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Sales Letter Writing

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter is written to sell a product or promote your services to your ideal customer. It is a type of business letter used to generate new clients, maintain relationships with existing clients or reignite the spark with an old client.

A sales letter is mostly used as part of a digital strategy for companies that do not have the budget to advertise their services or products through television or print media. The most commonly-used technique of sales writing is the AIDA method. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

The primary objective of a sales letter is to persuade the reader to purchase from you. When you include a sales letter in business communication, you’re introducing your offerings more effectively, whilst saving money too. Writing a sales letter can expand the market for your product at a lower cost. It also serves the dual purpose of educating the customer on your product and its benefits.

A great sales letter from Daily Posts grabs the attention of your prospective client through a powerful header that compels the prospect to open your letter.  We maintain a conversational tone in the sales pitch when describing the unique benefits of your product/service.

Our copywriters are experts at engaging your reader and relaying the benefits they want to see. It is important to your bottom line that you hire a savvy sales copywriter, especially when you’re in a competitive market. An effective sales letter will get the reader’s attention, arouse their interest and motivate them to make a purchase.

Craft persuasive sales letters that convert your audience

In a nutshell, a sales letter is about the client, not about your business. When you send out one, the aim is to make the client realise why they need your product or service–that is, how your product or service can benefit them. You are offering a solution, and that’s where persuasion resides.

A successful sales letter:

  • Appeals to the client’s reasoning

  • Stirs their emotions

  • Offers them realistic hopes

  • Gains their trust

  • Prompts them to take action

Achieve these five main elements of persuasion and your sales letter will convert like never before.

Daily Posts can help you imbue these elements in your sales letters. To offer you a sales copywriting service that guarantees conversion, we leverage the expertise of our highly-qualified professional copywriters as well as our many years of experience writing thousands of high-conversion sales letters for our clients.

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Improve business communication with sales letters from Daily Posts

Effective communication is an essential aspect of business success. Before we begin writing your sales copy, we have to understand your prospect. Every sales letter we send is targeted to an individual or business to maximise success. By studying your prospect, we can understand what they need, the problems they face, the failings of similar products and how to position your solution as the ultimate choice.

We let our imaginations go wild when we picture ourselves as your user. Our sales copies are creative, engaging, enticing and persuasive. We understand the psychology of consumer behaviour and know the right words that trigger a positive connection between your brand and the consumer.

There are different techniques for each sales letter depending on the company, client and purpose of the sales letter. Our versatile copywriters are adept at producing a tailor-made sales letter for any audience or purpose.

Your sales letter is incomplete without a clear call to action that tells your prospect what to do at the end of the sales letter.  You’ve led the reader through your copy but only the right CTA will generate a sale. When crafting a CTA, Daily Posts writers consider the nature of your offering and offer an irresistible incentive that draws them in.

The ultimate goal of our sales copies is not just to sell a product, but to build a lasting relationship with your target consumer. We’ve proofread your letter several times to ensure it flows logically whilst remaining professional.

If you have any further enquiries or wish to kickstart the consultation stage of your project, please contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 – or send an email to our admin staff.

Connect with prospective new customers and meet your business objectives

Sales emails allow you to establish a personal connection with your prospect and get ahead of the competition even on a small budget. A sales email addresses the specific needs a user faces and describes the benefits in a way that they can visualise the solution. Your sales copy is most effective when it provides value to your reader. We write from the customer’s view and narrow your demographic for increased success.

Th average sales email has a response rate of 1%. That means if you send out an email to 100 prospects, only one is likely to get back to you. Thankfully, it’s possible to get a higher response rate if you know how to apply the best formula.

Instead of simply describing your product, we focus on the benefits to the readers. Also, what offer are you giving beyond the benefits to push them over the edge if they’re still sceptical? It could be a discount, free shipping or a trial service. We can help you decide the best offer that has the highest rate of success for your target audience in your industry.

Our approach to delivering sales letters that convert

When hiring a copywriting company to produce sales letters, the motives are usually to generate more leads and upsell existing clients, and the end goal is to increase revenue. Therefore, you want a writing company that understands the various proven techniques and elements of successful sales letter writing. You need a writing agency that will brainstorm innovative persuasive writing ideas and redefine what success means in sales copywriting.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters address the following points to deliver sales letters that convert and upsell.

