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Sales Letter Copywriting

Steps to Creating a Persuasive Sales Letter

No doubt, crafting an ideal sales letter is demanding. It takes a lot of expertise and creativity to be able to come up with copy that won’t bore your readers immediately or veer off course. A lot of buyers want to have some information about the products or services you want to sell to them, however, they do not like to be marketed to.

The key to writing successful copy is to talk to them in a conversational tone so they see your copy as coming from a place of honesty and familiarity, rather than coming from a sleek salesman who would say anything to make a sale.

While this is only a short summary of the process that goes into crafting our popular sales letter, it shows how our popularity has grown because of our meticulous approach to the art of copywriting. Here are other things we keep in mind while writing a sales copy.

Understanding your audience

The first step to writing a record-breaking sales letter is to study the target audience in depth. Our copywriters go to work and research your buyer persona, studying and understanding the demographics. We try to determine their dreams, challenges and frustrations. We also learn what keeps your target audience up at night. If they have tried a similar product in the past, we try to find out about any complaints and objections. That way, we know how best to present your product.

Crafting the perfect unique selling proposition (USP)

Once the research has been carried out, we can then find an appropriate unique selling proposition that will grab the attention of the target audience. Our copywriters try to show your prospect why the offer is true and obtainable. Every written word is designed to do this and show the reader that the promise is within grasp, once they take action. The copy also handles the reader’s objections subtly and provides facts to back up claims.

How to Make Your Sales Letter Stand Out

A web user will probably encounter a thousand and one sales copies a day. What will make yours unforgettable and visually distinctive? How do you make your sales letter pop? What will make them disregard the horde of ambitious sales letters in your niche and go with yours? We are going to share a few trade secrets that are guaranteed to captivate your readers and ultimately draw them in.


Your headline is what welcomes your reader to your sales letter. It is the first thing the reader sees and will determine if they will go on with your sales letter or move on. When you are writing a headline about your sales copy, do not be cavalier about it. Focus on the benefits of your product and craft an attention-grabbing headline that will get them hooked and curious about your product and eager to learn more.

Skim-readable copy

A general rule of sales copy, whether they are letters or web content, is they must be easy to read. No matter how good your copy is, if the structure is not aesthetically appealing or if it looks too bulky, nobody will read it.

Most readers just skim or scan through a piece and give up if they think reading it will be cumbersome. Because of that, use broken sentences and paragraphs to improve the readability of your copy. Obviously, short sentences are easier to read than long, boring sentences, so use more of the former.

Arrange your copy with bullets and paragraph headers. Bullets should only be used for short, straight to the point sentences and paragraph headers should succinctly describe the information contained in the section. Sentences should not be longer than 3 lines and paragraphs should not be longer than 5 lines. It is also preferable to use simple designs and layout that do not distract the reader from the important points.

Tell riveting stories

Stories are a powerful tool when it comes to copywriting. They are able to bring back the attention or focus of your reader and, more importantly, readers can relate to a single story more than a couple of bland paragraphs. Entice your audience with stories about your product in your sales letter. You can tell stories about how you came upon the idea for your product, or the challenges you had to overcome, or the beautiful experience another user had while using your product. They are memorable and will go a long way in endearing your product to the customer.

Focus on the reader

No matter how great your product or service, your sales letter should be more about the reader and less about your product. After all, you are trying to get them to patronise your product so it is only logical for your copy to be centred around them. You can talk about the benefits of your products and services, but do not neglect to address the client and their pain.

In essence, your piece should have less of “we” and more of “you”. Addressing the client directly is more personal and, therefore, more effective. A way to be sure you are on the right track is to go through your copy and if your product name or the pronouns “I, me, we, us,” are higher than “you and your”, then you may need to re-write your copy.

Why Should You Partner with Daily Posts?

For your business to succeed and outcompete your rivals, all you need is a great, persuasive sales letter and Daily Posts’ sales letter copywriting service can deliver it. Some of the things we can help you achieve through our sales letter copywriting services are:

  • Generate new business leads

  • Effectively convey the benefits and solutions your product or service brings to consumers

  • Create credibility

  • Apply powerful SEO tools to your sales letter

  • Convert sales

We have been able to greatly improve our clients’ businesses through our sales letters. Here are more reasons why you should partner with us:

We know how to sell with words

Simply, Daily Posts copywriters know how to sell. The truth is that the elite copywriters in this industry understand the psychological process involved in selling as much as we do. Some understand that even though prospects like to buy, they don’t like being sold to. The reason we are ahead of the game is that our copywriters are good at what they do and know how to write sales letters that convert above the industry average.

Above-average sales conversion

Our sales letters have generated tons of sales and our sales conversion is envied throughout the industry. This is because, at Daily Posts, our copywriters don’t just choose the right words, they also ensure those words catch the eye. From short paragraphs to the use of bullet points and white spaces, everything in the sales letter is deliberate. The use of sub-headings and ultimately choosing the best design and layout that helps to emphasise key points and arguments is also a deliberate tactic.

