Sales Letter Writing

Sales Letter Writing

Daily Posts Sales Letter Writing: Get the Right People To Listen to You

When everyone is talking, no one hears. On the internet, everyone is talking. To be heard, you need to amplify your voice. You need a powerful megaphone. At Daily Posts, our sales letter writing service will give you just that.

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Daily Posts: Crafting Persuasive Sales Letters that Convert

In a nutshell, a sales letter is about the client. Not about your business. When you send out one, the aim is to make the client realise why they need your product or service–that is, how your product or service can benefit them. You are offering a solution, and that’s where persuasion resides.

A successful sales letter:

  • Appeals to the client’s reasoning.
  • Moves their emotion.
  • Offers them realistic hopes.
  • Gains their trust.
  • Prompts them to take action.

Achieve these five main elements of persuasion and your sales prospecting letter will convert like never before.

Daily Posts can help you imbue those elements in your sales letters. To offer you a sales copywriting service that guarantees conversion, we leverage the expertise of our highly qualified professional copywriters as well as our many years of experience writing thousands of high-conversion sales letters for our clients.

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Our Approach to Delivering Sales Letters that Convert

 When hiring a copywriting company to produce sales letters, the motives are usually to generate more leads and upsell existing clients, and, the end is to increase revenue. Therefore, you want a writing company that understands the various proven techniques and elements of successful sales letter writing; a writing agency that can brainstorm innovative persuasive writing ideas that can redefine what success means in sales copywriting.

At Daily Posts, our copywriters address the following points to deliver sales letters that convert and upsells.

  • We Focus on Your Clients

Sales letters are about the client and the business. When a client opens his or her mailbox and sees your sales letter, they only read it because they are hopeful that something in that letter will change their life and their situation. In essence, your sales letter should aim to meet the prospect’s need and to offer a solution.

Before we begin tailoring your sales letter at Daily Posts, we first try to understand your prospects and their needs. Then we consider how your product or service can meet each one of those needs. This helps our copywriters produce copies that resonate with your prospects and motivate them to come on board.

  • We Leverage Proper Targeting

When sending out sales letters, there is a pressing need to have specific prospects you are targeting. You can’t fire a gun blindly and expect the bullet to hit the right target. You first aim. Then you fire.

Great sales letters do the same thing. They target particular prospects. When you send sales letters out without any regards for targeting, chances are that some of your letters will land in the mailboxes of your competitors. This exposes how careless and inefficient you are which can in turn be used by your competitors to pull prospects away from you.

To write and deliver your sales letters, Daily Posts first profiles your existing customers and use the information gathered, to discover prospects that fall into the same demography. This ensures that the people we target with your sales letter are people that care about what you have to say and offer. That’s how we assure high conversation rate.

  • We Offer Clarity

If your prospects are interested in heavy reading, they would go and grab a book. Therefore, a great sales letter should be concise. When a prospect opens your sales letter, the basic questions on their mind are:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you do for me?
  • How do I get what you are offering?

At Daily Posts, our copywriters will deliver sale letters that clearly address these important questions.

  • We Offer Originality

While there are elements that define high-conversion sale letters, they are absolutely no excuse for lack of originality. When a sales letter lacks flair, chances are that your prospects have seen something similar from other companies. The whole point of a sales letter is persuasion—that is, to move your prospects to feel a burning desire to grab what you are selling. Persuasion thrives on originality—not clichés.

Daily Posts’ copywriters are both highly skilled and creative. That means that when you hire our writing agency, you get quality sales letters tailored with flair.

  • We Offer Attention-Grabbing Headlines

No matter how compelling a sales letter is, if the headline doesn’t grab your prospects’ attention, then it has failed. When a prospect sees your sales letter in their mailbox, the first thing they notice is the headline (which is also the subject of email copies), and that’s what determines whether or not your sales letter is going to be read.

Therefore, you want a writing company that pays attention to headlines and has the flair and dedication to work the headline of your sales letter until it sings to the hearts of your prospects. Daily Posts is that writing company.

  • A Sales Letter with the Right Tone

A sales letter is purely about business and thus should be business-like and rational. However, it’s also supposed to stir the prospect’s emotion and incite a hunger for the product or service you are selling. It demands confidence, but not cockiness or rudeness. It needs to be professional, but it also needs a little warmth.

The question is: how do you mix the right amounts of these qualities to produce a sales letter with a tone that appeals to both your prospect’s reasoning and emotion? That is where Daily Posts comes in. Our professional copywriters are well-trained, creative, and versatile enough to employ the necessary tone your sales copy needs to leap off the page.

  • A Sales Letter Free of Errors

Nothing ruins a sales letter better than typographical and grammatical errors. The prospect only needs to spot a few errors and they would begin questioning your credibility and professionalism. This is why you need a writing agency whose copywriters and editors are either native English speakers or writers who have actually majored in the language.

Daily Posts is a UK writing company. This means that when you hire us to deliver your sales letter, you are leveraging the expertise of a writing agency born into the root of English Language. Expect nothing short of sales copies free of errors.

  • You Get Personalised Sales Letters

Prospects want to know that you care and are not just trying to sell your product or service. They want to know that you took some time to research them and their businesses. That is why personalising your sales letter can go a long way in influencing and converting prospects.

Personalisation, however, becomes a Herculean Task when you are sending sales letters to a large number of prospects. Daily Posts works with over 2000 professional writers and editors. This means that if you need your sales letter personalised for a vast number of prospects, we have the resources to pull it off without any compromise to your time and schedules.

When you hire Daily Posts to deliver your sales letters, you get great copywriting expertise, innovation, and a promise of success.

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