We focus on your clients

Sales letters are about the client and the business. When a client opens his or her mailbox and sees your sales letter, they only read it because they are hopeful that something in that letter will change their life and their situation. In essence, your sales letter should aim to meet the prospect’s needs and to offer a solution.

We utilise proper targeting

When sending out sales letters, there is a pressing need to have specific prospects you are targeting. You can’t fire a gun blindly and expect the bullet to hit the right target.

Great sales letters do the same thing. They target particular prospects. When you send sales letters out without any regards for targeting, chances are that some of your letters will land in the mailboxes of your competitors.

To write and deliver your sales letters, Daily Posts first profiles your existing customers and uses the information to discover prospects that fall into the same demography. This ensures that the people we target with your sales letter are people that care about what you have to say and offer. That’s how we assure a high conversation rate.

We offer clarity

A great sales letter should be concise. When a prospect opens your sales letter, the basic questions on their mind are:

  • Who are you?

  • What can you do for me?

  • How do I get what you are offering?

At Daily Posts, our copywriters will deliver sale letters that clearly address these important questions.

We offer originality

While there are elements that define high-conversion sale letters, they are absolutely no excuse for a lack of originality. When a sales letter lacks flair, chances are that your prospects have seen something similar from other companies. The whole point of a sales letter is persuasion—that is, to move your prospects to feel a strong urge to grab what you are selling. Persuasion thrives on originality—not clichés.

Daily Posts’ copywriters are both highly skilled and creative. That means that when you hire our writing agency, you get quality sales letters tailored with flair.

Attention-grabbing headlines

No matter how compelling a sales letter is, if the headline doesn’t grab your prospects’ attention, then it has failed. You want a writing company that pays attention to headlines and has the flair and dedication to work on the headline of your sales letter until it best appeals to your prospects. Daily Posts is that writing company.

A sales letter free of errors

Nothing ruins a sales letter better than typographical and grammatical errors. The prospect spots a few errors and they question your credibility and professionalism. This is why you need a writing agency whose copywriters and editors are either native English speakers or writers who have actually majored in the language.

Daily Posts is a UK writing company. This means that when you hire us to deliver your sales letter, you are leveraging the expertise of a writing agency developed in the roots of the English language. Expect nothing short of sales copies totally free of errors.

Frequently asked questions about writing a sales letter

Who should write your sales letter?

The generic answer would be that anyone can write a sales letter. However, digital marketing experts will tell you that a sales copywriter with a proven track record for creating responsive emails should write them. They create copies that are customer-centric, easy to read, organised and correctly formatted.

What is the objective of a sales letter?

The objectives of a sales letter are to capture your reader’s attention, provide information on your product, establish a business connection, make your readers desire your product/service and persuade them to make a purchase.

What is the difference between a sales letter and a promotional letter?

A sales promotional letter aims to create a good relationship, has a suggestive tone and wants to serve the reader. A sales letter follows a formal style, leverages a convincing tone and motivates the reader to buy.

A sales letter with the right tone

A sales letter is purely about business and should be business-like and rational. However, it’s also supposed to stir the prospect’s emotion and incite a hunger for the product or service you are selling. It demands confidence, but not an aggressive tone. It needs to be professional yet retain warmth.

The question is: how do you mix the right amounts of these qualities to produce a sales letter with a tone that appeals to both your prospect’s reasoning and emotion? This is where Daily Posts comes in. Our professional copywriters are well-trained, creative, and versatile enough to employ the necessary tone your sales copy needs to leap off the page.

Want a sales letter that converts? Set up an account with us now. Unbelievable sales are just a click away!

A sales letter is an effective marketing and communication tool, as it allows for a direct connection with a prospect.

What is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a direct structured mail or letter written to persuade a prospective client to buy a specific service or product. It is a powerful conversion tool.

Sales letters are textual and come with graphic designs centred on the brand’s theme. Line spacing, images, font and paragraphing are other features of the page design.


Copywriters write sales letters and run split tests to evaluate certain segments. Split testing or A/B testing is an audience test for two versions of an online product. Copywriters deploy this strategy to determine preferred headline, content or design to go for.

