understand the person.  The first step is usually to make a unique selling proposition (USP) to the client. Basically, it’s about telling the prospect what’s in it for them.


A good USP will make or break the copy. Your research will guide you in making the right decision. You want a USP that tells your prospects that you are unique in a way that makes a difference for them. Being unique alone is not enough if that doesn’t benefit them in any way. It must attract the prospect and hold their attention and you will only know how this is achievable after conducting thorough research.

Make the Prospect Feel the Pain

The next step is to remind the prospect of the problem. Describe the problem in detail and with anecdotes if possible. Remind them what it feels like to have that problem. Remind them of the pain and anguish and dangers of not solving that problem. The more you make the prospect feel the problem, the stronger your sales letter.

What is in it for the Prospect?

The body of the copy is dedicated to showing the prospect that the USP is real and within grasp if they take action. Every sentence should be purposeful. It should be aimed either at dispelling objections or showing the prospect what is in it for them. It should emphasise the deeper benefits of the product and how the prospect’s life will be better or easier because of it. It should also show what the prospect stands to lose if he or she doesn’t take action.

Show Proof

The next step is to show the reader proof of your capacity and integrity. You need be convincing, so show them credentials, awards and social proof. At this stage you want to focus on showing, not telling.

Understand Sales Psychology

It’s important to have a good understanding of the sales process before undertaking this venture. You must understand intimately why sales copywriters sell to the heart before the head. You must understand why they sell to the audience’s emotions before rationalising the sale.

Sales Letters Require More than Just Words

A proper sales letter doesn’t contain only words. Information that shows proof and images that engender trust are also skillfully displayed to show clients that the products and letter delivers on their promise. It’s also important to show social proof – such as testimonials – if applicable.

Don’t Forget SEO

Sales letters have to go a step further. It’s not enough to be capable of turning prospects into paying customers. It must also be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). A Search Engine Optimised sales letter is an asset, because if well written, it can help bring in high-converting traffic in the long-term.

Handling Buyer’s Remorse

Buyers tend to experience ‘Buyer’s remorse’ even before they make a purchase. A good sales letter writer understands this and ensures it persuades buyers that the purchase is actually necessary and not frivolous in any way. You also need to convince the reader that the solution will work for them. It also creates a sense of urgency and justifies the sale to the prospective buyer. If the prospective buyer feels better about the sale, they are more likely to become a repeat customer. 

Provide Guarantees

A good sales letter gives the reader some sort of guarantee that the product will work. It also lets them know what would happen if they don’t like the product after purchase. All this helps build confidence, which this pushes them towards the sale.

Writing an effective sales letter requires skill, talent and experience. For brands that can’t afford to take any chances, hiring a professional sales letter copywriter is the best bet. However, if you want to do it yourself, the advice in this article will go a long way in putting you on the right path.

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