Attention to detail

At Daily Posts, we incorporate the subtler details of your product or service into the sales letter. We try to present adequate data which helps make the copy more convincing and your reports more credible. You may think these details are insignificant, but we know this – details sell!

We carry out research so that we can describe your product with the necessary data, including figures and percentages, to the audience. We also use images where needed to attract audiences and emphasise the message to give the sales letter extra punch.


Cost can be misleading. Daily Posts prides itself on offering maximum value at a reasonable price. We believe the real cost of not hiring a professional sales letter copywriter is a potential loss of sales. Even 1% extra conversion can be a big deal in a large campaign. When you consider the ROI we will help you to achieve, you’ll find that our sales letter writing is even better value than the actual price suggests.

Our sales letter involves various components, so the actual cost will only be known once we have determined your exact needs. Some sales letters require more research than others, while some may be more technical and demand higher creativity. Whatever the case, you can always be certain that our quote will be fair and competitive.

Sales letter services we offer

There are various optional components that our writing agency offer, which can help improve sales and results. Some include:

  • Upsell copy or continuity offer that will help bring in more sales from customers who already trust you.

  • Email copy that will help persuade prospects who may still have doubts.

  • A sales video script for prospects who prefer to listen and are more attracted to visual effects.

  • A video sales letter.

  • Creating a sales funnel.

  • Product launch script and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales letter copywriting?

Sales letter copywriting is a type of copywriting which persuades a reader to take a specific action. The action could be buying a product, downloading an eBook, subscribing to a service or signing up for a package.

What is the difference between sales copy and web copy?

The major difference between sales letter copy and a web copy is that web copies are specifically written for the web. Both types of copy essentially have the same aim, which is to persuade readers to pick an interest or purchase a particular business, brand or service. However, web copy is exclusively written for the web while a sales letter could be written for emails, brochures, web pages, or any other medium.

What are your limitations when it comes to the length of sales letters?

At Daily Posts, we have no limitations when it comes to crafting sales letters or copies for your business. Your sales copy could be a one-liner, a 500-word letter or even require 30,000 words a day. We have the resources to meet your needs, no matter the length or depth of your copy.

Can you write a sales letter for my field?

Yes, we can. Daily Posts has hundreds of expert copywriters who specialise in different fields, so, we can write for any industry you belong to. We have written for the fashion industry, tech gurus, law firms, the healthcare industry, financial sector, and so many diverse fields with successful feedback. We carry out research in order to understand your product and service better and ask you questions where necessary in order to create an exceptional copy for your business.

At Daily Posts, we work hard for our clients. We carry out lots of research over a short period of time. We have a quality assurance process that is extremely efficient. We believe that we’ll offer you the best value for money if you trust us with your sales letter writing project. Call us today on 02380 970979 and give your business a profit injection.

Sales letters convert prospects to customers. They are sent as emails to facilitate the conversion process. For this piece of document to be effective, it should be well written.

Hiring a sales letter copywriting agency such as Daily Posts will give you some perspective. Here are some strategies we can use to convert your readers.

We turn the reader into a believer

Being able to get the reader to believe in the solution that your product or service promises does half the job, the other half is getting them to believe in your brand.

This we make possible by incorporating information you supply us and creatively drafting copy that puts the product and the brand in a good light.

People want to know what you are offering is great for them and that you can be trusted. That's what we do. We make them trust you.

We tell a compelling story

The story shouldn’t be too long that it gets boring and not too short for the reader to have a good read. In contrast to reeling off the benefits people gain by buying your product, a simple story tells all in an interesting way.

What we like most about using stories is that the reader can liken himself to the character and believe the solution that worked for that character can also work for him.

We use testimonials

It is not enough to say "We can do it" or "We have been doing it for a long time" but there is nothing to show for it or no one to vouch for you. People are won over when they know they are not alone and that you are worth a shot.

With this at the fore, your sales letter is ready to convert readers. If you are a new business, you can opt for assurances like offering a money-back guarantee. This builds up some level of trust.

What makes a great sales letter?

Effective sales letters feature:

A headline that inspires

This determines if your sales letter will be read. The headline includes an assurance to draw the reader in, answer a question, or provide a solution the reader needs. At Daily Posts, we brainstorm titles until we find the perfect one.

An offer they cannot resist

This is where we deliver the promise made in the headline. It is what you offer that makes them interested in what you're saying. We make no mistakes about this and go straight to the point.

To ensure that everything doesn't sound too-good-to-be-true, throwing in one or two testimonials is not a bad idea.

An action you want them to take

The entire sales letter should echo the call to action. A conspicuous CTA is at the end of the letter.

It helps if there is some bonus and a timeframe for such an action, the reader would be encouraged to seize the opportunity fast and enjoy the benefits before it expires.

Facts about sales letters

  • Sales letters are a huge deciding factor for prospects. Will they buy or bounce? It's up to you to help them decide. A great sales letter will help boost your chances of conversion.
  • There is no ideal length for sales letters. Some go on for pages, providing details about the product or service or the brand providing it.
  • Every company that intends to grow its sales and increase revenue uses it, do you?


Who should write a sales letter?