Sales letters can be monitored to know how well they perform. Such monitoring indicators include:

Email open rate: An email open rate is the total number of email recipients who opened their email, expressed as a percentage. An email open rate is determined by the strength and relevance of an email subject. A good open rate is within the range of 20 to 40 percent. Email open rate = no. of opened emails/no. of sent emails – bounces.

Click through rate: This is the number of users who access a link compared to those who view the page without clicking.

Bounce rate: This is the number of users who visit a page and leave without making any further clicks.

Types of Sales Letters

  • Introductory Sales Letter: This letter introduces product benefits to prospective customers. An introductory letter must spark interest and drive desire for sales. The content of an introductory sales letter does not surpass a page.
  • Selling Incentive Sales Letter: This type of letter is written to pique the interest of current customers. Selling incentive letters have rebates and discount packages included.
  • Product Update Sales Letter: Current and older customers are informed about new products. Customers also get informed when changes are made to existing products. This letter highlights promos and comparative product advantages.
  • Holiday Festivity Sales Letter: This type of letter expresses warmth and cheer during holiday periods. The letter comes with a gift.
  • Thank You Sales Letter: This letter thanks customers for their patronage. It should be brief.
  • Invitation Sales Letter: It is sent to customers during work anniversaries while briefly stating products on offer. It tells customers how invaluable they are.
  • Lost Customer Sales Letter: This type of letter is sent to customers who have stopped patronising the business. It informs them on new products and how much they are missed.

What makes a great sales letter?

Headlines: Digital analytics show that the average person spends two hours online daily. The online user has a thought selection process to shut out unnecessary ads and distractions.

The headline is the most vital part of a sales letter. It is the first thing prospects see. It is therefore mandatory to have attention grabbing headlines.

To come up with a headline, craft one around the strongest benefit the product offers.

Body: Body copy is the major part of the letter. Prospects would want to read a story that sounds like theirs.

Here are the two techniques that can be used to convert prospects into buyers. I

  • Hope – Tell them how the product will change their lives. Paint an image that is well detailed and clear.
  • Fear – Identify a problem and show how the product can solve it. In the sales letter, use words like affordable, efficient and convenient. Make paragraphs simple and short to make body content easy to read.

Call to Action (CTA): Provide at least three options for the prospect. Email, website and phone number work best.

Facts about Sales Letters

Research: Dreams cannot be sold without finding out from prospects what their desires are. Research must be made with tailored letters. This enables prospects know they come first.

  • Poor targeting – Avoid spamming and mass emailing. Profile existing targets and demographics.
  • Details – The letter should be direct and short. There are three components of a detailed letter:
    • Who are we
    • What we can offer
    • How prospects can reach us

Tone: The tone that matches the target prospect should be used.

Professionalism:Use a domain email address if you can afford one.

Personalisation: Make sales letters personal. More leads are generated from personalised letters.

Image: Pick a great design for excellent copy. There are sites that run great page building templates that can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I still need to engage a prospect with a sales letter after having sent a brochure?

Yes. Sales letters are personalised which is a strong benefit.

My response rate with sales letters has been dismal, how can you improve it?

We would work on the three key component areas – attract attention with a strong headline, provide a specific content offering and improve your CTA.

How can your company attest to crafting effective sales letters?

Our brand has a large and diverse global audience due to effective sales letters.

I am about to embark on writing a sales letter, how long should it be?

We need to know what product you are offering. Long copy is not required for a simple product.

If you’re among the people who think that direct mail is dead, you should know that physical mailboxes are getting emptier and there’s no better time than now to craft a responsive sales letter. In the right hands, a sales letter is a powerful marketing tool. It outperforms other types of direct mail such as postcards and brochures.

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Daily Posts Sales Letter Writing: Get the Right People To Listen to You

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone you’re interested in? Do you play it cool or tell them exactly how you feel and entice them with an offer they can’t say no to? Do you have good ideas or does your mind go blank when you try to write a sale letter? What is the secret of writing a sales letter your customer wants to read and act upon?

When you send out a sales letter created by a Daily Posts copywriter, you’re sending a letter that persuades your reader to open, get interested and buy your service or product. Not every copywriter has the required skillset to deliver high-quality sales letters consistently. Our versatile sales copywriters will craft letters for your email leads, websites and even marketing communication.

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