Sales Letter Copywriting

Sales Letter Copywriting

If you need a sales letter that turns prospects into buyers and skeptics to advocates, then Daily Posts copywriting service is your best bet. For years, we have wrote irresistible sales copy for clients in various industries, that commands the attention of their target audience and persuades them to take action.

Our Sales Letter Copywriters Are Waiting to Help

With decades of experience under their belt, our sales letter copywriters will find the right angle and selling proposition that will make a bland product more exciting.

Your sales letter has to connect with the reader’s emotions. You have to speak to their heart and clearly communicate why your product or service is the solution they have been craving. Having done so, you need to provide as much proof and data to back up this claim and show that what you promise is true.

Understanding Your Audience

The first step to writing a record breaking sales letter is to study the target audience in depth. Our copywriters go to work and research your buyer persona, studying and understanding the demographics. We try to determine their dreams, challenges and frustrations. We also learn what keeps your target audience up at night. If they have tried a similar product in the past, we try to find out about any complaints and objections.

Crafting the Perfect USP

Once the research has been carried out, we can then find an appropriate unique selling proposition that will grab the attention of the target audience. Our copywriters then try to show your prospect why the offer is true and obtainable. Every written word is designed to do this and show the reader that the promise is within grasp, once they take action. The copy also handles the reader’s objections subtly and provides facts to back up the claim.

While this is only a short summary of the process that goes into crafting our popular sales letter, it shows how our popularity has grown because of our meticulous approach to the art of copywriting.

We Know How to Sell With Words

Simply, Daily Posts copywriters know how to sell. The truth is that the elite copywriters in this industry understand the psychological process involved in selling as much as we do. Some understand that even though prospects like to buy, they don’t like being sold to. The reason we have been ahead of the game is that our copywriters are good at what they do and know how to write sales letters that converts above industry averages.

Above-Average Sales Conversion

Our sales letters have generated tons of sales and our sales conversion is envied throughout the industry. This is because, at Daily Posts, our copywriters don’t just choose the right words, they also ensure those words catch the eye. From short paragraphs to the use of bullet points and white spaces, everything in the sales letter is deliberate. The use of sub-headings and ultimately choosing the best design and layout that helps to emphasise key points and arguments is also a deliberate tactic.

At Daily Posts, we prefer simple designs and layout that do not distract the reader from the important points. We also use an image that helps to attract audiences and emphasise the message to give the sales letter extra punch.

Cost Can Be Misleading

Daily Posts prides itself on offering maximum value at a reasonable price. We believe the real cost of not hiring a professional sales letter copywriter is potential loss sales. Even a 1% extra conversion can be a big deal in a large campaign.

When you consider the ROI we will help you to achieve, you’ll find that our sales letter writing is even better value than actual price suggests.

Our sales letter involves various components, so the actual cost will only be known once we have determined your exact needs. Some sales letters require more research than others, while some may be more technical and demand higher creativity. Whatever the case, you can always be certain that our quote will be fair and competitive.

Sales Letter Service We Offer

There are various optional components that our writing agency offer which can help improve sales and results. Some include:

  • Upsell copy or continuity offer that will help bring in more sales from customers who already trust you.
  • Email copy that will help persuade prospects who may still have doubts.
  • A sales video script for prospects who prefer to listen and are more attracted to visual effects.
  • A video sales letter.
  • Creating a sales funnel.
  • Product launch script and guidance.
  • …And much more

We are Here for the Long Haul

Unlike companies or professional copywriters that provide a one-off service, Daily Posts is your partner for growth. This means that our collaboration doesn’t end once we finish and you accept the copy.

Apart from the fact that we offer unlimited revisions, we also understand that the true test of a sales letter is the result it generates. So, if after the sales letter goes out, something appears not to be working as it should, we will tweak it accordingly. We will always be here for you.

Our culture is to work with brands for the long term. This is why we have many brands that trust us with their written content for digital marketing. Therefore, we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

Contact Us Today

We work hard for our clients. We carry out lots of research over a short period of time. We have a quality assurance process that is extremely efficient. We believe that we’ll offer you the best value for money if you trust us with your sales letter writing project.

Call us today and give your business a profit injection.


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