A copywriter. At Daily Posts, we have copywriters who specialise in writing killer sales letters. Contact us today!

Why are sales letters important?

This is a way to speak to prospects and customers one-on-one like you would if you were having a private chat with them. So what you say here has more impact.

Do you need a sales letter? Call us now on 02380 970979.

What Is Sales Letter Copywriting?

A sales letter is marketing copy that is directly targeted at consumers, compelling them to take immediate action. Sales letters used to only be in the form of direct mail that is addressed to a specific consumer, but today, it is more popularly used in email marketing or landing pages.

Marketing letters are highly engaging and persuasive copy that can help organisations highlight their products or services, get more business leads, drive new traffic to their websites, and create vital conversions that translate into sales.

Sales letters are able to educate customers on how a product or service can help them improve their lives, by providing them with detailed and engaging information without being pushy, but compelling enough to motivate action. It connects with readers by understanding their goals, pain points, barriers, and uncertainties.

Components of Sales Letter Copy

  • Headlines / Subheadings
    Compelling headline copy grabs the customers' attention and motivates them to keep reading the content. Subheadings enable audiences to skim through marketing copy and still get enough information to be motivated to take action.
  • Opening Paragraph
    The opening paragraph of a sales letter connects with readers by providing information about the organisation. It creates trust by showing authority in the field, and emotionally appeals to customers.
  • Features / Benefits
    Bullet points are used in marketing letters and sales copy to summarise the benefits that the product or service can provide to them through its features.
  • Quotes / Excerpt / Statistics
    Quotes from trusted professionals in relevant fields, referenced statistics, or client testimonials in sales letters are effective in increasing the reader’s trust.
  • Call to Action / Offer
    The offer is simple and clear, motivating readers to take action, and pushing them even further with potential bonuses they may obtain.

What Makes Great Sales Letter Copy?

Exceptional marketing letter copy is written simply, tells compelling stories, removes potential risks, answers questions, and offers readers solutions to their problems. By testing and utilising colour, font type, italics, and other visual styles in moderation, a successful sales letter can draw attention to chosen words or phrases that can push a reader to act.

A great sales letter possesses a unique selling point that sets it apart from other competitors and offers extra irresistible bonuses that encourage readers to take action. Sales copy also removes potential risks the buyer may face by providing a complete guarantee on the product or service, showing that the organisation has full confidence in what it is selling to the consumer. Also, by introducing a sense of urgency or scarcity in a marketing letter, readers may be more persuaded to take action.

Many great and persuasive sales letters have a PS line that summarises the key message of the marketing letter, emphasises a major selling point, tells the audience how their lives will become better if they use the product or service, and pushes the reader to take action.

Facts about Sales Letter Copywriting

Sales letters need to be detailed and answer questions, they also have to be simple and concise. Some readers may not have the time or patience to skim through a long sales letter, so copywriters often utilise subheadings, excerpts, and a call to action to convey the necessary information quickly and persuasively to their audience.

Client testimonials are a great way to increase trust for customers, but they must be real, with a before-after story, pain points, and solutions derived from the products. They must be clear, with enough information to back them up to prove that the client is real, to create a human connection with readers.

Statistics are vital in sales letters, as they not only increase trust, but also break up long text and attract the attention of customers reading the piece. Sales letters that properly utilise visuals to tell their stories also appeal more to audiences, making copy easier to read.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Letter Copywriting

How long should a sales letter be?

The general length of a sales letter varies and does not need to be limited to just one page. It is important to understand the target market that the marketing letter is addressed to, some audiences may be persuaded with lengthy sales letters that explain several potential benefits and provides them with enough valuable information, while some readers may be turned off by long sales letters, and only motivated by succinct yet engaging copy.

How do you close a sales letter?

Before readers reach the end of a sales letter, they should be clear about what the product is, how it can solve their problems, and why they should take action immediately. At the end, the copy should instruct the readers on what they need to do or the next step to take with a clear call to action that is easy and not too cumbersome.

Should a sales letter be direct mail or online?

Despite the rise of online marketing, imaginative and unique marketing letters can also appeal to a specific audience, as they can stand out from inboxes cluttered with many sales letters from other agencies and competitors.

A proven way of introducing your company’s products and services, driving traffic to your websites, converting prospects into consumers and producing new business leads is by crafting an excellent sales letter. A sales letter is a piece of direct mail which is written so that the reader can purchase a particular product or service.

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A sales letter is like a salesman in written words and, like all salesmen, the more suave and appealing it is, the better the chance of converting a sale. Your sales letter has to connect with the reader’s emotions. You have to speak to their heart and clearly communicate why your product or service is the solution they have been looking for. Having done so, you need to provide proof and data to back up this claim and show that what you promise is true.

If you need a sales letter that turns prospects into buyers and sceptics into advocates, then Daily Posts copywriting service is your best bet. For years, we have written irresistible sales copy for clients in various industries that commands the attention of their target audience and persuades them to take action.

With decades of experience under their belt, our sales letter copywriters will find the right angle and selling proposition that will make a bland product more exciting. Our sales letter copywriters are waiting to help, so contact us today.


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